the day grew dark in ponyville. as a storm brewed closer and closer and the winds picked up. in the west of ponyville, a lumbering creature walked into the darkness of the shadow. a occasionally you would heard a grunt. or a long groan. the creature was confused.

he was thinking. his memories fuzzy, the last thing he recalled was running from a mob of villagers, as fear gripped a bullet wound on his shoulder he ran as fast as he could until he found shelter an in old cave. and upon entering it, felt oddly warm. warmer than you would never expect from a cold damp cave, when he noticed a light towards the back of the tunnel within his hiding place, he saw what looked like glowing stones. it felt warm. he mumbled and felt comfort in its glow and colors. he reached ever so slowly towards the stones, hands in reached. he was careful not to touch it at first, but curiosity got the best of him as he run his yellowish-green fingers against the smooth stones, and upon contact, a flash of light came upon him! and as he backed away in sudden fear - he was gone! the next thing he knew he awoke on the side of the raging river of the ever free forest. he staggered up and groan. he didn't recognized where he was, he walked off. he needed to keep moving, he must escaped the mob...

and now, after two hours of walking through the darkness of the ever free forest, he resting against a tree. his dull expression shown little reaction towards the wild life that seem to be disturbed. the winds blew like an ungodly force as if the air itself was wicked and was carrying a sinister feel of atmosphere into the land. while man would feel unsafe, to him he felt a strange welcome to the wind. the trickle of rain begun to fall. a sound came out of his lips. like a sound of a child. a sound of wander.

his eyes traveled towards a small town below. - he didn't risk going down, he looked to the side and then walked towards the of the forest. and he kept walking, searching for some shelter, something to keep him dry. and as he walked he found himself in a meadow. the lightening cracked near by. he raised his head up high his dull eyes scanned and there, he saw was a small cottage nearby, his ears perked as he heard squawking of chickens.

he walked toward edge of a tree as he saw a path leading up to the small house. he hid again and peeked, leaning against the tree, his eyes watched as he saw a multicolored creature. in his mind he thought he never seen such a thing. he focused as he watched the small being in a raincoat specially made for her. she was gathering the chickens into the cellar down below her home, she was talking but because of the loud wind he heard nothing. and then it hit him. talking? creatures like her don't talk. and he's seen her kind before. he seen them in herds on the grass lands of the wild where he often watched animals, where no human was around, he would find peace just by watching these equestrian animals he wondered if she was a creation like himself? a man-made creature? he was confused. his train of thought derailed as he saw the yellow-colored animal walked into the house. he looked left and right. curiosity took him again, he walked towards the cottage. his huge Dr. martin boots leaving tracks in the mud, onto the grass.

as he saw the warm glow of the window, he jerked and looked behind him "argh.." that was a mistake. he clench his shoulder remembering the wound. he bit his crusty black lips. in sudden pain he grunted. he staggered once more towards the little house he lean against the side of the wall. he then knelt down and peeked through the edge of the window and watched as he saw the small mare laying on the sofa. her pink hair hiding her face, as she read a book. his eyes shifted to all the things inside. a few animals took refuge and relaxed in the warm cozy house.

his eyes shift, his head slowly moving back towards the pony. she got up, and he lean away from the window to avoid being seen, he felt his shoulder. the pain begun to irritate him. he closed his eyes and clench his teeth and whimpered. his nostrils begun to pick up a scent. and it smelled like food. his heavy eye lids lifted, and his head turn slowly. he walked up towards another window which showed the kitchen. she was swirling a spoon with her hoof and there was a pot. a huge one. she dipped the spoon and poured the golden brown liquid into the small bowl. his stomach growled, he was hungry. so very hungry! that's when he decided he must come inside. he was tired, hungry, in pain. and lonely.

it was something he had to risk. he knew that if he came she will scream. she will run. pony or not...if it talked, then it could think. two ways could happen, she would run away out of the house and he would be free to eat the food. or he could kill her to keep her from screaming to alter others. but as he looked towards the village down below...he knew no one would hear her. but was he willing to kill just to get food? yes. but only if she tried to hurt him, shoot him...

he just hoped that she would run, and if not...maybe have mercy on him.

flutter shy smiled softly as she brought her bowl of stew. she was famished from working the evening getting all her animal friends down the cellar, or some in her home. she walked back to the couch as she found herself in a nice comfortable position. she used a tray to set down the bowl. she begun to sipped the hot soup and 'mmmm'd' at the wonderful taste of veggies and broth. her ears perked as the winds blew outside. and the rain begun to pour heavily, she heard noises outside but she knew it was just the wind, which seemed to moan and whistle. she crunched at the carrots and cabbage the flavor just exploded in her mouth and she ate more and more. she was hungrier than she thought she was. she lean back gently and sighed contently. normally she would be scared of the storm that brewed out. but the comfort of her animal friends, the warm fire, and the hot food was more than enough to calm her. her eyes begin to feel drowsy, as her head rested against the cushion of the couch. angel her rabbit slept soundly against her rump. she smiled and sighed once more. eyes closed as she rested. "mmm...this is nice isn't ?" she asked no one in particular. as her animal friends were all asleep. all bundled up and sleeping. she too felt the effects of the comforting atmosphere.

just then the door opened suddenly and slammed against the wall. she squeaked and leap up awake. her heart was pounding from the sudden scare! her eyes shot towards who it was at the door. her sky blue eyes widen as she saw a huge hulking creature. the likes she has NEVER seen before. she grew fearful as she saw the details of this...this...thing! the brow, the misshapen-square head. his yellow eyes, l its black lips had a scowl. she backed away against the edge of the couch. shaking in imminence terror. it walked in, a little hunched because of how small the room was, and how large he was. she shivered. her animal friends were awake and making sound of horror. they started to scatter to hide, others ran out the door. she held angel against her chest as she looked at the face of her invader. "..w...wha..." she said so-so softly.

