Okay, so this is my first Hobbit fan fic and it's going to be sort of long story. Like the summary said it's going to tell about the dwarfs journey to Erebor. And of course there is going to be some twists and turns on their way ;)

I haven't read the book but I've seen the movie, and I've heard some things that happens in the book. So just you to know, I don't know much details about what they really have to experience, I'm writing things that could happen while they're travelling.

This is kindly focused on Fili and Kili but I'm trying to write the other in it too, don't worry! :D The brothers are just my favourites!

And last but not least... I do not own anything about The Hobbit :(

"We can't continue! We need to take a detour!" Thorin said with a loud voice. They had just got down from the little stone mountain of Carrock and the forest was just ahead of them. There was only one big problem: the ground had suffered great damage and there was this huge crack that couldn't be acrossed. At least not from that place the dwarfs were standing or anywhere nearby.

"Isn't there any way to cross this?" Dori asked with concern, glaring the area for a possible bridge.

"If you see anything, you tell me," Thorin snapped, "but we must figure out another way to reach the forest." He immediately scanned the mountains around them.

Dwalin, noticing Thorin's possible idea, moved next to him and expressed his thoughts. "You think there's a safe path up there?"

"Don't know," the leader anwered. "We don't need to go to the top of it, just high enough to see where the crack ends and then get back down from the other side of the mountain."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

"Okay, everybody!" Thorin shouted turning to his company. "We are going to take the detour via that mountain over there. It seems the only option right now but be careful up there, there seems to be a lot of snow so there must also be ice. I am not responsible for anyone who dismisses this warning and falls to his death. Understood?"

"Yes!" came the answers in a choir.

"Good. Let's go!"

The dwarfs walked back the route they had come but changed the direction halfway to take the turn on their right. The mountain came closer and soon they had reached the root of it. Thorin searched for a clear path but couldn't find any.

"Looks like we have to climb then," he mumbled.

"Thorin!" Fili shouted from the end of the dwarf line. "On the left!"

Thorin turned to see what the dwarf meant but couldn't see anything.

"Right under the bigger rock!"

The leader focused his eyes first to the large rock that was few feet higher on the mountainside and then to little below it. And he saw it, a well hidden hole, a cave maybe.

"Good work!" he praised to Fili and took the lead for the way. It was good there was some young fresh eyes in the group that could notice the smallest things. Without anyone noticing Fili and Kili high-fived for the success.

Thorin climbed to the so called cave and viewed inside. He could feel a cold breezing coming from there.

"It goes through! Do we have torches? Every third will light it and we walk in line. Take a grab from the dwarf in front of you if you must. Don't get left behind."

"I think it's too small for me to get in," Gandalf thought out loud eyeing the hole and Thorin turned to the wizard. The leader glimpsed back to the tunnel, sizing the difference between the two.

"You're right.."

"No worries, my friend, I think I can find another way," Gandalf smiled.

"You're sure? We can search for another path."

"I have my ways, trust me. You go ahead, we'll meet at the place where the forest begins."

Thorin nodded in agreement, lighted his own torch and went in, the rest of company after him; Dwalin, Balin, Gloin, Bifur, Dori, Nori, Oin, Bombur, Bilbo, Bofur, Ori, Fili and Kili. Bilbo gave a little glance to Gandalf who just stayed where he was. It was like Gandalf was saying 'don't worry about me' and Bilbo continued his walking.

They all had done as Thorin had suggested, grabbed from the jacket of the dwarf in front. It was so dark and Bilbo didn't feel much comfortable in the narrow tunnel unlike the others. He just wished he could have been back in the shire, drinking tea from his mother's old tea cups.

"Is it.. is it possible," Bilbo started whispering to Bofur behind him, "that there are bats or.. or.. other creatures in this.. in here?"

"Aye," Bofur answered showing some light with his torch, "it's not impossible. But don't worry lad, I'm right behind ya." He winked eye to the halfling, who didn't seem any more relieved by this information.

They continued walking what felt like an hour, the tunnel route had turned upphill from the very beginning and the dwarfs panted and puffed the whole way, Bombur the loudest. The cold air had got stronger and as Thorin turned from the next corner he could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

"There's light!" he yelled for the dwarfs and even the last ones could hear that.

"You here that, lad? We made it! With none bats," Bofur said smiling to Bilbo who sighed deep.

It was snowing lightly when Thorin got near the exit, the little snow flakes landed on his face and clothes. He smothered his torch and put it back to his belongings as he stepped outside, the rest of them came quickly after him. The mountain wasn't like what they had thought, like the mountain usually was. This mountain was extraordinary, it resembled a volcano; the tunnel had brought them to the middle of it. The center area wasn't as large as in a usual volcano, but big enough and full of snow.

Thorin looked up to see that the top of the mountain's walls were still far above them. The inner wall they were standing sloped slightly toward the snow center so if any accidents happened it wasn't nearly as dangerous as in a normal situation. There was actually a path going along the mountainside and in the distance, on the other side of the open area, was a narrow vertical fissure. Beyond that was the forest.

