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It wasn't that Len hated girls. He'd grown up with two of them, his sister and mother, and despite it all, he still looked for one thing that would forever cause him to split away.


He had the worst habit of finding flaws within a girl, and pointing them out to her on the spot. If any girl confessed to him, he'd list every one of her imperfections, lowering her to tears. He was an untouchable. Cold-hearted. Absolutely indifferent when he crushed someone's heart.

"You're loud, whiny, and you gossip behind your friends's backs. You wear excessive makeup and you complain about everything. You're the reason two girls left to France in the summer. So no, I will not go out with you."

He was known by now as the devil boy throughout Yamaha High by now, and it was no surprise. The girl's bottom lip quaked and she let out a tearful squeak, taking a step back. Her eyes shot wildly about and Len raised an unfathomable eyebrow. He took one menacing step forward, and in a flurry, she raced away.

By this point, it was safe to say this was a normal happening. Nobody cared anymore. Len had turned down girl after girl, telling them each and every flaw of theirs.

He turned a cold shoulder to tears, he was short-tempered to a tee, and knew every secret about a girl with one glance to her eyes.

All except for one girl. Who was, at the moment about to crash into him. Seeing no avoidance, Len flinched slightly, preparing for impact.

As predicted, said girl slammed violently into him, sliding easily on the wet floor.

Stiffening instinctively, Len righted her. His arms roped around her forearms and she stumbled in his grip again.

"I'm s-s-sorry," she blurted out quietly, adjusting her glasses. She seemed to want to look anywhere but at him, and it was slowly getting on his nerves. "I'm really s-s-sorry, I'm s-s-such a k-k-klutz-" She rambled as she picked up her books. Her nervous stutter was annoying and severely impacted the clarity of her speech. (stutterers out there, feel no offense. I still love you guys. xD) "-and it ap-p-pears I c-c-can't see things v-v-very well-"

"..." Len narrowed his eyes at her and fixed her with an unfriendly glare.

Here she was, in the flesh. The one girl he could not read front and back


Rin Kagamine.

Rin was so flawed that it took Len a lot of willpower not to sit her down and tell her everything that was wrong with her. Despite being extremely smart and foreign, Rin was short and could be potentially violent. She was extremely clumsy and once she started talking with that stutter of hers, it was hard to shut her up. She had no figure- and honestly, if it weren't for her feminine face it could be easily assumed that she was a male.

Despite her not very redeeming qualities, Rin was actually somewhat pretty. Her blonde hair was always clipped back and she blushed constantly. She had bright blue eyes and anyone could see that she was rarely complimented by the way color constantly rose into her cheeks after any sort of praise whatsoever.

She was stubborn and kind of annoying at times, not to mention she couldn't see two feet in front of her without glasses. She tripped over everything and apologized a ton. And she stuttered- Not as a condition, but out of sheer nervousness and terror.

He turned his back on her abruptly and walked away, causing Rin to shut up. Shyly, she watched him go and then she shrugged, smiling.

She always knew there was something about Len Kagamine that was somewhat quirky.

~Beautifully Imperfect~

Rin slipped into class, pushing her glasses up her nose. It was a mindless mannerism- one that Rin had adjusted to by now. She sat at her desk, shrinking away from any threat of contact.

"Rinny! It's awful!" there was a slam on her desk and she looked up, startled. Miku was leaning onto her desk, causing it to creak slightly. Feigning tire and being overly dramatic as usual, Miku looked down at her best friend. "I- hey, why is your face all red?"

Confused, the girl tilted her head. "My f-f-face is red?"

"Oh, Rinny. Such innocence. I presume you had a run-in with one of the members of the male gender?"

Rin stared at Miku like she was an alien. "How d-d-did you know?"

"While your strong point is Calculus, my dear Rin, mine is boys!" Miku winked and hopped off of her desk. "Anyways, I need to borrow your math homework."

"Miku" Rin sighed exasperatedly, smiling softly. "Cmon, it's like second semester already. Why won't you do your homework?"

Miku grinned sheepishly at her friend, laying back on to the desk. Miku was so pretty, so vivacious and bubbly and bright. And Rin, she was quiet, hated people's company and strayed away from affection. Of course, at this point of time, only Miku knew why Rin acted like this.

"Rin, pleeeease? I'm reaaallly sorry! I need it or I won't-" how could Rin deny her? She sighed, cutting Miku off with the brandishing of homework.

"Here, Miku."

"Thank you Rin! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" Miku raced back to her own desk to copy down the homework. Rin's eyes scanned the rows. "I lurve you!"

Rin laughed quietly and copied down the problems on the board. Her mind thinking back to the event that had taken place before, Rin's heart gave a little flutter.

Since middle school, Rin knew that Len hated her. Every time he saw her, he'd give her a scary sort of glare and walk away. He never said a word to her and if they were ever assigned as partners Len would silently do his work and never speak about it.

What exactly had she done to piss him off? Did he just hate her existence or something? What was going on? Rin didn't want an enemy of Len- that would be the end of her. But she did want him to stop glaring at her and treating her like she was some kind of personal hell of his.

And she still didn't know what she'd done.

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