"what is it you want?" the monster growled at her in response. she started to shake. she didn't know what it want. she didn't dare make a sound. or move for that matter. she whispered "please don't hurt me..." the monster looked down at her. he stared at her sky blue eyes. he saw the fear. he knew what will happen. she will run. she tried to move and he let out a growl. she stopped and lean against the couch, shaking and tearing up. he frowned as he loomed over her. he knelt down to give himself better room in this small house. he lean forward. fluttershy cringed and shut her eyes. waiting for him to strangle her. she didn't make a sound as her lips trembled. it never came. there was silence. she meekly turn her head and open her eyes slowly and what she saw was broke her heart. his aggression soon changed into a pleading expression, he pathetically held his hands, moving them in a circular motion, as he begged making a sound of a child that badly needed something. "uhh..uuhh..." he moaned. she blinked and looked at him, his hands were dirty, and his clothes were wet.

but something else caught her eye. crimson blood running down his shoulder blade. she gasped and stood upon the couch. "oh! oh my your hurt!" the monster lean back, eyes closed as he touched his shoulder, his mouth agape. "uhhh..." she suddenly felt guilt for how she reacted. he wasn't here to harm her or her animals. he was just a wounded creature looking for help. she bit her lower lip. "can you talk?" the monster's lips crack open and said in a monotone voice. "mmmph..." she smiled softly. "..s..stay right there..i-if you don't mind...I'll be right back." with that, she ran off into the other room.

moments later the monster had his jacket off, she examined his wound and she gasped as she knew there was something inside his shoulder. she looked at him. "you know this will hurt. please try not to be too angry. i want to help you, alright?" he slowly turn his head and frown at her. he said nothing.

it took awhile to fish out the bullet. something she nor any other pony has never seen before. the monster was growling in pain and was making a huge fuss. but, she gave him the 'stare' and to her luck, that seem to have him under control. it didn't take long to pull out the bullet, sowed his wound up, clean-washed it and bandage it up.

for the moment, everything was quiet. the storm still raged, but there with the glow of the fire, the shadows danced, a human creature and a mare. normally the monster would be freaking the hell out from the fire. but, he had to admit the warmth was calming him. "would you like something to eat?" she whispered. his head moved up, dull eyes open and he cracked a smile and made a child like sound of 'yes' she smiled back and hopped off, and troddled towards the kitchen, pouring her guest a nice hot boal of carrots, and cabage with nice slices of potatos. ah the rich smell would bring any one to a image of home, of family, of love. she walked back with a tray of the bowl. and a glass of cold milk. as soon as she laid it upon the table, the monster sat up slowly. he reached and grabs the bowl which was kind of small compared to his hand. he slowly, noisly, slurrped-drank-chewed hungrly. she watched and smiled brightly. she fetched a warm blanket, and some pillows. - for some reason she felt her heart warm up at the feeling of helping this poor unforunate creature. and yet in the back of her mind, sahe wondered as to why any one would harm him? has he done wrong? commited crimes? or was he just someone, some pony feared and harmed him because he looked so..strange? no matter, at the moment all that mattered was to care for him now.

she wrap the blanket around his legs and nudged the pillow into his back, the monster responded by giving her room to place the pillow, before laying back, he ate his fill, (about 8 bowls) and he drank his milk, with a satisfied happy laugh ( a laugh of a mental man if you will) he happily lean back and closed his heavy eye lids. "Goooood." he mummbled. - she looked up at him. "i...i'm glad you liked it mister...w..whats your name? ..i..if you don't mind me asking..." he turn his head against the pillow and open his eyes. his mouth parted and spoke. "no name." she blinked. no name? - this creature had no name? how..how sad... she teared up. oh, she knew she was being overly sensitive. suddenly she felt a thumb rub her cheek, brushing a tear away. she looked up blinking softly, staring at the creature's eyes. staring into his soul within them. "...friend...?" she stared for a moment. and smiled and lean her cheek against his palm. "..yes, of course. " he smiled softly, his own tears begun to submerge from the corner of his eyes. slowly he let his head fall back into the soft pillow. - sleepiness invaded his tired mind. 'friend' - those words repeated into his abnormal brain. with this, he fell asleep peacfully. fluttershy sighed and moved closer, resting herself against her new friend as she too fell asleep. - she blinked though as her nostrils flaired at the scent of...sweat, mud...and simply unbathed body. she slowly pulled herself away. but in his sleep, grip her. and pulled her close as he cuddled her in his sleep.

she sighed longly. this will be a long night for sure. - one things for sure. her new friend needs a bath. - badly. ~ TO BE CONTINUED