Title: Weathered

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Starts at the end of "Into the Woods".  No, Riley doesn't stay, but it does have the Watchers Council, an evil scientist, a globe trotting couple, and one really angry hell god.

Spoilers: A little of "Into the Woods", but that's about it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing; Joss, UPN, and the WB own everything.  Please don't sue me.

AN: This is the first part of a series because the story is so long, so bare with me here.  And this is also a challenge respondents issued by Jinxanna.  Let me know what you think of it.


Part 1: Farewell

She walked slowly back down the path that lead into town, the events of the night playing over and over in her mind.  If she had just been a minute-a minute!-sooner, she would be coming home with Riley.  Chances are they would be fighting about him almost leaving her, but at least he would be here, with her.

How could he leave her like that?  When her world was crumbling around her, he decided now is the best time to end their relationship?  How could he do this?  How could he lay this at her doorstep?  How could he make her feel so...alone?

The cool winter wind blew down on her, making her pull her jacket even tighter around her little body.

She was alone and would always be alone no matter what she did.  Slayers were destine to be alone.  Her father left her alone, Angel left her alone, Parker left her alone, and now Riley left her alone.  They all left her, so why even try for another time?

A scream interrupted Buffy's thought.  Her body jerked around quickly at the sound, and, before she knew it, she was running to help.  This is just what she needed.  There was nothing like a good, old fashion slaying to get the anger out.

She came upon a demon that was now towering over a middle age woman that lay on the ground.  The dark green monster sounded as if he were chuckling to himself as he started to go after the woman in the power suit.

Buffy charged forward, wrapped her arms around the creatures waist, and through him to the side.  The thing rolled across the ground, then leapt to its feet to face her.  The creature began to sniff the air, and Buffy saw that it didn't have any eyes.  That just made thing all the more easy.

When it caught her sent, it reared back, and showed its teeth like a dog.

"Slayer," it hissed. 

"Slayee," she answered with one of her better, old lines.

Buffy watched as the creature stalked around her, ready to pounce at any moment.  Yeah, that's just what she wanted.  The creature finally stopped, turned towards her, and...

She jumped in shock as she felt something pierce through the skin in her neck.  It wasn't a bite, she could tell that, but it felt as if someone had taken a pin and jammed into her.  She jerked away quickly, but the damage had already been done.  Instinctively, she placed her hand over the wound and turned to see what had caused it.

The power suit woman stood there holding a needle.  An evil smile was on her face as she studied the shocked Slayer.

"Very good, Jonah," she called to the demon that had snuck away in the dark.

Buffys' eyes narrowed in on the woman.  They had set her up and she had walked right into it.  Oh, they picked the wrong night to mess with her.

The tiny blonde took a step towards her, but suddenly felt very dizzy.  She put her hand up to her head to try and steady herself, but it had completely engulfed her now.  Her whole body wobbled for a moment before she felt herself hit the ground and then darkness.


The place was hot, smelly, and made Willy's look like club paradise. Yet this was where he found himself, playing pool for money, buying drinks, and doing his best to keep a low profile.  In his short time that he helped the Slayer, he had made quiet a reputation for himself, and not a particularly good one among his fellow demons.  Not that he really cared about his fellow demons thoughts or options on him.  Not with everything else that was going on.

The Starkin demon he was playing grumbled as he took a sip of his beer and lined up the shot in his head.  This was the money shot.  The one that determined who got the five hundred dollars that sat on the table's edge.  He knew the demon would try and mess up his shot, or at least one of his little buddies that sat off to the side would, but they just didn't realize what kind of trouble they'd be asking for if they tried something.  After the crap he went through with the Slayer, they would be a piece of cake.

"Eight ball, corner pocket," he called as he bent down and hit the little white ball against the black.  It rolled slowly across the table and fell into the hole.

Spike sat up with a satisfied smile on his face as he looked over at the demon, grabbed the money off the side, and said, "Nice doin' business with you, mate."

"You cheated," he demanded as the bleach blond started to walk away.  "Don't know how, but I know you did."

"Now, then, just because you suck at this game doesn't mean you can go around accusin' me of cheatin'," Spike said over his shoulder.  "It's not polite."

He could smell the demon coming up behind him.  The dumb creature was going try and catch him off guard and take the money.  Well, he'd just see about that.

Spike took the pool stick that was still in his hand, and jammed the brunt end into the creatures' stomach as his friends came in to attack.  When he doubled over, the vampire took the stick and used as a sort of bat, smashing it against his two friends' heads before it actually broke.  When he had a sharp end, he took the demon he had played and slammed his face against the pool table.  His little friends stopped their advance as they saw him reading to kill him.

