The group trot through town, having the monster follow, he was wearing a hood and cover to conceal him from others, though to twilight this was kind of pointless.

as they walked, they headed towards her library. rarity spoke out. "darling, what ever shall we do? surely he would cause some ruckus"

"well..." she began, "i figured if we give a letter to celestia, we can figure what he is. i am hopeful she would be kind enough to give our new friend a chance" "uh guys" called rainbow dash. "where did he go?" twilight hauled and turn, her eyes went wide "awh hell!" she said with annoyance. "where'd he go?!" fluttershy looked this way and that, and shrugged. "he couldn't gone too far. he was just right here!" applejack said. "maybe we should spread out and look" suggested pinkie pie, twilight nodded. "right. lets find him before he scares someone and cause a misunderstanding!"

the six mares set off to look for their behemoth friend.

the Frankenstein monster has long removed the hood and covering. wandering the streets of ponyville. he paused momentarily as he scared dumbly as a bunch of geese waddled in a group. quacking and ruffling their feathers as they walked by him. a mare in pig tails walked along following the geese, her trot slowed as she stared at the creature. wide eyed with nervousness and fear. she quickly ran passed him turning to stare at him a moment, before running as fast as she could.

the monster watched her, curious. til the sound of children caught his attention. he moved his body towards the sound. then walked off towards the children at play.

there he stood. tall. eyes following a small little filly. a unicorn playing with her ball, kicking it against a brick wall, playing by herself. ignoring the colts behind her as they rough-housed. she kicked the ball, as it bounce back towards her, she jumped and laughed to herself, as she kicked it again. it came apparent that she didn't kick too rough. but just enough for it to bounce back.

three colts watched her play. one whispered to his friends. "I'll show her how to kick a ball!" he snuck up and ran toward her ball, and gave it a hard kick! so hard in fact that it caused it to go high up onto a roof of a house.

her eyes widen and looked at her ball. tearing up and whimpering. the colts laughed in amusement, pointing at the ball, grinning at the tear filled filly.

laughing like a bunch of jackasses. shouting and laughing, she slump on the ground, pouting the biggest pout anyone would ever see, tears flowing down her cheeks. chest tight as she became extremely upset. they continued to laugh. til one colt noticed the lumbering mass of undead flesh watching them. "...look" he said with sudden fear. the monster's eyes stared at the colts as he slowly walked towards the ground, they turn and started to run from him. the filly, still upset with her ball. kept crying looking up at the ball on the high roof. it was then she noticed a shadow cast before her. she looked up and saw the tall creature standing before her. she turn her head and noticed the bullies high-tailed it out of there. she got up on her legs and walked towards where they were, as she just caught the small glimpse of them far off.

the little unicorn filly turned to the tall stranger. he walked towards her, and looked down at the small little girl. "hello" she greeted him, with no fear nor prejudice. she stared up at him. the monster was huge standing next to this small little filly. he was like a giant in her eyes. "my name is dinky hooves." he tilt his head in response. "are you a giant?" she asked. then turn her eyes to his huge hands. she reached with her hoof and held his hand looking at it curiously. titling her own head as she noticed the scarring. the monster reached with his hands and gently picked her up. bringing her face to face, resting her on his shoulder. she looked at him innocently then turn her head. looking at the ball that was high up on the roof. she pointed her hoof. "can you get my ball?" she asked politely. he turn his head slowly and raised it up. his heavy eyes flutter open looking up. "is way up dere" she said cutely.

he stomp towards the stairs walking up, still holding the filly. unknowingly before him, were the colts who brought a group adults stallions the gathering looked, with shocked with terror! eyes wide as they saw him carrying one of their own. mares and colts chased after him, one stallion rushed in first and grab his shoulder with a hoof. but the monster reacted quickly, and smacked him across the face, making the stallion fall over against the stairs. the monster continued to walk up the stairs as he started to climb the roof. more groups notice the commotion, and that of mayor mare, she looked up and saw the monster holding a filly. she ran towards the crowd. - a mare named follower wishes turn to a grey Pegasus. and asked in concern. "isn't that your child derpy?!"

derpy had her hooves together and close to her face. stricken with fear. "yes. YES!" The group started to panic as the monster was high above them. he paid no mind to them at all.

as he held the filly with both arms, looking down at the shouting and pointing crowd of equestrians. one stallion dared to venture after him, climbing up the latter on the side of the building. another stallion came out in front with a rifle. derpy noticed this right away and grab at him. "No!" she cried out. "don't do that lucky clover! you want to kill my child?! lucky clover paused as he lower his shot gun. mares and colts continue to panic as they watched fearfully of this unknown monster. a colt that climb the latter came up on the roof, he glared at the huge creature. it was a stallion named caramel. he glared and simply walked towards the monster, frank, reacted and raised his arm and socked the stallion hard, causing him to trip over the edge and fall on the stone floor. the group screamed as he fell head first. killing him instantly.

he growled at them and held dinky protectively. then turn away and walked towards the ball. he held her up high as she reached and grab it with her hooves. she smiled at him, in return he smiled back. her ears perked when she hear her mother's voice. "dinky, ask your friend to bring you down, dear! ask your friend to bring you down!" dinky turn to the stranger. "please take me down to mommy." - derpy spoke again. "tell him, no one will hurt him." dinky looked back at the monster. "take me down. my mommy says no one will hurt you." he looked at her, then at the crowd. he complied and started to climb down. moments later he was walking down the stairs. derpy ran towards him and paused. looking at the monster, she reached slowly, and took her daughter from his arms and stepped back, wide eyed at the strange creature. the monster stared, confused. he was suddenly tackled by officer-stallions restraining him. he growled in sudden rage!

he pushed some off, and snarled. grunting, but more officers came and started to tie his arms behind his back with rope. the crowd reacted as they watched this. others took in an injured stallion, while the other who fell to his death was covered up to shield from the public, the officers started to move him along roughly. and as as this happen, fluttershy and rainbow caught sight of this. "shit" rainbow dash said. "oh no..no!" she whined, twilight, rarity and applejack and pinkie arrived as they saw him being take in by the long fascist arms of the law. "we're too late! awh shit! what'er we gonna do now, sugar cube?!" twilight turn to her friends, than at the crowd as they followed took him into custody.

"..i...i dunno..i..." she sat on her butt. feeling hopeless. "i don't know..."

fluttershy rushed past her friends eyes tearing and blinding her. "no! NO! DON'T TAKE HIM AWAY!" she shouted "he didn't mean to hurt any pony!" she stood. trembling. she started to sob. the group looked at each other. eyes filled with dread and hopelessness.