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The next morning went on as usual, get dressed, tidy up, eat, then read the same books. It was IA's first normal morning since she met Tsukasa. Her heart started to race as she thought about her friend. What is this feeling? she thought as she heard the rhythm in her ears. Her heart beat calmed down after a moment, but her face still showed a light blush. IA gazed out the window "I sure have learned a lot recently" she whispered to herself, she smiled at the thought. She was no longer a recluse in the middle of the forest. Now she had friends who introduced her to a world that she could never find in books.

"I wonder if they think I am strange?" she thought out loud as she remembered the cruelty of the village children so long ago. "They seemed so shocked at my age. Is it really that strange?" she continued to meditate on this throughout the morning. Grrr the sound came from IA's stomach "Looks like I better get something to eat" she scrounged around in her cupboards, finding nothing to eat. She let out a sigh "Looks like it's time for a food run" IA quickly retrieved her basket by the door; she put her hoodie over her sundress. It was becoming a habit for her to wear the sweatshirt. IA never went to the nearby city to shop for food; instead she scavenged the forest, but never hunted. "I'll go to the berry thicket today." She said to herself, as she walked down the quiet road.

Chirp Chirp IA looked aroundher surroundings when she heard the noise. A nest? She thought. The sound was coming from a nearby oak tree. IA saw the nest on a low branch. "Hmm I wonder if there are any duds in that nest." She left her basket by the trunk, lining it with dried grass in order to not break her future cargo. IA grabbed the lowest branch of the tree; she then swung her legs up in order to stand upright. She was able to glance into the nest. Inside were three chicks flapping their wings attempting to fly. IA smiled at the sight.

"IA, is that you?" It was Tsukasa and Gumi was walking alongside him.

"Oh hello there" IA greeted with a smile.

"Hey IA, what are you doing up there?"

"Looking for food"

The teens looked at each other then back to IA.

"Wouldn't you just go to the store then" Tsukasa shouted.

"Yeah IA" Gumi exclaimed "You look sorta funny climbing in the tree like that."

Store? Funny? IA thought. "You think so?" IA responded, she began to climb down from the branch, softly landing on the grassy ground. Tsukasa stared on in amazement at IA's nimbleness.

"Wow IA that's awesome" Tsukasa ran up to the girl as she landed.

"T – Thank you" she said sheepishly. Grrr an audible growl came from IA's stomach; it caused her face to turn bright red. Tsukasa began to laugh causing IA to become even more embarrassed. Even Gumi let out a small chuckle.

"Well now we can see why you were out here IA." Tsukasa managed to say in his laughing fit.

"Y – Yeah"

"Oh yeah I have something for you." Tsukasa reached into the backpack he had been wearing, he pulled out a bag of potato chips. "We wanted to thank you for the tarts yesterday" he explained "so we brought a bunch of food, although it's all junk food" He revealed the contents of the bag, It was completely filled with the shiny packages of modern food.

"O – oh my, you didn't have to –"

"Don't worry" Tsukasa said grinning ear to ear.

"T – Thank you. Would you like to come to the house, it could be a break from the sun" IA said, gesturing to the direction of her small cottage. Tsukasa and Gumi gave a slight nod. The three began to make their way to IA's home.

"I'll make some tea" IA said when they reached the ivory colored house. IA went into her kitchen and searched her basket of herbs Lavender? Chamomile? The choices were infinite. Meanwhile, Tsukasa and Gumi were laying out their stash of junk food onto the table. She turned to her guests.

"How do you guys like your tea?" IA asked.

Tsukasa turned around and answered "I like mine kind of sweet"

"I prefer it more on the bitter side" Gumi said not even bothering to face IA.

"Okay" IA began preparing the herbs. She put the cut plants into a kettle. She then realized that there was no water. "I'll be right back" IA said as she made her way to the door.

"Where are you going?" Tsukasa asked, standing from his seat.

"To the well"

"By yourself?"

"Hm? Yeah I'll be back in a few minutes"

"At least let me help you." Tsukasa came up to IA and let out his hand.

I – its okay" IA said nervously "I do it all the time, but thank you. IA once again began to exit the cottage.

"Wait" it was Tsukasa again "Are you sure there's no way I can help? Maybe I can pump the water or something" his face was becoming red.

