Alex couldn't understand why Harry would want to freak her out like that if he still cared about her like he said numerous amounts of times when he called her at 1am in the morning begging for her forgiveness. I guess it was times like these when you realised how immature guys could be.

The girls detention had finally ended and they were making there way to Starbucks. They always went there after school it was one way to avoid going home so they all took it.

" Are you still thinking about that dumb call Alex forget it guys will be guys just get back with Harry I still don't get why you broke up I mean he's cute plus he's British so many girls want to date him" Vanessa stated

" Then let them he's not my problem anymore where done, acabado(finished)"

"Alright you don't have to go all French on me" Vanessa moaned rolling her eyes.

"It's Spanish genius" Sarah said lightly elbowing her on the arm.

"Whatever same difference" Vanessa shrugged rolling her eyes.

"We'll considering your half Puerto Rican..." Sarah protested

" Could you guys just shut up really not in the mood" Alex mumbled clutching tighter to her purse walking ahead.

" Is he pushing your buttons that much Alex" Vanessa asked trying to be sympathetic by catching up with her and putting her arm around Alex's shoulder.

"No I just can't stand to here you guys prattle on about nonsense like you always do" she shrugged

When they entered Starbucks there were a few familiar faces from school and one she didn't really fancy bumping into.

She should have been expecting this I mean it was Harrys hangout too they all used to do a group thing when they were together.

"Guys I think I'm going to go home" she sighed.

" Why you hate going offence" she didn't answer she just slyly looked over at the guys quickly but not quick enough for Vanessa and Sarah to know what was up.

"Oh come on he won't bother you you know what I'll sort this out" Vanessa said

" Wait what are you doing" she didn't answer she just walked over to Harry and his friends who were all having different conversations across the table.

" Harry " she yelled sharply her arms on her hips.

"Vanessa"he said looking kind of confused

"Just because Alex doesn't want you back doesn't mean you have to be such an ass about it" she yelled louder getting all the guys attention

"What are you talking about I just wanted to talk to her"

"That creep phone call don't play innocent"

"I'm not playing innocent I am I'd never do that" he said looking behind Vanessa to see Alex standing there looking embarrassed.

" Ok well um good talk Harry you may continue with what your doing" Vanessa smiled turning around leaving Harry and his friends gobsmacked and confused.

"It's not him I mean he looked so scared and clueless I feel sorry for him" Vanessa explained

"Why did you do that why can't you just stay out of my love life Nessa err" Alex screeched and exited Starbucks

"What I was just helping" Vanessa said not realising the problem

"Exactly" Sarah sighed making her way to the counter

Alex loved Vanessa but sometimes she was so full on it was too overbearing. Yeah she was trying to help but Alex didn't want anyone's input in the whole situation if she wanted to know she'd ask Harry herself she wasn't afraid to have a conversation with him. She knew she'd have to face him after something she wasn't looking too forward to

Alex's house was about a 15 minute walk from Starbucks. It was a quiet remote neighbourhood meaning most people knew each other and if anything happened everyone would find out meaning your private life wasn't so private

The Garcia mansion was the largest house on the street. It had a White House feel about it very grand and secure.

When Alex got to the large gate she typed in the pass key and the gate automatically opened. As she walk down the footpath she sadly looked at her BMW the car she got for her 17th but sadly wasn't able to drive until she got her license.

Naya was sitting on the sofa with her feet on the coffee table while she was painting her toenails

"My mums going to kill you if she catches you doing that" Alex stated throwing herself on the leather couch opposite

"We'll your mums not here right now plus at least I'm not out causing trouble or something" Naya shrugged still focused on what she was doing.

"So I heard about your Harry situation" she said looking up at Alex.

"If I hear the name Harry again..." She moaned sinking her head into the furry pillow

"Harry" she smirked innocently looking straight at Alex who threw her pillow in Nayas direction but not well enough for it to hit her

"Calmarse (Calm Down) Alex" she laughed

"Look guys are a strange species if you and Harry are meant to be you'll get back together they'll be some sort of sign" she told her

"Yeah whatever I'm going to go take a nap" Alex said not really seeing what the point of that conversation was

"That's not the only thing bugging you am I right" Naya asked her

"No" she admitted burying herself further into the couch

"My mum and dad keep going on about Yale and Harvard and its driving me crazy I don't want to go there I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not and on top of that the whole Harry drama .."

"We'll be honest for a change, YOLO right?"

"So your pep talk is quoting Drake" Alex laughed just then her phone buzzed and she rummaged through her purse and took out her iPhone, it was a text from Harry she probably should have known this would be coming.

'Just texting to check up on you Lex I honestly have nothing to do with that phone call I care about you way to much to be an ass like that'

She slightly smiled as she read that text. It was probably just a dumb kid from school playing a joke on her.

Note Vanessa is Vanessa from my babysitters a vampire