Lady Alseroen walked onto the stage and faced the crowd "All right, all right I know it's been ages since I've updated, just don't kill me see there is Fallen Death and I just got swept into the whole atmosphere and interactions of the characters that I have already written. So I just kindda, sorta forgot that this story existed." The Lady looked at her loyal readers sheepishly. "Any way here's the chap that you have been patiently waiting for." With that the Lady vanished into thin air to escape any retaliation for not updating.

Chapter VI

Aldona sat staring at the lake in her temple; never had she imagined that her baby boy would be alive and well, to her it had been a hope that she and Loki had kept kindred no matter what, even if they knew it was pointless.

She stood up and made her way to the Portal, intent on finding his grandparents to ask them whether or not they had known that he was alive, when she got to the portal its guardian stepped out of the shadows and in front of it.

"Halt! Lady Aldona where do you wish to go?" Drin the Guardian of the Portal asked, as he had orders to make sure that Aldona did not go to Earth.

"I wish to go to Asgard, to speak with my theran* Drin." Aldona replied.

Drin nodded and bowed before he allowed her to pass; the Veela goddess of Death walked passed the Portal Guardian and through the Portal, she appeared on Asgard in front of Heimdal, the one that guards the rainbow bridge and watches for even the smallest hints of Ragnarock.

"Greetings Lady Aldona. To what do we Asgardians owe this visit?" Heimdal asked respectfully.

"Do you know where my theran is?" Aldona asked instead of responding.

Heimdal eyed Aldona in curiosity as he had heard that Aldona had locked herself in her temple and had refused to come out no matter the circumstances, but never the less he answered "They are in the palace talking with the King and his Queen."

Aldona nodded and started to make her way down the main street of Asgard towards he palace gates it only took her around 20 minutes to get to where she wanted to be; once she was inside she asked a servant to take her to her theran, the servant bowed and showed her where her theran was located.

"Ahhh Aldona! I did not believe that you would ever leave your temple ever again!"Aldona's mother exclaimed in joy.

"Merñen where is Predañ?" Aldona asked, she was puzzled when her mother glanced at the Queen of Asgard.

"You see Aldona." Sariana said slowly, whilst guiding her daughter to the sofa that was in the room, before the women in the room sat down and started to explain everything that their Husbands had told them before they fled to parts unknown, which looking back at the day was probably a wise move on their part as they probably wouldn't be with us today if they hadn't.


Odin and Valenso shivered when they heard the feral scream of absolute rage that they concluded came from Harry's mother Aldona; Valenso was sure that had they been in the same room as her they would be dealing with a Veela mother in bloodlust. The Veela version of bloodlust was a state of mind that every Veela had been in at some point of their life, in it a Veela had no reasoning the only people that they recognised was their children and their mate, nothing else except the object that had caused the state that they or their family where in.


Harry felt like he should be somewhere but after a moment of deliberation he shook the feeling of as nothing but paranoia. His phone went off alerting him to the fact that someone was calling him, the bridge suddenly became as silent as a tomb.

"Emerald here." Harry answered after looking to see who was calling.

"Emerald its Lune, I think that you need to know that the enemy will still go ahead with the invasion plan," Lune paused for a while before she sighed and continued. "And I think the one in charge of the invasion force is a part of our group's old enemy. The Crendorsen."

Harry's eyes widened for a moment before he closed them and sighed feeling that it was too soon for that battle to happen. "Lune what you say it just cannot be possible we scoured every inch of every realm in this dimension and we didn't sense any member of THAT group."

Silence met his refusal to acknowledge the possibility that an old enemy was back to cause them trouble.

"I know but what if the members were born before us, and before we went and searched them out they had learned to hide the taint that stains their souls as a result of the spell that our ancestor used?" Lune reasoned.

"Then all I can say is that if that is true, then were so far passed fucked that I don't know if the universe will be able to recover." Harry said after he thought on Lune's response.

"That is what we all fear. And Harry?" Lune asked.


"The one behind the invasion is Thanos of Titan, you know the Mad Titan, the one that is trying to court Death?" Lune asked again.

"Yeah I know of him and since you say that he's one of the bustards that is a part of THAT group then…" here he paused not sure if he even wanted to voice his thoughts.

"We know we will see what we can do without revealing that we have reformed the Alseroen." Lune replied, whilst at the same time reassuring her brother in all but blood.

