In her room Maka Alburn sat at her desk, studying. She had been there most of the day, seeing as she kept getting distracted. Her mind wondered, making studying a challenge. Her mind kept bringing her images of her weapon, Soul. 'Why do I keep thinking of Soul?' she thought to herself. 'Sure he's a great guy, but why do I keep thinking about him?'

Just then Soul walked in, "Hey, dinner's on the table. You've been in here all day, come eat." Then he walked back to the kitchen of the apartment they shared. "Ok Soul,…. I'll be there in a second." Maka replied before closing her text book and turning off her desk light. Once she walked out of her room she smelled their dinner. "Smells really good, Soul. What did you make?" She asked sitting at the table. "Nothing special, just some spaghetti and meatballs." He answered as he put their plates on the table and got them some glasses of milk. Maka smiled and began eating the spaghetti. "Wow, Soul, this is really good." She smiled to her friend. "Thanks. I made enough for seconds." He said before also eating his dinner.

"Hey, Soul, wanna watch a movie?" Maka asked as they washed dishes together. "I can't. I have to study some more." He said as he dried a clean plate. "Oh… ok. Maybe tomorrow or something." Maka smiled, hiding her disappointment. Soul smiled, "Sure, Maka, tomorrow we can watch whatever you want." Soul then retreated to his room to study. Maka watched as he shut his door to her. 'When does he ever study?' Maka thought as she sat on the couch with her book in hand. 'I wonder what he's up to…' But the thought soon left her as she indulged herself in her book.

'Damn it! Why can't I be cool about this?!' Soul thought as he sat at his desk. 'It's just Maka. A cool guy wouldn't have a problem with this.' He paused. 'This is harder than I thought it would be…' He put his head down. 'What if she says no? That would defiantly be un-cool.' Soul then put his mind to thinking of a way to do the one thing he had no idea to do…. Ask Maka out on a date. Soul remained in his room the rest of the night. Attempting to think of a cool way to ask her out.

Soul woke up the next morning to the smell of eggs and bacon being cooked. "Soul! It's time to get up!" Maka called from the other room. Getting up, he walked into the kitchen. "How'd you sleep Soul?" Maka asked handing him a plate of breakfast. "Ehhh not to bad." Soul said as he sat down and began to eat. "When did you go to sleep?" He asked her. "Oh, I read some after dinner then went to bed." Maka smiled. "I hope today is a cool day. That's what a cool guy like me deserves." Soul smiled his shark toothed smile. "Yeah that would be nice, especially with Professor Steins test today." Maka said as she began eating her breakfast too.

After breakfast the two washed their dishes and got ready for the day. Soul got his keys to his motorcycle and walked to the door. "You ready yet Maka?" Soul called to her room. "Yeah, Just a second!" She called from her room before running out in her usual clothes. "We're taking the motorcycle today?" She asked noticing the keys. "Yeah, thought it'd be a cool start to the day." Soul smiled opening the door for Maka. Maka was secretly happy to be taking the bike today. Since she now had an excuse to be closer to Soul. Soul drove an orange motorcycle with orange tassels on the handles. As they were on their way they caught sight of Death the kid, a boy with three white stripes on the left side of his hair, on his skateboard with his twin pistols in hand. Kid waved his hello to his friends and rode behind them to the academy.

"Morning Maka, Soul." Kid said as they got off of Soul's motorcycle. "Morning Kid," Maka smiled. "Hey, Kid. What's up?" Soul said standing next to Maka. Kid's pistols transformed to Liz and Patty. "Hey, how's it going?" Liz, a tall blonde, smiled. "Hi!" Patty, Liz's younger sister giggled. "Nothing much, ready for the test?" Kid asked Soul in return to his question. "Yeah, should be a piece of cake." Soul smirked. "We studied all weekend." Maka smiled to her friends. "Announcing BLACKSTAR!" shouted a boy with sky blue hair and a black star tattooed on his arm, he was soon followed by a tall, slender figured girl with long black hair tied in a ponytail and a calm smile on her lips. "Morning Tsubaki," Maka said to her friend. "What's up Blackstar?" Soul asked giving his best friend a high-five. They all walk into the school, and to their classroom.

"This test will count to your overall grade in this class! If I find you cheating, you'll fail. Understood?" Stein said as he stood before his class. "You have to the end of class to complete the test. Good luck." And with that the students began their test. 'Maka will most likely get the best grade. Maybe I can get a high score. That might impress her.' Soul thought as he took his test. Kid made it to the second question before having to fix something that wasn't symmetrical. Patty made it to the fourth question before getting bored and finding a new way to entertain herself. Liz answered her questions with the right answers. Blackstar got the chance to actually take this test. Everyone was fully focused on their test.

