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The car ride was not too long; Fifteen minutes max. Jake opened the little window of my Corsa and the fresh air raced around the car. Jacob's scent mixed it's self in with the air so I took as many long breaths as I could and I was pretty sure I saw him doing the same. I smiled to myself. In one afternoon, my entire life had changed. Although in theory it was such a short period of time Jacob and I were perfect together and I knew it. I couldn't quite pinpoint why I felt this way but I just did.

"What are you smiling at?" Jacob interrupted my train of thought. I was smiling just as much on the outside as I was on the inside. I just couldn't help it. I was so in love. Wait...love. Had I really just thought that?

"Everything. My life seems so perfect." Jacob smiled without taking his eyes of the road. I knew he didn't need to watch the road; his reflexes were on perfect, so why wouldn't he look at me? Confusion swept through me. Had I done something wrong? A wave of warmth brushed across my thigh. My immediate response was to look down. I should have just know it would be Jacob. His hand – that wasn't on the steering wheel – had brushed me. Touching me. It made me feel love. I wanted to know so much whether he felt the same tugging sensation that settled in my stomach. It wasn't aching so much right now seeing as we were in the same car.

"You look confused. Ness?" Without my permission my eyes met Jake's. I flicked them away as fast as I could, but I knew he saw something. Even I knew that some emotion lay in my eye that wasn't there normally and I couldn't even see my eyes. A fake smile crept along my lips and settled, but I wasn't sure if you looked as faked as it felt.

All too soon Jake pulled into a little side road that I didn't know. We couldn't be in Forks or La Push; I knew both of those places like Jake's face. I could tell you every single detail. The door to my right opened and closed and the warmth I felt in Jacob's presence faded. I watched him walk all the way around the bonnet and opened my door. With one look I un-did the seat belt that was wrapped around my waist and got out.

We were stood in a forest. It was beautiful. A light green instead of the normal dark greens surrounded me. The light from the sun filtered through leaves making the visible pathway majestic. I took a step towards the path and took in the scents. Fresh leaves, clean air, and Jacob, the three smells seemed perfect together, almost like they were made for each other. The sun was bowing behind the trees. The sky had gone a purple-pinkey colour.

Warm air's snaked their way around my waist and warm breath tickled my neck.

"Gorgeous isn't it." I smiled and nodded my head. The urge to run through the woods was almost over-powering. I was like my mother in many way's and not in others. I had her mind. I was responsible and motherly, but I was not clumsy - most of the time.

"What are we doing here?" I felt Jacob smile against the dip between my neck and my shoulder.

"I have a surprise." Adeline rushed through me. If the date was as perfect as the location I would honestly cry. Jacob took my hand in his and took a couple of steps forward so he was at least an arm's length away. He paused until I began to follow.

We walked for about five minutes. The bird's chirped happy little songs to themselves and me. This place was beautiful and I felt like myself here.

"Nessie, keep your eyes in front of you ok?" Anxiety washed through me, but I knew nothing would hurt me with Jacob here so I kept walking and kept my eyes fixed right ahead of me. All of a sudden there was an opening in the trees where light flooded through.

I stood at the edge of the opening and took in the field that was set up. The small field was circular. Wild roses and tulips lined the edges. The grass was such a bright colour that I thought it couldn't be real. I took one small step into the light that the sun was giving off. It was one of those rare days that Forks and La Push was sunny. I kicked both of my shoes off and spread my toes into the slightly damp grass. It tickled my feet and made me smile. Not far away a squirrel bounced through the tree's happily looking for nuts to store for the winter.

I turned to find Jacob leant against one of the biggest trees that stood behind the flower's surrounding the field.

"Jake. It's gorgeous!" I gasped. He smiled his smile at me; the cheeky one with all his teeth showing; the one that melted my heart every time. "It's so peaceful. So perfect." I squealed. I was so happy here. I turned again and noticed the blanket that had been set up to the left. It was a red and white checked blanket with an old wooden basket packed with all of my favourite food in. "You did all this?" A sheepish look fell upon his face.

