It was closing in around him, darkness, doubt, and uncertainty. It accelerated forward, and he pulled into himself, curling up on the floor. Not that that could stop the rushing blackness. He covered his eyes and whimpered, shaking terribly.

It was all he could do to not totally break down.

"G?" Andrea called. What had happened to him? He lived here, and he didn't have much of a social life if you left out Sarah….

She stopped and put her flippers on her hips. Usually something was on, but not now. There was something strange afoot.

Then she heard the soft whimpering. Turning slowly, she faced its source: the closet. She went up to it. Yep; there was definitely someone in there. A bookcase had fallen and was blocking the door, so she pushed it aside and gently pushed open the door.

"Are you-" she started. She was cut off by a blue blur rushing out of the closet into her flippers, nearly crying.

It was Gary, trembling so hard his limbs could have fallen off, and he just held onto Andrea, hugging her tightly. Something had terrified him.

"Shhhh…." Andrea said soothingly, not knowing what else to say. It was an awkward moment when your superior was crying into your shoulder. She probably needed to take him to Dr. Fishmonger at the Clinic "It'll be alright. We'll go see someone, alright?"

Gary nodded, not really trusting himself to open his beak.

"He'll be alright," Dr. Fishmonger said to Andrea an hour or so later. "He's just had a bad fright, that's all."

"What scared him like that?" Andrea asked. "He was crying."

"You should probably know, so I'll tell you. He's claustrophobic. When he couldn't get out of the closet, it took its affect. I've been trying to work with him on it for the past few years, but it can only go so far. It's a good thing you got there when you did. Who knows what shape he would have been in later?"

"Well, thanks."

Andrea turned to go. Gary was standing in the doorway. He was looking much better.

"Let's never speak of this," he said.

"Agreed," Andrea replied.