With Starlight In Her Wake

Summary: Post Boom Town, It is just another day for the Doctor, Rose and Jack but things takes turn for worse when they find a very beaten, unconscious future version of Rose. How did she end up here? Where was the future Doctor? Can the Doctor figure out what is wrong with the future version of his beloved companion? Timelines will cross. Featuring, Nine, Rose, Jack, Future Rose and Future Doctor.

Im working on the new chapter of 'The Wedding of Rose Marion Tyler' but this is an old story that was lying unfinished in my documents. So I decided to publish it, and see the reception.

London, 2001

Giggles were heard as three people walked on in the middle of street. The Doctor was holding Rose's hand in a tight grip and his gaze was trained on her. She was giggling at something and her laughter relaxed him. Beside Rose, walking along was Jack Harkness. He was smiling as well, looking relaxed.

The trio had been traveling for only three weeks but they had bonded easily. Even the Doctor had warmed up to Jack, at first he was hesitant but he liked Jack now. All in all the Doctor felt more relaxed now a days then he ever had. Being with Rose was therapeutic, her presence was even to fill in the emptiness that was inside his mind, the void left by the death of his kind. Jack in addition added the comic relief he never knew he needed.

But the Doctor was aware that this peaceful, happy times won't last for long. There was a storm coming, he could feel it. And it would be a violent, dangerous storm as well. This frightened him, it frightened him because if there was a storm coming, then Rose would be caught up in it. At this, his hold on Rose's hand tightened. He didn't want anything to happen to her. Somehow, someway Rose found her way inside his skin without even trying, he didn't want anything to happen to her. He loved her, he knew he loved her. He tried his best not to, tried everything to keep her at arms length but he couldn't. So he gave up, he wasn't in denial anymore, he acknowledged his love for her but he hadn't told her. He didn't intend to.

Which was why tonight he planned to do record an emergency program. When the storm hit, he would send her home.

Rose noticed his expressions and looked at him with concern but he chased that away with a smile. Rose frowned but let it go. As soon as they reached the TARDIS, the Doctor took out his key and slotted it in. He opened it and was about to walk in, with Rose's hand still in his, when Jack swore.

"Crap!" said Jack.

The Doctor and Rose turned to look at Jack in confusion.

"What now?" asked the Doctor, dreading what the Captain would answer.

"I must have dropped it in the alley, because I don't have the TARDIS key on me" said Jack panicking.

Rose's mouth dropped and the Doctor raised his eyebrows.

"You dropped the TARDIS key while you were off shagging? I only gave it to you two days ago!" said the Doctor looking at Jack incredulously.

Jack looked flustered. Rose tugged at the Doctor's hand to calm him down. He looked at her and he did. Jack then straightened up, looking determined.

"I think I have an inkling where I might have dropped it, I'm gonna go and get it" he said and then walked off.

The Doctor sighed, shook his head and walked in, tugging Rose in. However, five minutes later Jack came back, although he looked as if he had seen a ghost. His face was pale and he looked shell shocked. His gaze was trained directly onto Rose.

"Jack! What's wrong?" asked Rose and the Doctor looked concern as well.

"I did find the key" said Jack in a low voice tone "But someone else as well"

The Doctor rolled his eyes.

"You don't go hitting on people now, we're gonna leave," said the Doctor but Jack looked shaken.

"You have to come" said Jack and ran out. The Doctor and Rose looked confused but followed him. They followed Jack and finally stopped. They noticed they were in an alley when the Doctor froze up. Rose looked where he was seeing and froze as well.

Curled up, unconscious on the floor was a female figure. She had blonde hair but they were filled with blood. She wore battered but bloody blue leather jacket. She lay still on the pool of her own blood, and she was none other than Rose Tyler.