"Your mum did what" Sarah said "You heard me" I sighed taking a bit out if my tacos. Lunch was the best period at school for Alex no work just socialising and eating.

"That's going to be major awkward oh my god imagine there like planning a wedding for you guys or something" Vanessa said in a slight panic she always had to exaggerate things

"My folks just want me and Harry to get back together and they think by getting themselves involved it will help" Alex said finishing up her food

"Parents are always meddling they feel it's their job" Sarah explained putting the cap back on her orange juice

"Just be civil don't talk to Harry too much he might get false hope also don't talk him too much or he'll think you hate him and everyone will think your just being rude" Vanessa explained nodded

"I just want Friday to come and go as quickly as possible" she groaned, just as she said that her phone buzzed on the table and she picked it up. Unknown text she sighed now there was a message 'Watch ur back Garcia xx' she quickly looked around the lunch hall Liam didn't have his phone in sight he was too busy having one of his mates in a headlock. Absolutely no one was on their phone.

"Lexi what's up" Vanessa asked her sensing something was a bit off.

"Oh nothing I'm just tired and stressed I'll be fine" she replied still looking around the cafeteria…

The rest of the day Alex couldn't concentrate, she never really listened in class anyway but now the teachers were picking up on the fact she wasn't listening at least usually she would be good a pretending she was playing attention.

She didn't want to tell anyone as she guessed it would blow over and she didn't want her parents getting too involved in what was going on in her life the meddled enough.

After school Alex told Sarah and Vanessa that she wasn't feeling great and just wanted to go straight home. Of course they tried to convince her to come but eventually they realised that she wouldn't listen as Adrianna was a pretty stubborn person.

She wasn't too far from her house when her phone ringed. She took it out her bag and saw the all too familiar 'WITHELD' she huffed and picked it up deciding she wanted to give this creep a piece of her mind.

"Whoever you are you need to leave me alone ok it's not funny anymore its sick ok" she trembled down the phone only hearing the heavy breathing on the other end hearing. Suddenly she just felt an arm on her back and without a second thought she turned around pulled the persons arm and swung him onto the concrete.

"Oh my god I'm sorry I thought you were trying to jump me" she screeched horrified looking at the guy on the ground.

He had dark brunette hair, pale grey blue eyes, probably Italian and appeared to have a pretty decent height maybe he was like 2 years older than Adrianna and maybe she thought he was good looking.

"It's fine it happens a lot" he strained his eyes squinting as he sat up from the ground not looking mad about the situation whatsoever.

"Really" she asked scrunching her face still shocked by what had just happened

"No" he said slightly laughing

"That wasn't really funny" she stated helping him up from the concrete floor "I could have really hurt you" she said seriously

"I just saw you; you looked a bit terrified I couldn't just walk past you you're a young girl" he said getting on his feet

"We'll thank you for your concern..." she smiled not able to finish the sentence as she didn't know his name

"Justin" he told her "Well can I at least walk you home" he asked her

She slightly smiled suddenly a little embarrassed "Um yeah" she said quietly

"I'm sorry for scaring you like that" he said as they continued walking along with her

"Its fine I overreacted I've never done something like that before I've just been a little nervous lately" she told him feeling really embarrassed, she was becoming too paranoid for her liking this person had her on complete edge

They just talked for the rest of the walk Alex had never met a person and clicked with them instantly it was weird for her something new but she actually quite liked it.

"Thank you and again I'm sorry" she apologised again as they approached her house. Adrianna saw him looking at her house in amazement

"No problem" he smiled, they just looked at each other for a moment until Adrianna snapped out of it and started entering the pin to the gate

"Bye Justin" she smiled


"Alex" she finished

"Nice name" he smiled walking away

She couldn't put her finger on it but something about that brief encounter put her mind at ease made her think that maybe things weren't so bad…