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Rai-Where are we?

Me-You are backstage

Kim-Who said that

Me-I did

Rai-And you are…

Me-(fell anime style) I AM THE AUTHOR OF THIS STORY! I thought that was obvious

Rai-Ok ok chill (Kimiko giggles)

Me-Anyway lets start the story I'll tell you everything as the story goes on

Rai and Kim both look really confused

Sarah-Hurry up and start the story. Im getting bored.


Me-This is going to be a long night


Chapter 1: A betrayal

"I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS PLACE! I HAD IT WITH EVERYONE HERE!" Raimundo kept on shouting as he was packing his things. He decided to leave after not being promoted to Xiaolin Apprentice for not following orders. "I was just trying to help" he said as he looked out of his window, he couldn't help but feel sad. 'Why am I feeling sad Im leaving this place for good. Im not going to miss any of them' but as he thought that he found himself thinking of his best friend, Kimiko. 'I will miss her though…but I doubt she'll miss me',without realising a single tear fell from his left eye to his cheek where he wiped it off. 'I can't leave just yet'.

It was raining and there was thunder and lightning. He sat down at a desk as he gathered a piece of paper, a pencil, and an empty envelope yet to be used. He wrote down everything he wanted to say to her. As he wrote these things down he couldn't help but remember things like when he first met her, when he went into her room without her permission, and all the types he supported her. It hurt him and he didn't want to leave her without saying goodbye. But he then thought about his fight with Mala Mala Jong and how he wasn't promoted because he tried to help. He felt many things, but none were as strong as his anger and sadness. He finished his letter and put it in the envelope.

Once he checked he was ready he quietly snuck towards Kimiko's room and found her asleep. When he saw her all he wanted to do was go to her and hold her and tell her how much he loved her. He quickly shook those thoughts out of his head and tiptoed towards her. He knelt down and placed the letter above her head. Kimiko started to move around and Raimundo was afraid that she would wake up and see him but she just rolled over, she was now facing him and some of her hair fell over her face. Raimundo moved his hand and removed her hair and put it behind her ear. She suddenly smiled and he just felt incredibly sad for what he's doing.

He stood up and walked towards her door and turned his head in her direction. "Goodbye…" is all he could say.

When he closed the door Kimiko's smile turned into a frown and she mumbled "Rai…"

Raimundo went to the Shen-Gong-Wu vault and took the Serpents Tail but just as he was about to leave Clay and Omi came into the vault room. "And where are you going?" asked Clay in his Texan accent.

"Its called none of your business now get out of my way" Raimundo replied in a threatening tone.

"Why are you doing this Raimundo? Is your whack out of it?" asked Omi sounding really hurt.

"That's 'out of your whack' Omi" said Clay correcting Omi's mistake in grammar.

"Im doing this because want to. Now…get…out…of…my…way!" he shouted the last sentence whilst emphasising each word. Clay and Omi tensed as he spoke but didn't move from their place. "Fine then. WIND!" he yelled as he attacked Clay and Omi.

Because of the noise Dojo woke up and saw the fighting "RAIMUNDO! Oh no…have to sound the alarm." He said as he slivered towards the alarm bell.

The sound of a bell was sounded all through out the temple waking everybody up. Kimiko woke up only to find it still dark outside. She noticed that people were running around. Once she got up she saw a letter by her pillow. She picked it up and it was addressed to her. Once opened she began to read.

"Dear Kimiko-

I am leaving and Im sorry for not saying goodbye to you in person. I cant live in a place where people think of me as a child so I am leaving and I am taking the Serpents Tail to Wuya. She promised me to give me everything I wanted and she doesn't treat me as a child. I am sorry for everything that is going to happen. I just wish I could tell you how I feel.

Goodbye from


Kimiko was in tears and she ran towards where everyone was heading, still holding onto the letter. When she found everyone she heard a fight going on inside the temple. He pushed her way through the small gathering in the entrance and what she saw terrified her. She saw Clay unconscious and Omi fighting Raimundo. As she was about to shout stop Omi was blasted into the wall. She ran over to her friends and looked at Raimundo. "Rai…"

Raimundo didn't even answer all he did was look at her with a sad expression. He turned around and was about to use the Shen-Gong-Wu when he said "goodbye Kimiko, Im sorry" and with that he shouted "SERPENTS TAIL!" and flew through the roof of the vault and headed towards the meeting point t find Wuya.

As soon as he went through the roof he stopped and looked at Kimiko. He shed a single tear. He quickly wiped it and continued to fly, leaving everyone confused, hurt, and scared for the coming of darkness.

Me-And that is what is happening. (smiles)

Rai-Ok I get that but who's she? (points to Sarah)

Me-She is my friend

Kim-what is she doing here then?

Me-She asked to be in the story so I put her here to talk to you guys. A few more of my friends will be visiting as well.

Rai and Kim in unison-Oh

Omi-Hello my friends and new friend what is down!

Me, Rai, and Kim in unison-WHAT IS UP!

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