"Well..erm.." He spluttered. "Emily and the lad's gave me a hand." I smiled as he took a step closer to me. I ran at him and jumped into his arms. In the process I knocked him over. We were laid on the floor, me straddling his hips and my lips brushing his.

"Thank you." I whispered before taking his lips into my own. I licked his bottom lip. I could feel him growing hard underneath me, but I didn't stop. I bit down on his lip slightly. That must have sent him crazy because he sat bolt upright pressing my chest into him harder. I moaned deeply into his mouth. I wanted so much more than just his kiss and I could tell he did too.

"Nessie." He whispered quietly when I finally let his lips go. "We have to stop or we won't eat for a very long time." I smiled and pressed one of my hands to his cheek.

What if I don't want you to stop? I questioned him. Desire burned in his deep chocolate eyes which had now turned black with need. A growl escaped through his lips.

"Nessie!" I looked right into his eyes.

"Don't you want more?" Rejection rolled through my body and my eye's started to water up as I moved back, but an iron tight grip grasped my back.

"No, no Nessie. You don't understand. I want that more than anything, HECK if I thought you weren't extremely hungry right now, I would give in and give you everything you want." Closing my eyes I laid my head on Jake's shoulder. His scent comforted me.

"Jake, let's eat." A smile spread across his face and he got up from underneath me and carried me bridal style to the blanket.

We ate and chatted till the sky was a deep purple and the stars came out. We moved the blanket to the middle of the field and laid there looking at the stars.

"Jake, can I ask you some things please?" Confusion flooded his face before he answered hesitantly.

"Of course" One deep breath later I said.

"Do you ever get a tugging sensation...you know...in your stomach when...you aren't around me?" I looked away from Jake's intense stare and at the stars.

"All the time." Relief flooded through me. It wasn't just me then. I wasn't some sort of freak.

"Do...Do you know why that is?" I asked. I wanted answers and I knew Jake would tell me. But what if they weren't the answers I had been searching for.

Jake let out and deep breath and rolled over so he was above me. He pulled me underneath him so that one side of his body was still on the blanket but the other was on top of me. The new warmth that invaded my body was completely made welcome as I was about to start freezing up.

"Ness. Do you remember the Quileute legends about the protectors and the cold one's?" I made a face when he said the 'cold ones' technically I was still half a cold one. I thought back to the night that Jacob had taken me to his pack meeting. There were stories about us, the Cullen's, the pack, the imprints and other things that I couldn't remember, I was tired and falling asleep by this point.

"Urm...yeah I think so. Why?" Jacob looked right into my eyes and carried on.

"What do you remember about imprinting?" I was caught off guard by that questions. Imprinting. It was when a wolf found his soul mate. His perfect someone. Things moved at a quicker speed for wolves and imprints. Imprinting was a bound that couldn't be broken – until death – and could be made stronger by the male marking the male by biting her. Usually during sex.

"Certain things?" I showed Jacob everything I could remember. "Why?"

Jacob swallowed. I watched as his neck bobbed up and down with the movement.

"Well when you were born Ness..." Then it dawned on me. JAKE IMPRINTED ON ME.

"You...on...me...?" I was so confused. Why me? I was nothing special? I wasn't particularly gorgeous like Leah or Kim or Emily? I was the opposite too what Jake needed. I hadn't realised I was projecting my thoughts to Jacob until he started talking in response to them.

"No Ness, No. You are gorgeous, in more than one way. You are perfect to me and you are made for me. We fit perfectly together, physically and mentally. Can't you feel it?" I knew I could feel it. I said it earlier myself to Alice. We're perfect for each other were my exact words.

"And the pull I can feel?" Jake smiled.

"The imprint pulling you to me." A thought came across my mind.

"So we were bound to end up together?" Jacob shook his head.

"No, if you hadn't wanted to get together I would be whatever you wanted me to be, a friend, a brother, a protector. Whatever."

"Why did you stay away from me for so long? You never made it clear to me that you liked me back?" Creases appeared between his eyebrows.

"Edward. He wanted you to choice me for yourself and not because of an imprint." I knew even without the imprint I would have chosen Jacob.

