IA practically peeled herself off of her bed in the morning. She changed into a light blue dress with a white apron. The morning went as usual; she made the bed and tidied up the house. To then just retreat to her usual seat by the window reading a book she had probably read millions of times over. Yet IA was content with this life. She opened the book from the day before, she scanned the page she let out a slight chuckle "People like me should really be feared" suddenly IA remembered the boy from yesterday "Why am I thinking of this right now?" she said aloud whipping her head back and forth. The rest of the morning was uneventful, she read and read and that's about it.

It was about noon now, IA had put down her book, she had just finished the story of Romeo and Juliet. "Oh what a sad tale she sighed, IA crossed her arms as she lay against the window sill, daydreaming of the love story. She was soon interrupted by an unusual sound. Knock Knock. "What the-"IA said puzzled she leaned forward in order to catch a glimpse of the front yard. And that's when it hit her, that unshakable fear she had felt just the day before. Knocking on her front door was the same boy she had seen wandering the forest. IA never had a visitor "Oh no" she said aghast. She frantically ran through her home trying to figure out what to do. Things were flying everywhere, she finally returned to her hiding spot under the table. "Hey is anyone in there?" It was the stranger, IA shook under the table. Please go away, please go away. The statement continued on her head. Squeak! The door opened up much easier than IA had expected. She turned around and put her hands over her eyes, "Don't come near me or you'll turn to stone" she said tears starting to well up in her eyes at the thought of it. The boy just smile "Don't worry sometimes I worry that I'll turn to stone."He said as he walked up to the frightened IA. She was still cowering under the table refusing to come out. The stranger put his hand on IA's shoulder and turned her around. IA practically froze as she stared right at the stranger's eyes, he just smiled. What? She thought. Why isn't he changing. The boy just sat there with a smile on his face. It was a kind smile; it made IA's fear and worry to just melt away. IA was still shaking slightly; the boy took off his sweatshirt and wrapped it around IA. "What's your name?" he asked. IA felt comforted by the warmth of the fabric "I – IA" she said shyly, her face a light pink. "What a pretty name! I'm Yoshinaga Tsukasa, but you can call me Tsukasa" he said in an upbeat voice. IA stood there wide eyed why is he being so nice to me? She thought.

"Thank you" she said, letting out a sob

"Oh no what's wrong?" Tsukasa said worry flooded over his face.

"Thank you, Thank you" IA said it many times.

Tsukasa stayed there 'till late afternoon. It started to become dark outside. Tsukasa stood up and said "Oh shoot it's already this late" he wiped the dust off of his blue jeans "Hey, is it okay if I come again?" IA was slightly surprised at the request; she shook her head in the affirmative. "Great! I have something to show you" with that Tsukasa began to head for the door. "W – Wait" IA shouted "what about your sweater" she had been wearing it the entire time. Tsukasa turned around "It's a gift!"

"A-a gift?'

"Yeah to commemorate our friendship!" he gave IA a thumbs up


With that Tsukasa left the small cottage. IA sat there on the floor in disbelief. "I have a friend" she whispered. She was in a daze for the rest of the evening. She slowly got ready for the night as she always did. This night was as restless as the last except instead of nightmares, IA's mind was full of sweet dreams. Dreams of the boy she had met her first companion in over 100 years.