Here I am again with a new fic. Now I realize that Christmas has come and gone but Christmas is always a good time to have something good happen. Also it's still cold here in the UK so it still feels like Christmas!

Another story involving my favourite character (can you guess?) - I feel like I have to write something for him - although I don't want to tax him to much after his ONE SCENE in the last episode! Sorry, I'm ranting...

Again no-one that you recognize belongs to me - just dust them off now and again!

Here we go then ...

The Hero Complex

"How in the hell did you ever persuade me to give up my day off, which I had planned on spending on the couch watching catch up tv, to come Christmas shopping with you in the freezing cold?" Jamie Reagan demanded as he pulled up the collar of his coat against the biting wind that was currently barrelling down the street.

"Because you know how much I value your opinion Reagan! I need someone to help me find something for Mrs Renzulli and I just knew you were the man!" his old training officer, Tony Renzulli, countered, grimacing as an icy blast caught his face.

"Don't know why you think I'd know that, I haven't been near a woman for months - not counting my sisters and neice."

Renzulli smiled, "Hey, don't worry about it kid - least you don't have that extra pressure of buying the right gift."

"Yeah, just the pressure of trying to make you look good," Jamie looked at the older man fondly. He was actually having a good time with his boss, looking for the perfect present for the older man's wife, and hopefully finishing off his own. There was a week to go and he just had to buy for the women of the family - never as easy as he thought.

"Geez, I didn't expect it to be this cold!" Renzulli grumbled as he pulled his scarf higher.

"Who'd have thought it? Cold in New York?" Jamie teased.

"Smart ass," the older man mumbled, just loud enough for Jamie to hear.

Jamie chuckled as he stopped outside a coffee shop, "Shall we?" he gestured towards the shop.

Renzulli smiled and shook his head, "We've only been out for an hour..."

"Come on Sarge, it's freezing...I'm buying..."

"Why didn't you say so Reagan? Lead on...I'll have one of those chocca mocha latte know what I mean..." he was still talking as the door closed behind them.

Two coffees and a decent slab of pie later, the two off duty police officers left the coffee shop, warmed and raring to go.

"Let's head that that department store at the end of the street - Danny always finds something for Linda there," Jamie suggested.

"Ok kid, sounds good. It's got a lot busier out here..." he grumbled as he looked around him, following his young friend.

As the two men meandered down the street, they became aware of Christmas songs being sung by small choirs in shop doorways. Sleigh bells caught Jamie's attention as a Santa made his way down the opposite side of the street. Jamie smiled as he watched the man in the red suit strolling down the street, shaking the bells as he went, cries of "It's Santa!" in his wake. A few flakes of snow had begun their graceful descent to the ground, rounding off the Christmas picture.

"Tommy! Tommy!"

A woman's panicked scream suddenly tore through the gentile scene - causing Jamie and Renzulli to immediately tense and switch into work mode. They soon located two frantic parents, "Where could he be? TOMMY!"

The two men ran to the distressed man and woman, "Excuse me, we are police officers, off duty, what happened?" Renzulli asked gently, while showing them his badge.

"We came out of the shop - it had got so busy - we heard the sleigh bells - we turned to show Tommy, but he wasn't there - he was gone! He's only four years old..." the father explained, his face awash with fear.

While listening to the information, Jamie was also scanning the crowds for any sigh of the little boy, "Is Tommy wearing a blue coat?" Jamie asked, not taking his eyes off the crowd.

"Yes, Thomas the Tank Engine..." his mother replied.

Suddenly Jamie took off in a dead sprint - his eyes never leaving the blue coat that he had spied in the crowd.

Tommy seemed to be heading towards the Santa that he had seen earlier...which would mean..."Oh my god! That car's not stopping! They haven't seen the boy!"

Jamie quickly glanced to see a car driving towards the boy who was none the wiser to the danger he was in.

Jamie didn't hesitate. He launched himself at Tommy, wrapping himself, like a blanket, around the small child. He heard screaming, and the screeching of tyres and was vaguely aware of something impacting on his side - sending himself and Tommy to the other side of the street.

Jamie felt slightly disconnected from his body as the air was pushed out of his lungs as he landed hard with Tommy still cocooned in his arms.

He could hear sobbing coming from his arms, "It's ok Tommy. You're safe. You hurt?" Jamie didn't dare loosen his grip from around the sobbing boy, "I ok..." he heard a whispered reply, causing him to relax slightly.

"Reagan! Reagan! You ok?" he heard the Sarge bellow but couldn't bring himself to look at him.

"Tommy! "Tommy!" He became aware of movement under his arms. He realised that it was Tommy trying to get to his parents so he finally relaxed and relinquished his hold on the boy.

"I'm ok," he whispered.

"Lie still Jamie - ambulance is on its way," he heard Renzulli's gentle voice - even above the melee that surrounded them, "I'm fine Sarge..."

"Yeah, well humour me..." he felt the gentle pressure of the older man's hand on his chest. He knew that if Renzulli was there, calm and holding it together, then he must be ok...right? He decided that he'd just close his eyes and rest for a little while...