The bell rang noting the end of class. "Bring your tests up to the front as you leave. Good job everyone. See you tomorrow." Stein said as the students filled past to get out of the classroom. 'Now might be a good chance.' Soul thought to himself. "Hey Maka… Can I ask you something?" Maka stopped and smiled to her partner. "Of course, what's up Soul?" Soul took a deep breath, "Maka would-" He was interrupted by a dry voice on the speaker. "Would miester Maka Alburn and her weapon Soul Eater report to the death room? I repeat Miester Maka Alburn and her weapon Soul eater report to the death room. That is all." Maka looked at Soul, "Let's go Soul." Maka smiled before walking towards the death room. "But- never mind…." Soul said discouraged before following Maka.

"42-42-564 when you want to knock on deaths door." Maka said as she wrote the numbers on the mirror with her finger. "Hello? Lord Death? You called for us? It's miester Maka and weapon Soul." She smiled waiting for Death to appear. "Hey, hey. What's up?" The shinigami said as he appeared in the mirror. "You called for you called for us sir?" Maka asked. "Ah, yes. I have a mission for you two. Someone is killing people on the streets in France. I would like you two to take care of it, ok?" He asked them. "You can count on us lord Death, right Soul?" Soul zoned back in as he heard his name. "Huh? Oh, yeah. We'll take care of it no problem." Soul said grinning to the shinigami. "Good, glad to hear it! Head out immediately." Death said before waving good-bye and disappearing.

"Yo, Maka! Where exactly are we going?" Soul asked as he drove his motorcycle through a small town in France. "Just a little bit farther, I can sense the kishin's wavelengths." Maka said as she held onto Soul. "Alright," Soul replied as he drove farther into the town. "Soul, stop!" Maka said suddenly looking at an old, broken down building. Stopping, Soul also looked at the building. "Here? I thought Death said the kishin attacked people on the streets…" he stated confused. "He did, but I can sense it. It's here." Maka said getting off of the motorcycle. Soul turned off the bike, "Alright, let's go get their soul." Grinning he got off the motorcycle and stood beside Maka.

They walked up to the door together, "Soul, I think this one's going to be dangerous. Go ahead and transform." Maka said with her hand on the door. "Right," Soul said before transforming into a scythe. "Ready, Soul?" Maka asked catching her weapon. "Yeah, Maka, let's do this." Soul answered. Maka then stops as the kishin suddenly jumps through the roof, landing behind her. Swinging towards the kishin, Maka lunged forward in attempt to hit it. The kishin jumps out of the way and swings a blade at Maka, only to be blocked with Soul's handles. Pushing back Maka tries again to slice the kishin, but misses and is sent flying into the wall of the building. "MAKA!" Soul shouts concerned for his partner. "Uhh, I'm ok Soul." Maka said getting up. "Soul, let's use soul resonance." She said once on her feet. "Right," Soul said. The two then began to match their soul wavelengths. "SOUL RESONANCE!" The both shout as they amplify their wavelengths. "Witch hunter!" Maka shouts as she swings her weapon with all her strength. The kishin dodged and ran at Maka, stabbing her in the shoulder. A screech of pain fills the air around them. "MAKA!" Soul shouts about to revert back to human form. "Soul…. Don't. We have to take care of this kishin first. "No, Maka! You're hurt!" Soul said fully concerned about her. Pulling the blade from her shoulder, Maka once again took her stance. "Are you crazy?! You're bleeding really bad!" Soul said to his miester. "Soul, I am your miester. Do as I say." Maka snapped as she charged towards the soul. Soul sighed in defeat. "Alright Maka, we'll do it your way." Soul agreed.

After fighting in close combat for several minutes Maka was finally able to get behind the soul and slice through the soul. "We did it Soul." Maka said weakly. "Maka!" Soul transformed back into his human form. "Are you ok?" He asked putting pressure on her still bleeding wound. "Y-yeah…" Maka said as she fell to her knees. "No, come on Maka…" Soul picked her up, ate the soul, and hurried to his motorcycle. "Just hold on Maka…" Soul said once they were on his bike. Soul sped back to the academy. "Just a little longer Maka! Just hold on a little longer." Soul told her as he carried her to the infirmary. "Nygus! Help her!" Soul demanded to their nurse. "Soul, what happened?" She asked rushing over as Soul put Maka on one of the beds. "She got stabbed during the fight!" Soul told her as he watched Nygus cut away Maka's clothes from the wound. "Soul, go get Stein. NOW!" Nygus told him, sending Soul running down the hall to Stein's classroom. "Stein! Nygus needs you in the infirmary! Maka was stabbed on our mission!" Soul told him quickly. "Class is dismissed." Stein told his class before rushing down the hall with Soul. Once they reached the door to the infirmary Stein turned to Soul. "Stay out here. Maka's going to need surgery." Soul's eyes grew wide. "Wh-what?! No! I'm not staying out here! She needs me!" Soul fought back, only causing Stein to use his own wavelengths to knock Soul unconscious.