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After the destruction of the Wind Academy everyone was pretty much screwed.

Only three students were left behind, Shane, Dustin and Tori.

"This is not good." Dawn said to Cam.

He nodded in agreement sighing.

"What happened here?" Tori asked.

They were currently in Ninja Ops and Dawn was sitting on the table in the centre of the room.

"This place is awesome!" Dustin announced loudly.

"I know, I live down here." Dawn said stretching.

"Don't ask any questions because we can't answer them." Cam said glaring at the younger girl.

"So this is like one big secret?"

"Yes Shane it is."

"And there are times when secrets must be revealed." A voice said.

"Oh, that big rat sounds just like sensei!" Shane said pointing at the 'big rat.'

"Doesn't really look like him, expect for the clothes."

"It is sensei idiot, do keep up Dustin." Dawn said shaking her head.

"My father is not a rat, he's a guinea pig." Cam huffed.

"Dude, did he just explain why, and I like missed it?" Dustin asked.

"He's stuck."


"Yes Shane, stuck. Observe." Then the guinea pig sensei jumped onto the table next to him and a screen popped up.


"This is Lothor, once a great ninja. He was banished from the earth when his hunger for power turned him to the dark arts. When our energy fields collided I was turned into what you see before you. Now he has returned and has brought an army that will do everything to take our planet for their own." Sensei explained. "Unless they are stopped."

"They've been picking Academies around the globe off one by one. They started with the Lightning Academy where I'm from six months ago and I barely escaped to here." Dawn explained.

"Who's going to be dub enough to try and stop them?" Dustin asked.

"An excellent question Dustin, the morphers Cam."

"Father your not serious, we have Dawn!" He said groaning.

"Excuse me? I can't do everything Cam!" Dawn said rolling her eyes.

"We have no choice Cam. Besides, Dawn is right, she cannot do everything."

"But these guys, I mean them! They're…well they're…."

"They're what?" Tori asked outraged.

"Yeah? What?"

"Now Cam!" Sensei ordered.

Cam sighed and left returning minutes later with a wooden box.

"These are your Power Rangers Wind Morphers."

"Dawn's got one of those on her arm!" Dustin proclaimed.

"Correct, I hold the Lightning Morpher, the last of its kind as the rest was destroyed." Dawn nodded.

"Yes! I was right Power Rangers are real!" Dustin exclaimed loudly taking the yellow morpher.

"Yes they are, and now you are Power Rangers." Sensei nodded. "Dustin, child of the earths, true to your heart. You will embody the powers of the Yellow Wind Ranger."

"Tori, fluid and graceful like the water you will become the Blue Wind Ranger. Shane, reaching for the stars. You will command the powers of the Red Wind Ranger." Sensei said before turning to Dawn who looked confused, why was he turning to her? She knew she was a Ranger!

"Dawn. Blessed with a gift not known to the Lightning Academy for a century. Dangerous, explosive and beautiful, you are the youngest ever to command the respect of the temperamental White Lightning Ranger morpher. From this point on you all will be known as the Power Rangers. Protectors of the earth." Sensei said.

"So what exactly does this thing do?" Shane asked.

"Where's the switch?"

"Does it have any games Dawn?" Dustin asked the youngest Ranger, barely fourteen years of age.

"Ladies and gentlemen the Wind Power Rangers." Cam said to himself.

"Quickly, Lothor's army is attacking, call on your powers by saying Ninja Storm Ranger form." Sensei ordered.

They nodded and left the Ninja Ops.

"Hey looking for us!" Shane shouted getting the army's attention.

"Um…what is it again?" Shane asked as they started to argue.

"Dude watch and learn!" Dustin said. "Ninja storm! Ranger form! Ha!" He shouted releasing his energy, transforming into the ranger. "Oh yeah baby! Yeah!" He said grinning.

"Lightning Storm! Ninja form! Ha!" Dawn said from beside him.

She released her power and transformed into her Ranger.

"Nice outfit Dawn! Suits you!" Dustin joked.

She smiled from behind her helmet. "Thanks."

Shane and Tori grinned before copying their fellow ranger's actions.


The kelzaks ran at them and they met them head on.

Kelzaks are weak is what Dawn decided as they cut threw them to meet the monster controlling them.

"Impressive. But not god enough!" He sent out blasts at them.

But Shane discovered the Sky Gliders and Dustin and Tori followed him to the air while Dawn backed them up on the ground.

"Hawk blaster fired up!"

"Sonic fin sound on!"

"Lion hammer ready to roar!"

"Dragon bow sparking handy!"

"Beat this blue dude!" Dustin said banging his weapon on the ground.

"Ready for a workout? And one, and two! And spin! Down!" Tori said mocking the alien.

"Is it hot out here? Or is it just you?" Shane asked firing his blaster.

"Sparking shot!" Dawn pulled back her bow and shot the lightning arrow.

"Let's put them together guys!" Shane said as they attached their weapons together.

"Storm striker! Fire!"

A massive ball of energy shot from the gun.

"Thanks for stopping by!" Shane said as the alien was destroyed.

"That really just happened right?" Shane asked.

"I'm pretty sure it did."

"Now that was awesome!" Dustin said high-fiving Dawn.


"See I told you! I told you guys there were Power Rangers and you didn't believe me!" Dustin said.

"That wasn't me! That was Miss Water over here!"


"You did well this time rangers." Sensei said. "But understand there will be battles in the future, Lothor will not rest until the earth is completely under his command or until he destroyed. The future of the world is in your hands power rangers."


The gang had convinced Sensei to allow Dawn out of Ninja Ops to show her around town.

"So any hobbies?" Dustin asked her.

"I like archery and running. I never really had time to do anything in the Lightning Academy. It was really tough. But it was home for a very long time."

"What about your parents?" Tori asked.

"Dead, murdered actually. By whom I'm not sure. I originally came from the Thunder Academy where my brothers, adopted we were by our parents lived as well. But our sensei discovered I'd lightning touch. Like static electricity when someone touches you and you get a shock, I'm maybe, a hundred times worse. So they sent me to the Lightning Academy. I haven't heard or seen them since." She explained.

"That's rough. Didn't you go to school?" Shane asked.

"No, never did. I learnt how to read and write from a older student who basically became my brother. Sensei was a good man, strict but he loved us. And he died protecting us but before gifting me with my morpher. As you see I have a lot of burns on me, Lothor burnt the house I was living in down leaving me scarred and scared of fire." Dawn explained pulling up the sleeves of her long sleeved white t-shirt.

Yes her skin was marred with darker red blotches.

"That must have hurt."

"It did, but I was more scared of being alone. I'd lived with three other boys all my time at the Academy and suddenly I didn't have them anymore. I was so alone…."

"Not anymore!" Dustin said slinging an arm over the smaller girls shoulder.

"Welcome to the family!" He announced.

She smiled at him. "Thanks Dustin."

This is what happens when yours truly gets sick so many times she turns back to her childhood for comfort *sigh*