Jacob studied my face for a few minutes letting me process the information before leaning in for a kiss. I kissed him back but within the kiss got heated. My head began to spin. The smell and taste of Jacob was all to over whelming. I felt his warm hands press against the top of my shorts. He wanted the baggy top of and I knew it. I moaned deeply in his mouth. The warm hands stayed still where they were asking for permission to remove it but not forcing my decision, but I knew I had already made up my mind. I grabbed Jacob's hand and clamped them around the top. I sat up so that he could slide the top off easily. The soft fabric melted away.

"Hell, Ness, you're gorgeous." Before I could reply Jake's lips where at my neck kissing, licking, and biting every inch making their way down to the top of my bra. I was wearing a matching set of bra and knickers. Red. Slightly see through and ever so sexy. A tongue made its way from one side of the bra to the other.

"Jake." His eyes flickered to mine quickly. They were filled with worry. "Off." I commanded. Lust filled Jake's eyes making them go the deepest black colour. They were gorgeous and hot at the same time. I felt a little puddle fill my knickers and he un-did the bra hook and started to lick and suck on my nipples. I moan so load I was sure my father could hear it from about five miles away. Jake moaned around my nipple and it vibrated. I was sure I could orgasm just from this one touch. But then a new sensation enthralled me. Jake's hand had crept its way up my thighs and in between my legs. He was rubbing my innocent pussy through my clothes and it was driving me crazy.

"Jake" I said breathlessly. He got up to the same kneeling position I was in. His lips never left my skin as he answered.

"Yes." He went back to kissing my neck and rubbing me making me wetter and wetter by the minute.

"You're driving me insane." I felt the smile that crept across his face.

"Tell me what you want Renesmee." The use of my whole name made me want to melt in my arms.

"I want..." I swallowed I couldn't get my words out I couldn't concentrate whilst Jacob was biting and licking my skin like that.

"What do you want." He growled again.

"To feel your fingers inside me." I growled back. The smile fell across his face again. Shredding sounds filled the air and the cold wind whipped in between my legs. I was laid back down on my back, Jake next to me leaning on one elbow, his hand playing with my clit through my red pants. I moaned again. This was like pleasurable torture.

"Jake." I whimpered, before his lips kissed mine just once.

"Ness" Jake's voice was serious.


"You haven't ever had some one finger you have you, have you?" A blush spread across my face.

"No, I waited for someone perfect." I said. His hands started to play with me again still with the pants in the way.

"This might hurt a little?" Jake's voice was strained and his sentence came out a question. I nodded. I didn't care I wanted some part of him inside me.

My pants were taken off. I watched them be flung to where the rest of my clothes were. Jake's fingers trailed along my folds that were already so wet. I moan in bliss before Jake kissed my lips as he pushed one finger in to my ready and waiting hole. I moaned so hard at the feeling. I wriggled my hips a little letting Jake know that he was ok to start moving. His finger pulsed in and out of my. I felt like a coil was being wound up tight in the pit of my stomach. Then I was pushed open a little wider. Jake had added another finger and I was in bliss. I moan over and over again. The coil tightened to the point that I had to let go.

"Let go baby." Jake commanded me with alpha tone in his voice. I let go as my orgasm took over me. Jacob's finger's pulsed in and out of me as he helped me over my orgasm. The realise was so good that I sighed when it was over. Jake took his fingers out and licked them. I watched in fascination as he tasted me.

"Hell. You taste so good Ness. That was amazing."

"Tell me about it." I whispered. I was feeling guilty and Jake could tell.

"What's up?" I swallowed.

"I didn't give you anything back." Relief washed over his features.

"All in good time." He sounded just like Billy and I laughed. "Crap." He whispered.


"You're trousers." I looked over to the pile of clothes and saw the strips of what used to be shorts.

I stood and walked over to the basket and held up a pair of shorts.

"Guess the guys know you a little too well." I winked at him and he let out a chuckle. "Are you on patrol tonight?"

"Nope." He popped his 'p' at the end.

"Do you want to sleep with me? I mean like in the same bed..." He chuckled again this time a deep throaty chuckle.

"I would love to" he said getting up and packing up. "However, we better get back before your Dad sends out a search party." I laughed and kissed him once more before we made our way back towards Forks. Could that night have gone any better.

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