(With Apologies to AC/DC)

W(s)OW: Flap, Urgent, Follow, Right, Normal. A three hundred word triabble from Amberdreams, Dizzo, and Edina Clouds not necessarily in that order.

Dean, the (almost) fearless hunter meets his nemesis. He absolutely does NOT over-react.

Disclaimer: We don't own them, but then no-one ever said life was fair.


"Jeez, Dean … you fight friggin vampires and demons for a living …but you're afraid of this?"

"Not afraid … it's just not urgent."

"Right… so you're telling me that lump on the side of your face is normal?"



"Okay … okay … stop flapping… give me the address?"

"I've already got directions … I'm coming with you."

"What are you, my mother?"

"You stop acting like a six year old … I'll stop nagging … you need a dentist … today!"

Sam didn't bother answering Dean's mumbling as he followed his brother out the door.


Lou-Ann glanced from reception ready to be bored, only to look right back again - stunned by the sheer hotness of the first guy, closely followed by an even taller hunk, who was steering Hottie with a firm hand towards her desk.

Well damn, must be her lucky day.

"Don't listen to him when he tells you this isn't urgent," Tall-hunk said.

Hottie flinched at the whining of the drill while she took their details.

Tall-hunk(Sam) took a seat with a nervous smile.

Lou-Ann's normally hard heart melted at Hottie (Dean)'s piteous whimper as Dr Flapper escorted him to his doom.


Sitting down to wait, Sam ignored the drill's whine.

But when the whine became a violent fracas and Dean made a break from the treatment room, plastic bib flapping around his neck, Sam figured all wasn't right.

"What happened?" he panted, urgently following Dean outside.

"I drilled a devil's trap on his forehead," Dean yelled; "what? he's a demon!"

"He didn't look very demonic."

"He had black eyes. Well, if you squinted a bit.


"Whatever; anyone who chooses to poke around in other peoples' body parts just ain't normal anyway!"

Sam sighed, there really was no answer to that.



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