"That's very kind of you, but I'm fine"

"But-"he took a step toward IA.

IA's face was also becoming warm "OK can you carry the pail then?" she said pointing to a basket sitting by the door. Tsukasa's smile returned.

"Sure" He turned around to Gumi "We'll be right back" He grabbed the bucket. "Come on IA"

"OK" IA ran out of the house, close behind Tsukasa.

To get to the well was like trying to get through a maze, with twists and turns, a person who did not live in the area could easily get lost.

"Uhh IA where is this well" Tsukasa said wearily

"It's down this path" she answered as they took yet another turn.

"Don't you ever get lost?"

"Hm? No"

"Really?! That's amazing! I would get lost right away in this forest"

"Yeah that's what my mother told me"

There was an awkward silence as the subject of IA's mother reached Tsukasa's ears.

"Uh IA"


"Why do you stay in the forest?"

IA stopped walking.

"Because" she paused as she remembered back when she did go to the village and the children bullied her. "I'm strange" Tears began to stream down her face. She had never talked to anyone about this. Tsukasa's smile soon disappeared, as he turned around to IA. He dropped the pail to the ground. He ran up and hugged IA.

"I'm sorry" he murmured, holding IA closer.

IA was surprised by the sudden embrace, but soon succumbed to the immense comfort. They stood there, for about half an hour. IA let out all of her frustration from the past.

"Are you okay" Tsukasa asked the still sobbing IA.

"Yeah" she answered as she pushed away from Tsukasa. She gave him a weak smile "I'm fine now, thank you"

They continued the trip in silence. Both of their faces were red.

When they returned to the house, IA was met by the evil glare of Gumi.

"Where were you!" she demanded.

Tsukasa stepped in front of IA "We just got lost; it's like a maze out there."

Gumi wasn't buying it. "IA, if you truly have lived here for soooooo long, how the heck could you get lost!" Gumi was becoming even more furious.

"The forest is always changing, so even if you're a native it is still possible to get lost" It was a lie, but IA couldn't come up with anything else.

Gumi let out a breath "Well I guess that explains things, right Tsukasa kun" she said in such an innocent voice that it didn't seem like the same girl to IA.

"Well would you still like that tea?" IA asked.

"Sure" her guests said in unison.

IA ran to the kettle sitting in the kitchen, the dried herbs were stilling sitting in the bottom. She poured the water and set it on the stove. IA then used the leftover logs from the day before to light another fire. The room was soon filled with the scent of herbs.

"It will be ready soon" she explained as she made her way to her guests.

There were all kinds of packages laid out on the table. IA looked at them in curiosity.

"IA, this is your first time having this kind of food right?" Tsukasa questioned

IA nodded in the affirmative.

"Then I suggest this one!" he held up a yellow bag. IA attempted to open it, but it was futile.

Tsukasa took the bag from IA "You do it like this" he demonstrated by pulling the two tabs on the sides. IA looked on in amazement, but was embarrassed at her lack of ability to do something so simple. Tsukasa looked at IA's embarrassed expression "It's alright" he said patting her head like a child "A lot of people have trouble opening these." He handed the bag back to IA, grabbing a chip as he did so. "Try one" he said popping it in his mouth. IA did the same.

"Mmm It's good!" she shouted as the salty taste washed over her tongue, it was addicting to the forest girl.

Tsukasa smiled "Well that's good." He said opening a bag himself.

"Here try this one" Gumi said shoving an already opened bag into IA's face.

"Uh Gumi chan, do you think that's a good idea?" Tsukasa said wearily.

"Of course" Gumi retorted "She may like spicy foods you know"

IA put her hand in the bag and pulled out a chip, if you can call it that. It looked drastically different than the one Tsukasa had given her. It appeared as a red stick instead of the golden disk. She put the snack in her mouth, instantly her mouth was on fire. She fanned her tongue with her hand as she frantically ran to the bucket of water. She dunked her head in the cool water as soon as she found it. Gumi was laughing hysterically.

Tsukasa approached her "Gumi chan that was not funny!" he shouted. Gumi stopped and stared at Tsukasa, her eyes were full of surprise.