"That's enough!" a woman said from the bar.

Kate, the bartender, was a middle age woman who reminded Spike a lot of Joyce.  She had a set on her, more then most guys he had meet over the years, and she was proving it now when she had a shot gun pointed at them.  Even though she knew it wouldn't kill Spike, it would just hurt like hell, and it could do some major damage to the demon trio that was attacking him.  In fact, he was pretty sure that it could kill them.

"If you want to kill each other, that's fine.  But you do it outside."

One of the friends began to laugh as he looked at the graying woman and her weapon.

"Don't worry guys.  Bar tenders always threaten, but they never do anything about it."

Spike's eyes widen as he hit the deck.  He had been around Kate long enough to know she wasn't the bluffing type.

The woman cocked the gun, pointed it at the friend who had said it, and fired.  He had a surprised look on his face as the bullet spread, but was mainly focused in on his on his stomach.  A few of the shrapnel caught his friends, but the vampire had managed to avoid it.  The body fell to the ground as she took aim at the other two.

"Still think I'm bluffing?"

The two remaining demons held up their hands as they slowly backed to the door and left.  When it shut with a loud thud, Kate lowered the gun and turned to Spike.

"Keep making trouble and I'll have to use this on you."

"Don't worry, love.  I was only tryin' to protect what's mine."

"Yeah, well, since you were fightin' 'em, you can drag the body out back."

Spike smiled at her as she went back to wiping down the counter, and making sure no one else in the bar was making any sort of trouble.

The metal back door slammed shut as he drug the body into the alley.  The bar was in the dock district, which was good for getting rid of bodies.  All he had to do was roll him off the edge of concert slab and out into the ocean, and he could go back to what he was doing.  With as heavy as this guy was, he wouldn't even have to weigh down the body.  It would sink on its own.

The body splashed when it hit the water, and Spike stood there for just a moment to make sure that it disappeared into the murky depths.  When the mans bright green shirt disappeared, he smiled to himself and headed back to the bar.

He found another man standing under the yellow light at the back door. He straiten up as soon as the vampire approached.  Great, must be another one of he demons friends looking for a little pay back.  Don't these guys ever give up?

"Are you Spike?  Also known as William the Bloody?" the man asked in a very proper tone that Spike almost thought that it was the Watcher standing there.

"Sometimes," he answered coolly as he crossed his arms.  "Who's askin'?"

The man never took his eyes off the peroxide blond.  He simply raised his hand and, with two fingers, gestured towards him.

Spike heard the gun just about the dart hit him.  He growled in pain for a moment, before turning to see who did it, only to find darkness.  His yellow eyes turned back to the man who had ordered the shot, but the man didn't move.  He was unafraid of the vampire, which fell into darkness before he even really knew what happened.


Joyce pulled her robe tightly around herself as she headed to the door.  Whoever was calling this early in the morning would just have to settle for a woman wearing no make up, messed up hair, and a bath robe.  She hated to be seen like this, but it was more then obvious that this person wasn't going to give up that easily.

"Who is it, Mom?" Dawn asked from the top of the stairs.  She was rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands and that was soon followed by a deep yawn.

"I don't know, Honey," she answered as she reached the door.

When Joyce opened it, the cold, wet morning air hit her hard, and almost took her breath away.  The sun that was peeking over the neighbors' house and blinded her for a moment, but then her eyes adjusted to see the shadow in front of her change to a large man.  A large police officer.

Joyce rolled her eyes.  Considering that Dawn was standing right behind her, it must be Buffy and her slaying has gotten her in trouble again.

"What happened now?" she asked in an unconcerned voice as she looked at the officer.

His face remained even as he said, "Are you Mrs. Joyce Summers?  The mother of Buffy Anne Summers?"

"Yes," she answered, still rather unconcerned.

The man drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Mrs. Summers, there was a fight last night involving your daughter and an unknown second party at Oceanview Cliff.  The details are still pretty sketchy, but witnesses said that your daughter and the second party were engaged in a pretty violent physical fight.  They say that the second party kicked you daughter pretty hard, and that she stumbled to far back."

Joyce felt her face starting to drain of color.  No.  He couldn't be saying what she thought he was saying.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Summers," he said lowly as he held up a torn, wet brown jacket.

She took the jacket from him and held it for a moment.  It was the one that she had given Buffy on her last birthday.  For a moment, she thought it might not be hers, maybe it belonged to someone else that just looked like Buffy, but the tag said other wise.  Written in big red letters in marker were the letters B.A.S.