Twisted Love

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I actually wish that Selena Gomez and David Henrie still dated must had to say that. Anyways enjoy and the next one will be up in a few hours ...

Twisted love

"Alex you're taking forever what are you doing class starts in two minutes!" Vanessa yelled from the other side of the cubicle bagging on the door with her fist.

"Easy there hot head" Sarah said removing her hand from the door.

"Since when did you care about getting to class on time?"

"Since Cory said he'd save me a seat next to him" Sarah rolled her eyes just as she did the door opened and Alex came out in her jean shorts Hollister t-shirt handing Vanessa her purse .

"Do I look ok" she asked them looking in the mirror opposite fixing her wavy brunette hair, Alex was always so paranoid about her appearance.

"You've looked better if I'm honest" Vanessa commented inspecting her outfit slightly scrunching her face.

"Thanks" Alex replied sarcastically giving her a fake smile Vanessa was really good at making you feel good about yourself in all honesty.

"Not needed Nessa and Lexi you look fine" Sarah added looking at her in the mirror.

"Thanks" she smiled applying her lip-gloss while Vanessa rolled her eyes in frustration

"I don't get it just come to school wearing what you want your dad won't mind"

"After all these years you still don't know what my parents are like" she sighed taking her Louis Vuitton bag from Vanessa who looked more and more irritated as we speak.

Alex's father was one of the senators of the state meaning she had to be seen as a respectable young woman something Alex wasn't.

"Ok we can go now happy" Alex asked me to her "Finally" she huffed walking towards the door.

Hatton High School was the best private school in New Jersey and every student that attended came from wealthy backgrounds so it was only natural for there to be snobs and superior people.

The hallways were clear... well almost. Alex's cousin Naya was by her locker and her boyfriend Chris who was whispering something in her ear which was making her laugh. She lived with Alex and her parents, reason being when her father died (Alex's Uncle) she was a little out of control for her mother to deal with back in New York so just over a year ago her dad offered for his niece to come stay with them until she graduated.

"This is how we know where late miss rebel and her want to be rapper boyfriend are the only people in sight now someone's taken my seat next to Cory and now he'll probably dump me thanks Alex".

"You're a total drama queen" Sarah laughed linking arms with Alex as they walked to class.

"Eurgh" Vanessa hissed trailing behind them trying to catch up in her Christian Louboutin's

She was a girly girl always on top of the latest trends and loved the whole popularity thing. Her father owned a chain of restaurants across the country and her mum was a former model and had a line, Vanessa always had a say with what went on the shop racks. She was a total diva and overacted over everything.

Sarah was the total opposite she was a laid back chilled person it wasn't about the glamour for her it was mainly about achievement and reaching her goals, she was never satisfied until she did so. Both her parents were top surgeons and she planned on following in their footsteps.

They got to class 10 minutes into first period while Mrs Clark was giving a lecture on World War II. "Girls this cannot keep happening" "I'm sorry Mrs Clark I was just feeling sick and Vanessa and Sarsh were just helping me it won't happen again" "Detention after school now go sit down so I can continue"

Vanessa quickly looked at the back and saw the seat next to Cory was free she grinned and rushed over. Sarah took the seat near the front and Alex sat behind her by Harry her at the moment ex-boyfriend. He lightly smiled at her but she quickly looked away not really wanting to see him. The whole situation with them was complicated at the moment and she wasn't even sure herself what happened between them.

She wasn't really playing much attention to the lesson just doodling on her notepad and looking up at the clock as the moments went by. This was normal for Alex School just wasn't her thing. She tried to listen sometimes but it was like her brain completely switched off as if she was allergic to learning.

Once the bell went everyone gathered there books and started leaving the room. Once she got out the class room she felt herself being pulled to the side "What do you want Harry".

"To talk about us" he whispered looking at her with those brown eyes that made her melt "Well I don't so leave me alone"

Harry and Alex had been on and off since 10th grade. He was sweet and all but as the got older she didn't feel the same way she did about him before. She was growing up and she wanted a change and he didn't seem to get that.

"I'm sorry for pressuring you ok we don't have to do anything I swear" he said holding her free hand

"No ok I'm over this just leave me alone got it" she said yanking her arm away to catch up with the others

"What happened are you and Harry back on" Vanessa asked as they entered the bathroom

"He's wants to get back but I'm not interested I don't even want to talk about it he's a jerk anyways" she sighed looking down.

"So are you guys still going to that party on Saturday and please say yes everyone is" Vanessa asked them both.

"Um yeah I guess" Sarah shrugged not really bothered.

"Yeah I'm going"

"Great it's going to be awesome so many cute boys" Vanessa grinned

"What about Cory you know your boyfriend" Sarah said

"We have an open relationship its fine" she said waving her hand not seeing the big deal

"A few hours ago you were desperate to sit next to Cory now you're looking for boyfriend number two"

Before she could answer Alex's 'Right by My Side' ringtone came on and she rummaged through her bag 'withheld' number. The other two looked at her as she answered "Hello" there was no voice just heavy breathing just like one of those creepy movies.

She just quickly hung up and chucked her IPhone in her bag. She was a little freaked something like that had never happened to her before.

"Who was that" Vanessa asked looking at herself in the mirror.

"I have no idea there was just this weird breathing and then I just hung up"

"Maybe Harry put someone up to it revenge for not taking him back or something" Sarah said casually.

"Maybe" she whispered ...