Tsukasa let out a sigh, then walked to the suffering IA "Are you alright" he asked in a caring voice. He helped her out of the bucket. "Here IA" he pulled out a bottle of milk "This will help" He gave the drink to IA. She immediately guzzled it down. Tsukasa smiled.

After she had finished the drink IA said "Thank you so much Tsukasa!" she said it in such a voice that one can believe the boy had just saved her life.

Tsukasa let out a small laugh "Your welcome IA" He helped IA to her feet "At least we now know that spicy food is a no – no, right?" he said in an upbeat voice. IA nodded with a smile.

Suddenly, they heard a hiss from the kitchen "Oh shoot the tea!" IA ran to the stove and removed the kettle to then place it on a damp towel. She took out three teacups from the cupboards. "Would you like something in your tea?" she asked her guests.

"Some honey or sugar please" Tsukasa answered with a rosy blush on his face.

Gumi remained quiet while she glared at IA, past the unknowing Tsukasa. "Nothing for me" she said bluntly, as she stuffed another handful of the spicy snacks into her mouth.

"O – OK" IA began to ready the herbal drinks. She quickly poured the tea, adding Tsukasa's requested sweetener. She made her way to the guests. She tripped over the rug Oh no! Not again! She thought as the ground became increasingly closer to her face. She heard the cups crash on the ground. She felt something catch her from under her stomach. "Are you okay?!" it was Tsukasa; his face was full of worry. He helped her to her feet.

"Y – Yeah I'm fine. Thank you" she said in a sheepish voice. She began to pick up the broken shards of the cups.

"Let me help" Tsukasa kneeled down and began to grab the shards off the ground.

"That's alright you've already helped me so much" she said with a smile. Tsukasa admitted defeat and let out a sigh.

"Fine" he said quietly, he walked back to the table. Gumi had a fury in her eye as she stared at IA cleaning up. She felt uncomfortable under that glare as she walked to the kitchen to then return with a rag.

Hours passed as the three of them continued to munch on in the modern snacks. IA had never eaten such a variety. Gumi's mood seemed to worsen as the day went on. She sat in silence as Tsukasa and IA were deep in conversation.

Suddenly Gumi stood up and said "I'm going home!" with a huff.

"What's wrong Gumi chan?" Tsukasa asked.

"Nothing!" she practically stomped out of the door.

"I'm sorry IA, she can be like that. I'll be right back" he ran out to Gumi. IA could catch a glimpse of what was happening through a window. Gumi was shouting at Tsukasa, she seemed extremely upset. Then suddenly SLAP! Gumi slapped Tsukasa so hard it could be heard from inside the house.

"Oh my God!" IA gasped.

Gumi stood there for a moment with tears streaming down her face. She then sprinted down the road toward the city. Tsukasa was standing there with his head down. He began to walk back to the cottage. IA stood up and made her way to the door.

"Are you okay?!" IA said worried. Tsukasa nodded, he managed to put on a slight smile.

"It was nothing to worry about IA" He walked over to the table. He gathered the wrappers into the backpack and headed over to the door. He stopped at the threshold.

"Are you sure you're okay?" IA asked again.

Tsukasa dropped the bag and turned to IA, he looked like he was on the verge of tears. Before IA could even blink, Tsukasa walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her. Her face turned to a brilliant red.

"Tsukasa!?" she whispered. She heard a soft sob come from the boy the back of her dress was becoming damp. Oh Tsukasa what happened. She wrapped her arms around Tsukasa. "It's going to be okay" she said in a soothing voice. IA had no idea what had happened but she wanted to help Tsukasa in his time of need, like he had done so earlier that day.

IA had no clue how long they stood there like that. It felt like time stood still as she comforted her friend. After a while, Tsukasa pushed away.

"Thanks IA" He put on a smile his eyes and face were both extremely red. You could still see the hand mark where Gumi had slapped him. "I better be going" his tone had become solemn. IA nodded her countenance showed her worry. "I'm sorry to have bothered you" he said as he picked his backpack off the floor.

"You didn't bother me at all" IA exclaimed.

Tsukasa turned around with a kind smile "You really are sweet IA, Thank you" with that he left.

IA stood there staring out the door. The places where he had held her were still warm; her face was having a similar response.

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