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The Royal Treatment

Relaxation Therapy

Cheetara knew that as the crowned Lord of the Thundercats, more was required of Lion-O than any other feline on New Thundera or Third Earth. She also knew that often, others failed to recognize the monumental effort the lion put in each and every day. Many times, the lion could be seen walking as if the weight of multiple worlds was weighing him down – and for a time, that truly was the case.

Lion-O had followed his arch-nemesis Mumm-Ra into The Book of Omens to engage in one last decisive battle. In the end, Lion-O emerged victorious while Mumm-Ra's very essence was scattered across numerous planes and dimensions, ending the fiend's war against good forever.

It had been Cheetara who had discovered Lion-O - battered and bloody, barely able to stand on his own - as he exited the Book; her sixth sense alerting her to his coming. It had been Cheetara who held back her tears of joy and terror as she smashed the emergency alarm located in the Chamber of Omens and announced over the intercom that all Thundercats immediately get to said Chamber. It had been Cheetara who treated his wounds, never leaving Lion-O's side as he recovered.

Somewhere along the way, neither knew exactly when, but somewhere each began to see the other in a profoundly personal way. Granted, during their time on Third Earth, they had grown very close and there had always been a distinct, mutual attraction between the two that was obvious to any with a healthy brain in their skull but this, this was much more than a closeness or physical attraction. Lion and cheetah truly lived for each other. Eye contact and simple gestures now became intimate communications. Casual exchanges allowed for conversations within conversations. They shared with each other every aspect of their beings and bonded in a way that transcended physical limitations.

A year after his return, not a soul on New Thundera was surprised to hear that the Lord of the Thundercats planned to propose to his love, Cheetara. What did surprise every soul was the manner in which Lion-O chose to do it; in the middle of the New Thundarian Royal Court. The crafty lion had arranged for many of their closest friends and allies to be in attendance, called his love forward, dropped to a knee and asked for her hand in matrimony. Of course, the cheetah had readily and eagerly accepted.

That had been five years ago and Cheetara, like her husband, had spent every day living for her love. Through good times and bad, King and Queen stood side by side and their dedication to each other had been rewarded in the best way possible; fraternal twin cubs – a boy lion with a mane of gold and his sister, a rouge-hued cheetah. No mother could be happier with her children, no father more proud. Even the other Thundercats took immediate shines to the babes – WilyKat most of all.

Still, with all the blessings the royal family enjoyed, the burdens of protecting two planets fell primarily on Lion-O's shoulders and such burdens were tiring indeed. Cheetara could see this clearly early on and had taken it upon herself to become an expert in helping her soul mate "relieve stress."

And seeing her beloved husband's shoulders once again slumping with weary weight, the Queen decided that it was once again time to do something special for 'her Cat.'

The set-up for the evening had been surprisingly simple.

It had been no trouble at all for Cheetara to arrange for WilyKat to babysit the twins – a task the blonde knew the wild cat would willingly accept without a second thought. Next, a chat with Bengali ensured that short of an all out assault on the castle, their privacy would be undisturbed. While Lion-O was engaged with his children during the morning, a casual remark that she and WilyKit would be spending the day shopping secured the King's blissful ignorance of his upcoming treat.

That blissful ignorance almost spoiled Cheetara's plans entirely when, coming out of a boutique, she and her protégé unexpectedly bumped into Lynx-O, Panthro, and the Lord of the Thundercats himself as the trio made their rounds of New Thundera to walk amongst the people. Fortunately for the fastest female on New Thundera, she was in the company of the wiliest female on New Thundera.

"Lion-O, are you following us?" WilyKit chided playfully, carefully maneuvering herself in front of certain bags Cheetara held. "Trying to figure out what your Queen is getting you for your upcoming anniversary, hmm?"

"What? No! We were just walking and…"

"And saw two of the most beautiful felines on the plant so you thought you could come over to cop a royal feel?"

"By Jaga, I was trying to shop for Cheetara's anniversary present!" Lion-O exclaimed, the crescendo of his bellow holding true to his namesake.

"Oh joy, first I'm blinded, now I'm deaf as well…"quipped Lynx-O, rubbing a finger in his ear.

"What?" Panthro questioned, playing along with the old lynx.