"That is as good a plan as any." He paused and looked out the window of the Helicarriers Bridge before he continued. "Stay safe and that doesn't just apply to you Lune I would rather come out of this with the entire group rather than have a couple of members missing at the end."

"Don't worry no one will die on this part of the mission." He could hear the smile in her voice. "Oh and the invasion will start in New York. And would you be so kind as to tell SHIELDs Council were they can stick the nuke that their planning on sending in NYC's direction?"

Harry openly laughed at that and imagined the looks on their faces. "I'll gladly do that Lune, and if I can I'll record it too and send you it." With that they both hung up.


Throughout the whole phone conversation every one wondered the meaning of what was said.

Tony wasn't that interested in the conversation that his father's friends grandson had been having as he knew how much it would annoy him if someone was listening in on one of his phone conversations, no matter how one sided it was he would still be annoyed.

Bruce just sat back with his eyes closed through the whole conversation knowing that if his friend wanted him to know then he would be told.

Steve had much the same thoughts as Bruce, but he just sat and took his friends grandson comparing them, he found a few similarities but that was all. He wanted to know what had happened to his friend but he figured that it was a sensitive subject.

Natasha watched the one that Banner had met without them knowing about said meeting, she was curious about the way both acted as if both weren't dangerous ticking time bombs waiting to explode.

Thor watched his nephew as he talked into a device that Jane had called a telypone or whatever it was he seemed reluctant to accept a bit of information that the one of the other side had told him, it was as if he feared what the information would mean for him, at the end Thor understood the reluctance, it seemed that the information would not only endanger his nephew but his group of friends as well. (See Thor's not THAT oblivious)

Fury developed a nervous twitch all throughout the conversation not happy that he didn't have that much to go on to find the people on the other side. Coulson was in much the same boat but for another reason he was over the moon that there was someone that knew practically everything about his idol, that he didn't care what Harry did as long as he shared the information that he had on the Captain.

Hill throughout Harry being on the Helicarrier had been surprised again and again, first at the disrespect that he had shown to Fury, but then not so much after he had revealed that he was the major investor of SHIELD, then came the revelation that Loki was his Father and she understood very well that he was wound up because his dad had taken control of someone he considered a brother and then there was that one sided conversation that pilled more problems onto his plate.

The lower agents were all wide eyed no matter what their training had ingrained into them, they had all been waiting for the Director to blow up on the man that had come waltzing onto the bridge but then the man had dropped the investor bomb on them making them glad that the Director hadn't gone off at Lord Potter.


Heimdal watched the drama that unfolded on the bridge of the Helicarrier with amusement at the reactions that the Humans had to what happened, but he was worried about the information that the Prince had acquired.

He looked at the palace and shuddered, he was grateful that he wasn't the one that was on the wrong end of a Mothers fury let alone a Veela Mothers fury. He would go up against almost anything thought he drew the line at Veela Mothers, he would much rather try and take on Odin and Valenso together.


The rest of the Alseroen were working to find the members of the Crendorsen, trying to find out who they were what powers they had and anything else that they could find out about them.

A scream of frustration tore through the air, the five present members of the Alseroen all looked in the direction that the scream had come from, once they saw that it was Lune they knew that something had happened.

"What's the matter Lune?" Onyx asked.

"I hate the Crendorsen! Why do they have to make our lives so hard? What do we have to do to get rid of them?!" Lune screamed fed up with all of the things that kept happening to her, The Alseroen and Harry/Emerald.

Onyx and Rey looked at each other before Rey said. "Don't, just don't. When she gets like this you don't want to be the one she takes all of her frustration out, I've been there Emeralds been there and both of us agree it's not fun. And let's not even start on Emeralds temper if they have both gotten angry, you should never I repeat never put them in the same room together, because I can tell you now they would utterly demolish the room and the house."

Onyx looked at Rey for a minute before he looked back at Lune then turned to Rey and said. "I believe that I really do I'm really glad that you stopped me from pissing her of at that meeting." Rey simply smiled at his comrade and nodded.


Lady Alseroen appeared on stage laughing, before she turned to the crowd and smiled happily. "Now that this chaps over with I can concentrate on Fallen Death again, or maybe I'll write the third Immortal Love chapter well I mean finish it. So ta I have lots to do, lots to write, I really have got to go."

With that the Lady walked away before she started to ramble on about something random.