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A World Away
A FF7/Inu Yasha crossover Fanfic by Hika-chan

She lay on her back, looking up at the sky above her. The grass slightly tickled at her legs and arms. She sighed as the spring breeze blew over her, negating the heating effects of the harsh sun overhead. Her eyes opened, hearing the whirring sound overhead. The ninja sat up watching the helicopter fly over her and land about a hundred yards away between her and the city. She sighed as she realized the identity of the three blue suited figures that jumped out of the chopper. "Here they are again," she muttered, not that it really bothered her they just came very often. They visited their favorite bar here at least one a month, so it shouldn't be a surprise to her now that they arrived. As long as they stayed out of her way and didn't bother her (as he occasionally took it upon himself to do) she didn't really care.

Oh great... He was coming her way...


He watched her as she was on the ground staring blankly up at the sky. This wasn't quite the reaction he had expected out of her. Her breath was ragged but she did not cry, did not scream for help, did not pray to some distant god for mercy or life she just lay there a slight smile on her face. His lips turned down slightly in confusion, What makes her so different? he wondered as he looked down on her from his perch high above in a tree, the forest around them silent. His eyes widened inperceptively when he heard her start to speak. Maybe she will beg...


As they flew overhead he noticed the ninja laying down in the grass, grinning to himself as he thought of an insult to throw her way as soon as they touched down. The red head grinned and pointed her out to his friends. His best friend simply raised a brow and shook his head, and the blonde merely leaned forward a bit to see before smirking knowing what would soon come. They touched down and he told them he'd meet them at the inn in a few minutes.

His teasing grin was obvious as he approached her and he could tell that she was going to try to not let him get to her, that wouldn't last long. "S'up brat? Working on your farmer's tan?"


She lay on the ground, looking up through the leaves above her at the sky. The rocks, pebbles and twigs beneath her forgotten and unnoticed. One hand lay on her chest, holding onto the shards while holding her shirt closed. Crimson life covered her torso from the slash she had taken from her right shoulder to her belly button. She also had a cut on her leg, but by now she could not notice it. She had been foolish she knew, to chase the youkai with the shard on her own. But it was so close when she got out of the well and she already had her bow and arrows... Foolish. But she did get it. The pain had seemed to have numbed but she knew what was coming, whatever happened after this... it would be alright. She remembered hearing somewhere that animals knew when they were dying and would just lay down somewhere nice and die. A few birds flew overhead and a light smile came to her lips. Was it always this peaceful for them?

She closed her eyes slowly for a moment as the breeze made the leaves rustle over head, she loved that sound. She opened them again and gazed at the canopy above her, dapples of sunlight falling through the leaves onto the forest floor below. "Mama.. take care of Jiichan," she whispered, "Souta and Shippo grow strong, Sango be happy, Miroku," a short laugh escaped her lips, "try grabbing Sango's hand for a change, Kaede thank you for teaching me... Inu Yasha." Her smile widened a bit, "It was fun..." The edges of her vision began to darken, was it night already? Oh well then at least she'd get to see the stars one last time too... One last... "Minna... sayona..ra..."


"S'up brat? Working on your farmer's tan?"

Of course he HAD to say something! "No. Working on being an asshole?"

He put a hand to his chest and gasp, mocking shock, "My, such language!" He switched to a grin in less time than it took to blink, "Besides you know I don't have to work to make you think I'm an asshole."

"Oh yeah I forgot, it's in your nature isn't it?"

He shook his head and started walking back to Wutai, "Nah, it's just your definition of asshole doesn't demand much." He stopped and turned blowing a mock kiss in her direction, "See you around." She made a motion as if to catch the kiss then pounded her fist into her palm. He acted insulted, "oh! How you wound me my lady!"

"If only it were that easy..." she muttered.


He jumped down, landing beside the woman-child, his brow creased ever so slightly in thought. He had a few minutes before he decided whether or not to let her die, technically if he would let her stay dead. The sword he recieved from his father pulsed at his side, the sword wanted to restore her, of course it did, it was a healing sword. Healing was its nature. She was an interesting creature he had to admit... He drew the blade and looked at it. He had never used it before, perhaps he should test it now.

Looking at his golden eyes reflected in the blade he idly thought, You really think I should try? He was shocked when the blade pulsed and for a second the reflection of his eyes was replaced with blue ones, hers he would have guessed. He lowered the sword to his side and tilted his head examining her. Her skin had paled considerably from her loss of blood, a stark contrast to the blood that stained her face, yet she looked so peaceful. He wondered if for a moment she would be aware of the fact that she was not dead. Or even if she would be mad at being brought back. Oh well it did not matter, he would revive her, he had decided. So he stood over her and awaited the messengers that would come to take the soul of his brother's woman.

Hika-chan: I don't know why I decided not to name anyone directly... I guess I just like sounding vague sometimes
More to come fairly soon! (the next chapters done, just has some minor editing to go through)