Lindon Lizar, 15 District 7

Lindon Lizar was not hot. His frame was small and knobby, making his short stature painfully apparent. Though he was by no stretch of the imagination overweight, his cheeks had a youthful roundness to them, giving him an unfortunate childish appearance. A pair of delicately fragile glasses sat perfectly askew upon his button nose. Then, to top things off, he was horribly out of shape. And attractive people are always at the peak of fitness.

Despite all this though, Lindon was incredibly untouched by his child-like, innocent, maybe even nerdy looks. He was not plagued by low self esteem as many other unsightly young boys were, everyone in the District was pleasant around him, and of course there was Ava, his girlfriend. To think that one of the more geeky looking kids in the District could be dating the most appallingly beautiful girl to maybe even be alive at the time was quite a thought. What an incredible stroke of luck the boy must have had to reel in someone of her stature! Or perhaps, it wasn't luck at all.

Currently, Lindon sat on a stone wall, leaning back on his hands while he watched two birds chase each other in the canopies. Their wings were flapping vigorously as they darted between branches. He didn't know why the two birds were chasing each other, and he didn't particularly care. It was simply what birds did.

"Hey Lindon," a voice as smooth as a freshening summer breeze called from down the path way. Lindon looked up, a smile playing across his lips as a a gorgeous brunette appeared turned the bend.

"Ava, good you came," Lindon said, jumping to his feet. He walked over to the girl and stood on his tippy toes, brushing his lips against hers. "I was worried for a minute there that your... parents were holding you up again."

"You know I wouldn't ditch you today," the girl replied, her lips pulling into a forced troubled smile. Lindon either was oblivious to her troubles, or chose to ignore them, because he slipped his hand into hers, and started to pull her around back towards the town.

"Well, you know me, always worrying," Lindon said with a laid back ease. "But I guess if I wasn't I wouldn't have you in the first place right?"

Ava's mouth twitched slightly as she tried to force the corners of her mouth to say upturned. "Right," she muttered back.

Lindon grinned. Apparently, he was enjoying himself immensely. As the forest around them morphed into a small green village, he slipped his arm around his girlfriend's shoulders. Village people around the pair snuck anxious glances at them as they passed. Even the peacekeepers seemed to straighten their backs slightly when they caught sight of the couple. Or maybe it would be more proper to say that they looked twice when they saw Lindon, because everyone knew that Ava had nothing to do with the nervous tension that the boy seemed to produce in the air.

Terra Oasis, 15 District 7

Terra looked over her reflection twice in the mirror, feeling depressed. If she got picked later that day, no one would remember her face. She was lucky that the local seamstress was feeling generous today, or else she probably wouldn't even have been able to show up to the reaping in a dress. Although, this one that sat on her frame like a wet rag was almost as bad as wearing no dress at all. At least she had time yesterday to take the hike to the local stream. The last thing she needed was to go to the reaping like she did last year- her face streaked with several days worth of dirt.

A knock on the door made her snap out of her solemn trance. "Someone's in here," she called out, leaning over and buckling her faded black dress shoes quickly before opening the bathroom door to exit. In the noisy hallway, a pretty brunette girl stood patiently leaning against a wall.

"Oh hi Terra," the girl said absently when she saw the other girl. "I didn't know that you were here."

Terra resisted the strong urge to blush. "Hi Ava," she replied averting her eyes. "I um, just finished eating, and was on my way out."

"Oh, well okay. Good luck later," the other girl said before disappearing into the restroom.

Terra sighed as she walked out of the hall into a noisy tavern area. She should have picked another public bathroom to go to. Not that it was any secret to her peers that she was homeless. It was just sort of embarrassing when one of her classmates caught her using a public bathroom to change cloths, and this tavern was always full of teenagers on reaping day. At least it Ava had the decency to pretend that she didn't know why Terra was really there. She was a nice girl.

As she headed towards the front door, Terra caught a glimpse of a bunch of kids she recognized from school over at a corner table. They were chatting at the moment, but her gut twisted at the thought of one of them noticing her. Hoping to avoid their line of sight, she put her head down and started walking fast. She didn't even notice when she practically barreled into some boy who was standing up from some table.