"My love, help me please." The noble ruler begged in mock need, attempting to move in for a kiss only to be intercepted by WilyKit.

"Oh sorry Your Highness but public displays of affection will have to wait until after shopping is done."

"Yes, I'm afraid we still have much to do," Cheetara agreed, doing well to cover her snicker of amusement. "Much as I'd enjoy nothing more than to embrace you and melt an icecap, I fear it will have to wait till later."

The group of friends – closer than family – shared a warm and hearty laugh as the face of the mighty Lion-O blowfished in disbelief.

"Ladies, I do believe our Lord needs to…blow off some steam," Panthro chuckled, noticing the name 'Willa's Secret' on the side of a bag Cheetara held that WilyKit seemed to be trying so much to hide from view. "So we'll be taking him to inspect the troops. Maybe His Highness will show the new recruits a few moves?"

"I want to kiss my wife!" Lion-O pouted, crossing his massively muscled arms across his chest, an act that earned him a sharp elbow in the side from the panther.

"Oww! Panthro, what the hell was –"

"My Lord, I believe you need to blow off some steam so let us leave The Queen and her Ladies to their day and inspect the new recruits. As Her Highness said, there will be time for your mushy stuff later."

"But I – What are you- What's going on – Why do I –"

"Oh by the ancestors," Lynx-O sighed, grabbing Lion-O by his elbow with Panthro doing the same at the opposite side.

"Ladies, have a lovely day," the two offered in departure, dragging the loudly protesting lion towards the garrison.

The laughter of the females was long and loud and filled with youthful abandon.

Lion-O took a much needed shower. Cheetara's new bath soaps did wonders to his body and he was feeling rejuvenated and revitalized after many hours of training with the Thundarian Legions. He'd been unable to locate Cheetara since their meeting in the shopping district, returning to the Royal Bedchambers at the end of the day to find only the soaps and a note requesting he use them.

The Lord had just finished fastening a robe when he first heard the soft, romantic music coming from the royal bedchamber. Curious and excited, Lion-O eagerly made his way into the palatial room and the scene before his eyes was right out of his most wanton dreams.

The entire area was dimly lit with scented candles. Standing in the center of the room, wearing nothing but a sheer gold-colored slip, was Cheetara. She was playing with her nipples through the thin material while dancing seductively to the soft hum of the music. Catching sight of her husband, the cheetah gestured for him to sit in the chair she had set just for this occasion.

Lion-O kept staring at his wife's figure as if he was in a trance. With a feral grin, the Queen of New Thundera sashayed to her mate, slowly bent forward, giving Lion-O a long, lingering look at her more than ample cleave, and whispered seductively into his ear, "You've been working so long and hard I thought you deserved a reward so tonight I'm going to be putting on a…private…fashion show. Just. For. You."

Lion-O tried to say something as he sat in his now favorite chair but no intelligible words would come to him. Even if they did, they would have been useless as Cheetara crushed her mouth to his in a searing kiss, pulling back with his lower lip caught in her teeth.

Cheetara stood up and stepped back, swaying to the music. Lion-O couldn't do anything but stare. After a few minutes of swinging and gyrating, she came to a slow stop and moved to her walk-in closet (which itself was the nearly the size of a normal bedroom).

"I'll be right back," Cheetara purred with a wink and a blown kiss.

Lion-O just nodded. He was mesmerized by Cheetara's appearance in the outfit. Again the music started playing and Cheetara entered in a crimson camisole which clung to every curve of her body. She wore a pair of sheer black panties. Her nipples strained against the material as she sauntered forward and modeled the next outfit for her husband. As he reached out to grab Cheetara, she looked at him sharply and said, "No touching, unless I say so," accentuating the point with a slap to the back of his hand.

With that Cheetara again disappeared into the closet. Lion-O's manhood was hard and was aching to be freed. Cheetara again appeared, this time in a sky blue teddy and garter. The sight almost made Lion-O explode right then and there. She walked to the soft melody and swayed seductively. Her long, lean legs were accentuated by the garter and one of her favorite bedroom accessories; a pair of stiletto heels – a wedding present from Mandora. Cheetara's body veritably glowed in the candle light, her lustrous blonde hair cascading around her figure like a waterfall of gold. Lion-O couldn't take his eyes off the beauty posing in front of him. Left with no other choice, he took his "royal scepter" in hand and started stroking it.

