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They failed, failed the virtual training test through lack of teamwork.

Cam sighed.

"Rangers, to defeat Lothor you must be a team. Work as one not as an individual. Shane, you are the leader but being a leader means knowing when to lead and when to follow." Sensei told them. "You must learn to trust your team and listen to their ideas."

Shane then turned on his teammates completely ignoring sensei.

"That's not fair Shane! You're the one who left us high and dry!" Dawn said shouting at the older male.

"Shut up Dawn! Just shut up! It's not my fault you're so weak! You're just a kid! What do you know?" He shouted.

She froze, tears welling up in her eyes. He. Did. Not. Just. Go. There.

"Shane…man that's harsh…." Dustin began.

He just scoffed and shoved past them.

"You okay?" Dustin asked the youngest Ranger.

"Um….yeah, I will be….."

It would be later that a new monster would terrorise town.

"Let's go!" Dawn said. "We have to help Shane."

They nodded ready to follow her. "No Rangers. Wait. Shane must learn to call for help." Sensei ordered.

"Uh….fine." Dawn said sighing.

Watching Shane lose the fight was not easy for the Rangers; they wanted nothing more then help their friend.

It brought back memoires for Dawn…..memories she'd rather forget.

And finally, Shane swallowed his pride and shouted for the help of his team.

"Now go Rangers." Sensei told them.

They nodded.

"Ninja storm! Ranger Form! Ha!"

"Lightning Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!"

The Rangers quickly raced to the scene freeing Shane.

"Uh…thanks guys." Shane said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Don't worry about it." Tori smiled.

"Hey…uh…Dawn." Shane said gulping.

"What's up?"

"I'm sorry…..about earlier." He said.

"Don't worry about it. You can buy me ice-cream later after we take down metal head over there." The little girl grinned.

"Sounds like a plan! Ready guys!"

"Ready! Storm Striker! Fire!"

Working as a team they destroyed the alien

"And that's how it's don….oh my god."

The alien back…and damn was it BIG!

"This is not good." Tori said.

"Why did it have to get bigger?" Dustin groaned.

"Well it was hardly going to get smaller!" Dawn sighed.

"Hey guys." The voice of Cam spoke to them.

"I'm sending you a little help!"

Minutes later….the Zords arrived.

Lion, Hawk, Dolphin and Dragon.

Working in separate Zords they team slashed Med Magnet to pieces.

Until it reformed again.

"Does this guy ever give up?" Dustin groaned.

"How about we join together and show this joker whose boss?" Tori suggested.

"I'm in!"

And so they did.

The four joined together to create Megazord!

The Megazord multiplied into three and finally Mad Magnet was destroyed.


"Rangers. Today you were gifted with the power and help of the Zords." Sensei began. "I must stress that the Zords are not toys…you must promise me that you never use them to escalate a battle." He said.

"We promise." Shane said.

"You can count on us!" Dawn promised the guinea pig.

"Now! We have business to attend to sensei!" Shane said slinging an arm around Dawn's shoulders.

"We do?"

"Yeah! We're gonna get ICE-CREAM!" Shane shouted lifting the younger child up and spinning her around.

She screamed laughing her head off.

"Dear god Shane put her down before you kill the child!" Dustin shouted.

That ended perfectly the four Rangers inside an ice-cream parlour, all together.

To some it looked a little strange when two sixteen year olds were chatting and laughing with a small thirteen year old like it was a regular occurrence and not a reluctant day out they were forced to give a younger sibling after being bribed by their parents…..twice.


Dawn woke up daily at five thirty. Nothing more, nothing less.

Her day started with a run.

A long run along the beach ha lasted nearly an hour.

Cam would still be asleep when she got back in.

After the run, came target practice.

Both with her bow and her ability.

It would be then when Sensei would join her.

"Close your eyes." He told her.

She did.

"Focus. Clear your mind. Release the lightning."

She took a deep breath and shot.

The ball of lightning shot through the target.

Bull's eye.

"Now, take up the bow." He told her.

She did as told picking up the wooden bow she used for training.

"Run the energy through your fingers and into the bow. When you shoot, use the energy from inside you."

Dawn took aim and closed her eyes.

Deep breath.

Feel the energy.

Trust yourself.


Open eyes.


She narrowed her eyes being stringing her bow again angrily.

'You'll miss again, banish your anger and use it to fuel you're energy.' She thought.

"Sensei. Please leave me alone." She asked the guinea pig.

He nodded and left the youngest Ranger alone.

She took aim again. "Alright, you're an expert on this shit Dawn. Don't let it take over you."

Taking a deep breath she shot.

Bull's eye.

"Damn straight…"


Her morpher.

"Yo? What's up?"

"Copy-bots in town and Tori's gonna a-wall. How fast can you get here?" Shane's voice asked her.

"Give me a few minutes. I'll find you."

Their connection as disconnected.

"Lightning Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!"

When she finally found them, they were failing….epically.

Dawn strung her bow.

Breathe in….breathe out.


It caught the alien and made it jump spinning around.

"Hey! Who are you?" It shouted.

"Hey Sparky Just in time girl!" Dustin shouted as the girl joined her teammates.

