She sometimes wonders if people realize this when they look at them, hand in hand, smiling and making jokes together while they are meeting with their friends outside, but Daiki and Satsuki's life together isn't all sunshine and butterflies.

They're a couple and they love each other, yes; they live together now, and they've known each other their whole lives, yes. But that is by no means a reason why they would never fight. Like any other couple, of course they fight.

They're both still young, blood boiling in their veins, both a bit too opinionated and pig-headed, so of course sometimes their characters clash.

And, sometimes, those clashes are violent.

That happens when Satsuki refuses to compromise—because, let's face it, she is usually the one who is making compromises for him in this relationship.

Then again, it's not like she can entirely blame him for being so adamant and childish in arguments—she's the one who had been enabling his escapism and petulancy her whole life, so she guessed she was just as much at fault for his lack of desire to back down as he was.

Still, it's not like she is stubborn and argues with him over the little things. No—she only gets more insistent about the things that pertain to his well-being.

The only times their arguments get especially ugly and out of control is when they argue about something she thinks of as especially important and he brushes off, as though it's no reason for concern.

She hates it when he's being reckless at work, trying to be a hero. She hates it because it scares her—she's scared that one of those times he'll come up short and it will mean the end of his career, or, worse—dare she even think it—his life.

And she can't have that. She can't handle the thought of him dying. She can't handle the idea of being separated from him—they still had so many things they had promised to do together, so many places she wanted to see with him, so many obstacles they needed to overcome. She couldn't have him throwing all of that away because he refuses to take fewer risks and acts as though he's immortal when he's on the clock and chasing a criminal.

Whenever they fight in an ugly way, it's about crucial things.

And when they do, he has the most dreadful habit of hanging on her words, taking them out of context and twisting the meanings of them as he throws them back at her. If she says she's scared for his life, he lashes back violently, annoyed at the notion that she doesn't trust his skills in his profession.

And it boggles her mind how he can think that, because that's not at all what she's trying to say, and just why did he refuse to just understand why this is so important to her?!

This is how they fought when neither of them refused to back down. Those arguments were rare, of course, but they did happen every once in a while.

When they did, both Daiki and Satsuki stormed off in opposite direction of each other, glaring, cursing, and seething, still very much adamant in their position as the right one in that argument and thus refusing to back down.

Whenever that happened, once she was alone in their bedroom, crying tears of frustration and rage after she heard the front door slamming shut after a very furious Daiki, Satsuki got scared.

They had only been living together for a little over a year, and already they were fighting like this. Worse yet, she sometimes failed to see an exit to their stalemates, because if she relented and apologized to him for fighting with him, that would mean that he would continue being as reckless in the future, too, and then—She didn't want to think in that way.

She didn't want to fight like this with him either. She didn't like it because she knew him very well, and was very aware of how short his fuse was.

At home, Daiki was usually very laid back and relaxed, but whenever they got in an argument like that, he was always the one getting incredibly riled up and he spared no effort in antagonizing her in the worst possible ways.

She got scared because even though they had known each other their whole lives, and they had been dating for a while now, she feared that living together like this, and fighting like that would make him think—rather short-sighted and childish as he was—that this relationship was no longer worth his time or effort, that the cons outweighed the pros, and that it was time to stop trying, because he was tired of this, tired of their arguments and tired of this relationship that did nothing but put him down in moments like these.

And the longer it took him to cool his head off and come back, the deeper the hole Satsuki dug herself into. Because the longer he was gone, the more convinced she became that they wouldn't come out of this unscathed and that he would definitely want to separate with her.

He always came back the same evening—sometimes sooner, sometimes later—still pouting and not exactly at peace with the situation – but he came back to her.

And sometimes, just sometimes, he was the first to apologize for getting so fed up with her arguments, for storming off like that, for being a jerk but why couldn't she realize that her trust in him was especially important to him, damn it?!