The music came to a stop and Cheetara again disappeared to change outfits. The King tried his best to be patient as he waited for his Queen. Then she made her appearance wearing nothing but a see-thru baby-doll that barely reached her thighs. It was perfectly "bare" that the cheetah had nothing else on underneath the white fabric. Rather than immediately begin another teasing fashion show, Cheetara sauntered towards Lion-O with a look in her eyes that could melt three of Plun-Darr's moons. She stroked his length and kissed him before turning around and moving her hips seductively. She brought Lion-O's hands and placed them on either side of her waist and started giving him a lap dance, lightly brushing her heated crotch against his, making his member jump. She then turned around, straddled Lion-O's lap and began to gyrate more forcefully, the increased contact making Lion-O squirm beneath her.

"Did you enjoy the show?" asked Cheetara as she traced his lower lip with her tongue.

"I think we all know the answer to that..." murmured Lion-O, as he held Cheetara in his arms and took her mouth for a scorching kiss.

He traced a path from her jaw to her collar bone. He sucked at the skin near her neck giving her a love-bite and eliciting a moan from Cheetara. Lion-O lowered the straps of her negligee and peppered small kisses at every exposed portion of flesh, paying particular attention to her spots. Within a few minutes, Cheetara was naked in Lion-O's arms. Not willing to torture himself anymore, Lion-O picked up his wife in his massive arms, carried Cheetara to their bed and laid her upon the mattress, stripping off his robe to join her.

"Time for me to show you just how much I enjoyed you teasing…" chuckled Lion-O before he kissed Cheetara passionately.

He then directed his attention to her breasts, taking one nipple into his mouth as he massaged the other. Cheetara grasped the sheets as she tried to control her writhing beneath him. After many a moment of indulgence, Lion-O shifted to the other breast. He pulled and rolled the nipple in his fingertips as Cheetara arched her back and purred.

Lion-O then proceeded further down south, tracing a path to her belly with his tongue. Her legs parted willingly, allowing her lover to lay gentle kisses along her inner thighs moving to her feet to finally massage and suckle her toes. When he nibbled at the arch of her foot, Cheetara came so forcefully, she nearly flew off the bed.

"By Jaga, you are too good at doing that," panted Cheetara as she pulled Lion-O into her arms for a kiss.

"You make it sound as if I'm done," whispered Lion-O as he freed himself from her arms and settled between her legs. "I was just getting started."

"You are so wet," complimented the lion as he parted her folds and gently, but firmly, licked her. She grasped the sheets as Lion-O continued his assault, thrusting her hips wantonly as he inserted his fingers inside her, pumping and twisting the digits with varying speeds.

"I need you in me... NOW!" Cheetara declared three orgasms later.

Lion-O chuckled; Cheetara had been tortured long enough. Holding himself up on his forearms, the King guided himself into her, each groaning as soon as flesh made contact with flesh. Over and over, he thrust into her and over and over, she raised her hips and met every one. The two kept giving soft kisses as they repeatedly changed positions upon the truly royal bedding and finally, after more than an hour, each growled as they climaxed.

Lion-O slumped down on Cheetara, crushing his lips to hers. "Give me just a minute" said Lion-O as he gazed lovingly into the cheetah's eyes, indicating me meant to withdraw from her.

"I'll have nothing of the sort,"' replied the blonde as she pulled Lion-O closer to herself.

"So Cheetara," whispered Lion-O as he raised himself and stroked her face, "What did I do to deserve tonight's…entertainment?"

"Well, you've been working so hard as of late, I thought you could use a break," Cheetara explained with a wink and a kiss. "You liked the outfits didn't you?" she pouted playfully.

Lion-O gave a deep laugh as he rolled onto his back, taking an "eeping" Cheetara along with him. "Sweetheart, I'll be thinking of you in each of them for years to come," he ensured while stroking the hair of his soul mate.

"I love you, My King," Cheetara whispered as she snuggled further into Lion-O.

"I love you too, My Queen," agreed Lion-O as he held her in his arms and drifted off to sleep.


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