"Hello boys. Dustin never call me that again…."

"Nope, it sticks Sparky."

"Nice aim." Shane commented.


Kelzaks appeared out of nowhere surrounding them.

"These guys again? Seriously?" Dustin groaned.

A kelzaks ran at Dawn just to be shocked by her touch.

'Thank you Lightning Touch…'

Tori arrived but the boys were rather stand-offish.

"Will the three of you cut the crap? I'm doing everything over here!" Dawn shouted ducking a kick from another Kelzak blasting a shock into the pit of its stomach.

The three Wind Rangers soon joined her as they battled through the Kelzaks surrounding them to get to Copy-bot.

Tori weakened the Alien before the Rangers formed the Storm Striker and destroyed the alien.

Until it grew obviously.

"Oh for the love…."

The Zords soon arrived but it was no match for grandee style Copy-bot and his copies.

"Guys, we have to put the Megazord into Lightning mode…" Cam told them.

"Did you just say lightning?" Dawn said ears picking up at the news.

"That's right Dawn, lightning. Lightning Megazord only lasts sixty seconds and is hard to control." Sensei nodded his voice reaching the Rangers.

"So the question is, can you handle it Sparky?" Dustin asked Dawn.

"Sparky?" Cam said.

"Don't ask."

"If it's got lightning in its name….bring. It. On." The girl said.

"Alright, Sparky see the white button beside you?" Cam asked.

"Hard not too, it's big and flashing….AND STOP CALLING ME THAT!" The thirteen year old replied.

"Press it, flick the switch to your right and use the energy to speed up the Zord."

"It's on like Donkey Kong…." She promised repeating his instructions.

The speed and agility of the Megazord made short work of Copy-bot but also short work of Dawn's energy for when it was destroyed and the Zords sent back to wherever the hell they came from Dawn dropped out of exhaustion.

Dustin caught her and carried the girl back to Ninja Ops.

"Will she be okay?" Shane asked sensei.

"She'll be fine. She's tired….that much energy wore her out."

The Rangers nodded in understanding.


"Morning Sparky." Cam said as the girl walked into the main area of Ninja ops carrying her breakfast with her.

It was the first time in nearly four years she'd woken up later then half five.

"Stop calling me that!" She groaned eating her coco-pops.

He chuckled but felt the pillow she was sitting on hit the back of his head.


She laughed at him. A high bubbly little girl laugh.

Cam smiled; sometimes thanks to her Ranger status Cam forgot she was just a kid.

"Alright!" Sensei said rolling on his mini dojo guinea pig style.

He was standing on a hardback copy, ten pens and a French textbook.

"Time for homeschooling." He ordered Dawn making her take the book and copy.

Dawn sighed and got to work translating the vocabulary in front of her.

That is, until her morpher beeped.

"It's Dustin, he's been attacked." Cam informed her.

She nodded. "Go help him Dawn but return straight after for study." Sensei ordered.

He just knew, if she could he wouldn't see her until tonight.

"Yes Sensei…" She sighed. "Lightning Storm! Ranger Form! HA!"

She joined Dustin in the middle of a full on Kelzak attack.

"Hey Sparky!" He grinned.

"Call me that again I dare you." She groaned ducking.

Minutes later Tori and Shane rode in on their new Tsunami cycles.

"Oh my god….! Cam where's mine?" Dustin asked excited.

"I don't have one for you Dustin….sorry." Cam said into his ear.

"Cam!" Dustin whined, and whined and whined until he got his bike sent to him.

"What about me?" Dawn asked slightly annoyed that she had no fire-power.

"Well, you see Sparky….."

"Cam, I swear to god….if you say I'm too young to have one I'll rip your smart-ass head off!" She growled.

"It's under construction. You're too short for a normal sized bike which it why there's two seats on Dustin's." Just as he said it Dustin spun in a circle around her grabbing her arm and hoisting her up behind him.

The Kelzaks were defeated rather easily then.

After the fight ended Cam gave Dustin a DVD with the bikes data on it.

"Guard it with your life." He ordered.

Dustin nodded before racing off to be with his new friends.

Dawn was sat down at the table again this time a maths book was set before her.

Oh yay…..


"Oh hey great you finally get to meet! Hunter, Blake. Shane, Tori." Dustin said introducing them.

"Dustin's told us a lot about you." Hunter said.

"But not everything." Blake grinned looking at Tori.

"So where's my little friend Sparky?" Dustin asked Shane grinning.

"Under strict orders to stay inside and study." Shane said.

"I bet she just loves that!"

"I'd stay away from her for a while." Tori agreed.

"Uh Dustin you got a minute…" Shane asked.


The boys left Tori alone with the Bradley siblings.

"So who's Sparky?" Blake asked smiling.

"A friend of ours…she's got a rather….shocking personality." Tori said choosing her words carefully.

"Oh yeah?"


Dustin came back then grabbing Tori and dragging her out the door.

"Uh…see you later Tori!" Blake shouted after her.

"So the fourth Rangers nickname is Sparky eh?" Hunter said to his brother.

He nodded. "That means she's a Lightning Ranger…from the Lightning Academy." Blake said agreeing.

"And that means trouble."

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