"Sorry," she muttered as she regained her footing, looking up to see who she'd just bumped into.

When her eyes met his face, her heart skipped a beat. "Oh Lindon, you must be here with Ava," she said, the words coming out too fast. She scratched at her elbow nervously. In the back of her mind she could feel a familiar force pull at her conscious, begging to be released.

The boy she'd bumped into smiled amiably at her, his dirty blonde hair falling into his eyes slightly. "Yeah, I thought I should buy her lunch today, you know, to be a good boy friend and all. She was feeling a little nervous about the reaping," he told her innocently. "Did you run into her back there? She said she was going to the bathroom a minute ago, but she's been taking a while. I was getting a little worried."

"Um, yeah. I was in there first, and there was a line, so she'll probably be back in a minute," Terra answered.

"Ah, okay," Lindon nodded sitting back down at his table. "You feeling okay? You look kind of pale." His eyes shined behind his glasses, filled with what looked like genuine concern; although, Terra seriously doubted that he actually cared.

"Um yeah, it's just the reaping. Everyone is nervous," Terra replied, looking for the first excuse that popped into her head. Of course, the reaping had nothing to do with anything right now.

"Glen's not bothering you again is he?" Lindon asked, his hands in his pockets as he raised an eyebrow with a cruel curiosity. Suddenly Terra felt like she was suffocating. In the back of her mind, the invisible force became acutely stronger, but she couldn't let him over take her now. It simply wasn't an option, not around Lindon.

"N-no, of course not," Terra replied, looking over her shoulder to make sure that no one had actually heard what Lindon had said. In front of her, Lindon seemed to be soaking in her discomfort, the shadow of some type of cruel pleasure gleaming in his eye.

Again she found herself wondering how Lindon even knew his name. Glen must have told him personally, because four years ago, Terra was the only person who knew about him. She shivered slightly thinking about the conversation that Lindon must have had with Glen. The two most vicious personalities in the District must have gotten along pretty well.

The tug in the back of her mind was getting stronger now. She knew it was only a matter of seconds before she lost control over it. She needed to get away from Lindon and fast. Thankfully she caught a glimpse of Ava walking back over from the bathroom. "Well, I don't want to impose on your date," Terra said, catching the girl's eye. In a matter of seconds, the two girls exchanged a feeling of common dread. Terra may not have known what Lindon was holding over Ava's head to get her to date him, but whatever it was, it must be pretty bad.

"See you around Terra, tell Glen I said hi," Lindon said giving her a nod.

Terra was out of the tavern a heartbeat later, her teeth digging into the side of her cheek, drawing blood, as she struggled very hard to retain what little control she had left.

Lindon Lizar, 15

Lindon kissed Ava one last time before walking over to his spot among the rest of the fifteen year olds his age. Lunch had been nice. He always enjoyed his run ins with Terra Oasis. The way she squirmed when he talked to her always was entertaining. And of course he always loved going into town with Ava. He liked it when other people saw him with her. It made him look infinitely cool. He knew the owner of the tavern too, which was nice. He had 'accidentally' had caught the man in an alley kissing the local butcher's wife. Ever since then he'd never paid for a meal when he went with Ava to the Tavern. Again, he thought it made him look cool.

He walked over to stand next to Birch Stevens, the boy who sat next to him in history class. "'Sup Birch," he asked smiling.

"Nothing much," Birch replied, shrugging. Lindon didn't like Birch very much. He was far too calm. Even if Lindon knew that the guy faked sick for two weeks last month to get out of work, Birch never seemed too nervous about it. Sure he clearly needed Lindon to keep his mouth shut about it, and had swore up and down he'd do anything to keep Lindon quiet. The thing was, Lindon preferred it when they got anxious around him. Birch's almost tranquil demeanor was obnoxious.

Up on stage the mayor had already started speaking. Lindon watched him with a false interest. Blinking a few times, he rubbed his eyes. His glasses were bugging him again. Probably because he didn't need them. The only reason he wore them was because he liked the feel they gave off. No one ever suspects the scrawny kid in the glasses to be up to anything.

