I'm just tired, Sammy

I'm just tired, Sammy
That's not your fault
I just always needed to save you
Even now you're an adult.

But you're gone now
And I'm to blame
You were more than just a pawn
In the angels stupid game.

You died a hero's death
But I don't care
I would give so much to see you
Even with your girly hair.

God, it's far too early
To say goodbye
'cause to me you're just a little kid
Who tries so hard not to cry.

I can feel a hole there
Deep in my chest
What will I become now
You always brought out my best.

There's no coming back from this
That much is clear
But I would sell my soul in an instant
If it would bring you back here.

I'm all alone now
Don't know what to do
Because up until this point
My only job was saving you.

And I'm just tired, Sammy
Though this is the End
Know you'll never really leave me
My little brother, my Sammy, my friend.