The Curse Of Cupid

Short one-shot, takes place after season 5. For Dean, Valentine's Day will never be the same. This is a strange one, sorry about that but February 14th is coming and I felt the need to celebrate.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

There was no noise to warn him of the attack; no indication that the thing was creeping up behind him.

It lunges, with swiftness and stealth; the speed and agility of its movements deceptive in relation to its bulk.

Panic grips him as its freakish appendages wrap themselves around his chest so tightly he can hear the whoosh of air being depleted from his lungs. A wave of nausea follows with the sensation of sweat on his skin where the thing touches him; its breath hissing in his ear. Gross.

Fighting against the onslaught is a useless gesture; his arms pinned to his side and his feet now levitating off the ground.

He gasps in a smidgen of air and looks to his brother; his shell shocked, can't move, rooted to the spot brother, and gives him the 'what the hell are you still doing here dude' look.

Sam quirks an eyebrow at him and he's just about to try and suck in enough air to scream those same words when he feels the grip on him start to loosen.

Crap. It sees Sam. No.

"Hey. Dean?"

He flinches at the pressure on his arm; the worry in his brother's voice slowly filtering into his brain.

"You okay dude? You kind of zoned out there for a minute."

With a rapid blinking of his eyes the retina-scarring memory thankfully starts to dissolve back into nothingness. Returning back to the present he takes in his surroundings and realizes the reason for Sam's concern. He's just standing there, frozen in the middle of the fricken' street, a half-eaten chocolate in his hand and his eyes focused on the store front window. He leans in to get a better look. Seriously? This is what caused that?

A shrug of his shoulder and Sam takes the hint; the younger sibling's arm falling off of him to signify the end of their chick-flick moment.

He pops the rest of the chocolate in his mouth and runs a hand down his face. Unbelievable. Of all the things to…


"Uh, yeah Sammy, I'm good. Huh, that was a bit weird."

"What was?"

"You're a smart guy, you'll figure it out. Let's just say flashbacks suck ass."

And with that he takes one last look at the store; its window plastered with hearts and images of what the world believes Valentine's matchmaker should look like, and chuckles. Wrong!

Nothing more is said as he turns to head towards the car, leaving a puzzled Sammy to examine the window himself and ponder what the hell just happened.

He eases into his seat and sighs.

Cupid, you diaper wearing son of a bitch.

End. Hope you enjoyed :)