"How can you live in this dump?"

A pillow was thrown right in the informant's face, causing him to fall off the bed and on his ass on the floor. "Stupid protozoan."

"Flea, don't insult someone else's home. Not everyone is as stupid ass rich as you are," Shizuo growled while he sorted through his clothes.

"It was just a question. Plus I was only making a simple comment regarding the poor condition your small humble residence is in. Honestly, you're bigger than me, therefor needing more space to move around in! It's absolutely ludicrous having to see you living in this sad excuse or a-" He couldn't continue his next words due to the growling warning of the monster's temper reaching its limit. "Alright, alright. Don't get your panties in a twist. Now, where is that shirt you were supposed to lend me?"

"Stupid louse," Shizuo snarled. He threw a clean white shirt and Izaya caught it with ease. "Stop your goddamn whining. You're the one who keeps sneaking in my house almost every fucking day. If you hated the place so much then don't bring your stupid ass in."

"Such foul language. Well what'd you expect from a silly protozoan," Izaya mused, dodging the question easily.

"Shut up." Shizuo knew he'd most likely destroy his apartment if he gave in to the flea any more than that. It's been almost two months since Izaya started sneaking into his apartment and just hanging out there until whenever he decides to leave. At first Shizuo was totally pissed. Throwing the informant out of his place without a second thought. But the flea just came again the next day. Soon, that anger turned into curiosity. Why was Izaya always coming over? And not once did he bring out his favorite switchblade while he stayed. It was making Shizuo wonder every day.

"Why were you drenched anyway?" asked the blonde.

"Ah, I didn't bring an umbrella," he said as he put on the shirt.

"And you picked my place to go to? You couldn't just head over to Shinra's place instead? It's almost as if you prefer me to that insane doctor."

Something about what he said caused Izaya to fumble while putting the shirt on. His arms got stuck in an awkward position while he tried to free them. He wanted to hide this humiliating fact from Shizuo, but it was useless since the blond was watching him in amusement. "Need some help?"

Izaya ignored the offer and started to struggle some more. He failed miserably and only added embarrassment for himself when he fell off the bed again. And to add more to his hurt pride, his most hated enemy burst into fits of laughter.

Izaya couldn't move. His current position too difficult to fix. "Shizu-chan!" he whined in the end, seeing as how he'll never get himself out of the shirt without making himself look even more pathetically humiliating.

Shizuo wiped the corner of his eyes as he tried to stop laughing enough to help the poor informant. He roughly pulled him up and placed him back into his earlier sitting position. He yanked off the shirt with ease, and he was rewarded with the rare blushing face of Orihara Izaya. "Stupid Shizu-chan," he grumbled. He grabbed the shirt and put it on carefully this time.

The blond stared at his enemy's strange change in personality. He never knew Izaya could feel embarrassed like that, let alone in front of Shizuo of all people. The informant caught his watchful gaze and for a moment Shizuo thought he'd smirk that damn smirk of his like always. But instead, he looked away with childish pout before going over to the side table to get his phone.


"You leaving now?" asked Shizuo. There wasn't any malice laced in his words. They seemed to have slowly lessened due to the harmless time he involuntarily spent with his so called enemy.

Izaya turned to him, looking half ridiculous and half adorable in Shizuo's big shirt and blue sweat pants. "Ne… do you have a futon for me to sleep in?"

"What?" Shizuo asked dumbfounded.

"I need to sleep over," Izaya said with a grin.

"No way flea! You're not staying any more than you do during the fucking day! Now get out!"

"It's not like I'll kill you in your sleep silly protozoan. I'm only asking for a night. One night. And that's it. I can swear not to kill you no matter how tempting the thought may be but alas, you wouldn't believe me even if I did, correct?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you louse? Have you forgotten how we hate each other? We're not even supposed to be having this conversation in the first place! And hell if I'll let you sleep here! You're an evil fucking bastard who's been ruining my life since the moment we met! Now give me one good fucking reason I should let you sleep over?" he shouted.

Izaya stayed silent, mulling over the things Shizuo told him with a thoughtful expression. "I can't give you a reason," he said cheerfully. Izaya may like to twist the truth but he never lied. He held back information, making the person form assumptions according to his carefully constructed statements of nothing but facts and simple innocent opinions that only help into making the person deceive themselves with the way they interpret his words.

Shizuo glared at him, wondering what in the world this flea was thinking. Right now, Izaya was unarmed. Defenseless. His speed would be useless in the small space. Shizuo could easily trap him, easily kill him and get back at him for all the years of torment he went through because of this informant.

But no matter how much of monster people think he is, he still had a heart.

He sighed and ran a hand through his blond locks. "Fine, I'll let you stay. But first answer two of my questions."

Izaya raised a brow in interest. "Alright then. Shoot."

"Why do you want to stay over?"

Izaya sighed. "I don't really want to. But I'm already here so the hell with it."

"Izayaaaaa," Shizuo warned.

"Fine, fine. Earlier, I had a meeting with some clients. They didn't have the money to pay for the information they wanted and so I was chased after. Fools thought they could catch me. Almost did though, 'cause of the insufferable rain. Honestly it annoys me how the weather likes to be so unpredictable like you at times. I was close to your apartment and just went here. Right now, my sources informed me that those idiots are still searching the streets for me. And so I can't go back to my place when they have the area heavily guarded."

It was reasonable enough. And Shizuo had judged it to be truthful.

Time for the next question.

"Why have you been coming to my apartment every day?"

Izaya didn't look surprised. He figured he wouldn't be able to avoid this question for long. The answer was simple really. But Izaya himself didn't know the reason. "I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?" Shizuo growled.

"It's as simple as that Shizu-chan," he said with a smirk.

"There should be a reason. Now just tell me something or I'll beat up your fucking ass," he growled as he glared daggers at the informant who didn't even back away from his advances until their faces were inches apart. "Now talk, flea."

He stared down at him with all the hate he wanted to show. But Izaya's never been afraid of him. He'd laugh and smirk at Shizuo's menacing glare easily. In fact he seemed to enjoy the hatred directed towards him. Except…

It wasn't that usual smirk or arrogant expression on his smug ass face right now.

Because for some reason Shizuo could not understand…

Izaya looked adorably flushed.