Once the mayor was done with the usual blah, blah, blah speech, Athena Rocket stepped up to the microphone. She was wearing a low cut blouse and a skirt that showed off just a little bit too much of her rosy pink skin. "Hello there District 7. Are we ready to find out who will be this years tributes?" she said in her sugary voice.

Lindon groaned inwardly. Despite what one might assume, he actually despised the reapings as much as the next person. People were only good as long as they were reachable. What good is any secret if the owner has died? No good at all. Last year a girl two years older than Lindon got picked. When she was alive she used to spend a lot of hours in the black market, chugging down whiskey by the bottle. Her idiot parents were hopelessly ignorant of their daughter's problem. Lindon though was not. He had just found a good use to exercise his power over her too. He had found out that she had access to some fruit stores, and could've gotten him some apples to eat. Then of course she had to go and get reaped. All the time he had invested into getting those apples had gone to waste.

Up on the stage, Athena Rocket dipped her hand into the female tribute bowl.

"Terra Oasis," she called out, an almost sympathetic smile. Lindon frowned deeply. Well, this was unfortunate. He liked Terra far too much to want her to go die in the games. He looked through the crowd, searching for Terra's face. He found her quickly, as she was standing pretty close to where he had left Ava.

It only took one look at her face to see that she was terrified. She wasn't even up on stage and her hands were already quaking like leaves in the wind. He watched with the bitter taste of disappointment in his mouth as the girl was practically carried up on stage by three peacekeepers. Shaking his head, he kicked himself. He should be optimistic, maybe she'll win. After all, while Terra might be weak, Glen most certainly was not.

Maybe this years games will even be interesting actually. Lindon had only met Glen once, but it only takes one time to make an impression. Needless to say when Terra nearly choked him to death in an alley five years ago, he had been shocked. Thankfully he had a quick tongue though, and he had talked the girl (or maybe he should say boy, Glen is a boy after all) down to a civil state. He hadn't even known about split personality disorder before then.

He was surprised that Terra's mind was still conscious actually. He had provoked Glen out of her twice in the past year, and you'd think that getting reaped for the Hunger Games would be more traumatizing than a few idol words. Glen always came out when Terra was overwhelmed after all. Maybe she was stronger than he had thought.

Athena Rocket swayed her hips as Terra was dropped onto her spot on the stage, her entire body shaking uncontrollably. "Boys next," Athena said smiling at the crowd as if Terra wasn't even there. She walked over to the boy's bowl and stirred the papers for a minute with her hand. Lindon held his breath as he wondered who would be next. Generally he always knew the two poor souls who got reaped. District Seven is a large one, but the population density is really low. Most of their land was just a never ending forest of un-chopped wood. There really was only one main town. Everybody knew each other.

Absently he silently hoped Birch would get picked. Maybe he wouldn't be so abnormally calm then.

"Lindon Lizar."

His breath stopped stale in his throat as he froze. Did he just hear her right? Did she just say his name? Yes, he was sure he did. For a moment, all he could feel was the unforgivable taste of utter terror rising in his gut, threatening to overwhelm him. But then, just as quickly as the fear had come, it evaporated. He shouldn't worry about this. He'd already put precautions in place. There were at least four kid's that had sworn up and down that they'd volunteer for him if he ever got picked. They were probably just waiting for Athena Rocket to ask for volunteers.

With the same confidence that all the reaped kids in the career Districts enjoyed, Lindon waltzed up to the stage, leaping up the two steps to move beside Terra. He nodded to the crowd as Athena Rocket returned to the microphone. "Well, does District 7 have its first volunteer?" she asked doubtfully.

Lindon looked across the crowd confidently, waiting for someone to jump forward. His eyes grazed lazily over two or three familiar faces. Why were they all avoiding eye contact?