Whenever something like that happened, Satsuki was always throwing her arms around him before he can even realize it. She's hugging him, bawling her eyes out and apologizing for yelling so much at him—saying sorry over and over again, because she didn't want him to tire of her and leave her behind like this. She didn't want him to one day go out that door on an argument and never come back. She didn't want that, and she hated the thought of it, and yet it was stuck in her mind like a disease, showing itself to her over and over again.

When she clings to him like that, pulling him down by his neck to kiss his lips, his cheeks, his forehead, his jaw, his neck, Daiki is usually taken aback by the ardour of her gestures, of the urgency of her kisses. It's not like her to be so uncharacteristically bold and emotional about just a kiss, so he holds her tight while she trembles in his embrace.

And while he does, he feels the most repentant. He can feel her worry and anxiety emanating off of her in waves, and he is sorry he ever left her on her own like that. He's sorry he ever got into that fight with her, because now it seems petty and unimportant, even though he still maintains that he was right to insist on his point.

But no matter how right he was, it doesn't justify making his beloved feel like this.

So he held her tightly, pressing her up against his much larger body until it felt like he would engulf her whole as she sunk into his embrace. He hugged her tight and whispered apologies and sweet nothings into the shell of her ear, into her hair as he smoothed in back with his fingers, into the skin of her neck as he rained kisses on the column of her throat.

Aomine Daiki was a man of many flaws and few apologies for them, but in situations like these he was not beyond saying sorry, over and over again, solidifying his point by pressing kisses against her heated skin between every word, hoping that soon she would stop trembling, stop worrying, stop crying, because he wasn't going anywhere, and there was no place he'd rather be than there with her, and please, calm down, Satsuki—I'm sorry, okay, forgive me, shush, it's all right, I'm here now.

When she clutched on to him for dear life like that, refusing to pry herself away from him—for fear of him going off somewhere again—there was no way he could say no to her. There's no way he can be the one to pull away when she kept touching him like that, holding on to him as though she could sink into him, pressing up into him as though if she tried hard enough, they could merge into a single being.

And when she did that, it was hard not to start relieving her of the burdensome clothes that got in the way of their contact, barred him from feeling the delicious pressure of her smooth skin against his.

Their ugly fights were always accompanied by passionate, emotional lovemaking.

And although it would take a while for them to truly work out the kinks of the reasons behind their fights, and Daiki hated getting into these ugly arguments with her to begin with, the making up process was definitely worth the trouble of admitting he may have been over the line.

Once, she even told him why she was always so needy and clingy whenever he came back to their place after an especially violent fight. She told him as her cheek lay on his bare chest after they were both spent from their bedding activities just a few minutes prior, and their laboured breathing was returning to normal while he rubbed circles into the expanse of her beautiful bare back where she was lying against him.

She told him of her fears and insecurities, of how his leaving made her feel, how their fights worried her, and he couldn't hold back an incredulous chuckle and a shake of his head.

He leaned down to kiss her lips, which had just spoken the most ridiculous things he had heard in life, and he told her she was an idiot.

She bristled slightly and demanded what in the world he meant, but instead of getting up to her challenge, he kept her pressed even more firmly against his frame—enjoying the feel of her soft breasts against his side, and the feeling of the gentle rise and fall of her chest next to him.

He kept her there and told her she was idiot for believing that she was the only one who couldn't live without the other. And she was silly to think that some argument, no matter how important, would be all it would take to get him away from her.

It would be unrealistic to believe that after expressing their feelings about the matter to one another would lead to them no longer having fights like that. Because reality didn't work that way, and people were emotional, tempers easily flaring, even when they try to understand one another.

What it meant, however, is that even when they were having a severe difference of opinion, Satsuki no longer feared for the wholeness of their bond after this. Disagreeing no longer seemed like a threat for their relationship, and although fighting was something neither of them enjoyed, it did help keep her sanity intact whenever he stormed off to cool his head after their most unpleasant arguments.

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100 Situations, Table One; 040: Argue.

9th April, 2013.