Silence hung in the air. Bitter, hateful silence. Lindon felt lips part in disbelief. How dare they do this to him. How dare they leave him out here to die. They owed him. No, it was more than that. They belonged to him. They didn't get to decide that their lives were suddenly more important than his. Suddenly he was furious. If this weren't real life, he would have sworn that steam was blowing from his ears. Clenching his fist, he let his face morph, showing everyone across Panem his rage.

Without even thinking he lunged forward, shoving Athena Rocket out of the way. "Rodger Waterloo you dirty rotten ba-," he started fuming into the microphone. That was when the peacekeepers pulled him away from the microphone, easily forcing his weak body back into place.

"Ah, yes well, shake hands you two," Athena Rocket muttered, smoothing down her skimpy outfit and shooting Lindon an annoyed glance.

Lindon turned his hateful glare towards Terra. Her eyes were filled with unspeakable fear as she seemed to shrink under his gaze. At least he still had one person in his back pocket. Even in the capitol, away from all of those in District Seven, he would not be without his control.

Terra Oasis, 15

Terra sat in the middle of the floor in the justice building, rocking back in forth, her head between her knees. No one was coming. She had no family or friends. Not that she was thinking about that right now. You see, while she was acutely aware of the pang of loneliness that echoed in her gut, she also knew that she was not alone. Nothing had ever scared her more.

Every few seconds, the girl's soft hazel eyes went in and out of focus. She could feel her memory breaking. One minute she was aware of the room around her, then things went black, and then she was back again. The taste of blood had been in her mouth for at least twenty minutes now. She tried to stop biting her cheek, but when her control was this far gone, it was as if she had no other choice.

Then without warning her eyes went out of focus for an extended bit of time. For a solid minute, her body stopped rocking, her hands stopped shaking, even the girl's breathing seemed to cut off. When life returned to her face, something had changed. She had stopped quaking, and leaned back easily onto her hands, looking around the room as if confused.

Slowly she licked her lips taking inventory. "Where am I Terra?" she whispered quietly. Standing up, she walked over to the door, twisting the handle to go outside. When she saw the peacekeepers behind it, she reacted on instinct. Curling one hand into a fist, she swung, aiming low for the man's gut. She connected easily, as the peacekeeper had been caught off guard.

Twisting around she moved to sock the other guy, but he was prepared. With a gruesome spasm, her body crumpled to the floor as some type of rod plunged into her gut. With garbled furious speech, she shrieked, "Why? What did Terra do to you?"

The two men looked at each other confused. "Just stay quiet until the train comes. You'll be off to the capitol in no time," one of them mumbled.

Then it clicked. The Hunger Games. Terra had gotten reaped for the Hunger Games. As this realization penetrated the girl's mind, a wide smile stained with the blood from her bleeding lip stretched across her face. Oh yes, she was quite excited. What a stroke of luck! Laughing like a maniac, she walked back into the room, and sat down patiently on the coach. She, or rather he, knew Terra was probably terrified right now, but he wasn't. Glen knew nothing of the feeling of fear.

Lindon Lizar, 15

Lindon waited, his arms crossed and his face red with burning furry as his parents exited the room. It had taken every ounce of his self control to keep his usual innocent composure around his parents. They both were devastated of course as they said their good byes still completely ignorant of the boy's infamy among the District. Now that they were gone though, a second waiting period began.

This time though, he was waiting on everyone to come say goodbye, instead of on someone to volunteer. As time passed and the door remained shut, his now seemingly mild anger boiled down to a concentrated blind rage. Ava, his girlfriend of four entire months, didn't walk through the door. Tember Donaldson hasn't come to wish him good luck. Oakly Waterwood seemed to be choosing a strange time to ignore one of his closest friends.

Sure, Lindon always knew that all three of them wanted him gone. Avan had even tried to break up with him once. But he had their secrets in his palms, and they were stuck with him. They should at least have come to see their predicaments out to the end. What a lot of jerks they all were, leaving him alone like this to die.

Lindon's body quaked with rage as he sat there thinking about all of these betrayals. Well he would show them. He would go to the Hunger Games, and play all the other tributes like pieces in a very dangerous chess game. Because there simply was no other option, he would return, the crowned victor. Then they'll see who's laghing. When he returned, they would regret this.

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