"Listen up!" Thorin said, "we must walk on this road here, it seems to get us to that fissure where we might find a road to the woods. Watch out your steps and don't make any loud noises or you will be buried in the falling snow."

Everyone lifted their gazes to see Thorin was telling the truth. Far above them was quite much snow that could drop on them any time soon.

The dwarfs chatted joyfully with each others, keeping their voices down not to cause an avalanche. The brightness hurt their eyes, Bilbo was even afraid of becoming snow-blinded, and because of that stepping into wrong spot and falling to the endless whiteness.

As thought of that he immediately lost balance and almost slipped. Bofur was quick to react and grabbed Bilbo's arm. The halfling gave a graceful look to the toymaker.

A hollow bang was heard somewhere in the mountain and they all stopped.

"What was that?" Dwalin asked glancing around.

"I do not know," Thorin answered suspiciously. "Let's continue."

It didn't take long as another bang was heard, this time much louder. It was so strong that the wall next to them shook very lightly. They stopped their journey once again.

"That didn't sound good," Bofur said slowly, looking up for any falling snow. Fili and Kili were also alarmed by the sound and they were ready to take up on arms for any possible enemies.

"We can't stay here, we need to hurry!" Thorin ordered from the front and they all began to move faster.

"What was that?" Kili asked suddenly and Fili turned to face his brother.

"What was what?"

"There was this.. noise," the younger said frowning and glancing around.

"Hey laddies, we need to move on," Bofur called out noticing that the rest of line wasn't following anymore.

"Come on, Kili," Fili said and turned to continue.

As Kili took his first and only step he heard the loud cracking noise right next to him. And this time Fili heard it too. Kili looked down only to see that the road underneath him was turning into a sea of small crevices.

"Fili, what's happening?" he asked as the front dwarf turned to face him. Bofur had heard them stop yet again and he rotated to see what was the problem. Everything happened quickly; as the question was asked, the ground beneath Kili gave in making the young dwarf loose his foothold and fall with the pieces of rock.

"THORIN!" Bofur shouted to the other end of the dwarf line and the leader turned around in time to see how his younger nephew was sliding along the mountainside.

Kili got a hold on some rocky overhang and the sliding came to a halt, althought the ground above him was aiming his head and shoulders with pieces of hard stones. He grimaced in pain when they hit. Everyone watched in horror as the young dwarf was fighting to hold on.

Fili hadn't got the grip of his brother when the ground had crumbled and he now tried to seek for a safest possible way to help Kili. Thorin began to rush his way back. Kili glanced up to his brother who was about 5 feet above him, there was no way Fili could help him that far.

But the elder brother had different ideas on mind. He didn't hesitate a moment as he descended to the cracked part Kili had falled and carefully slided nether along the mountainside. He was just couple feet away when a deep rumble shook the so called mountain. Thorin stopped on his tracks.

"Fili..." Kili breathed watching the sky that was now falling down. Fili lifted his gaze and his eyes widened; the snowslide was coming straight towards them.

"Grab my hand!" Fili offered his left hand to his brother.

"I can't reach!" Kili said stretching himself as much as he could. "You need to go! We aren't both gonna survive!"

"I'm not leaving you!" Fili yelled back and he slided nearer his brother.

"Fili! Get out of there, now!" Thorin shouted an order.

The blond dwarf gave the last look toward the moving snow, then apologetic glance to Thorin and finally took a good grip on Kili's hand.

"Don't let go," he said and the snow crashed them.

"NOOOOOO!" Thorin yelled in disbelief and horror as the two young dwarf were eaten alive by the snowslide.

"Take cover, all of you!" Dwalin cried out and pulled his own brother nearer the mountain's wall. Everyone tried to take the safest possible place and just hold on as the snow passed right next to them, throwing some of it on top of them. It lasted about 10 seconds and then the mountain was silent again.

Bilbo had covered his head with his arms and he wasn't sure if it was already safe to let go. Bofur had pulled both Bilbo and Ori under his arms while Thorin had dived between Nori and Oin. The dwarf king recovered fastest and glimpsed the snow sea below them, seeing nothing but the white terror.

"No..." Thorin whispered. "No!" He started to move towards the place the brothers had fallen from.

He tried to see anything that pointed to be a dwarf but there was no movement at the bottom.

"Dwalin, Gloin, Bofur and Bifur, you come with me for the searching!" Thorin commanded as he began to go down the same way his nephews had. "Balin, you will get the rest out of here!"

The old friend nodded in agreement and lead the remaining dwarfs forward.

The search group of five moved as quickly as they could on the mountainside, reaching the bottom little by little. No one said anything, no one dared. They knew Fili and Kili meant the world to Thorin and losing the boys wouldn't be an option, even though Dwalin had his suspicions.

"Kili!" Thorin called out. "Fili!"

"Does anyone see anything?" Bofur asked glancing around.

"Nothing, expect the snow," Gloin murmured under his thick beard.

"We need to find them! Search!" Thorin thundered as he finally stepped to the more even ground and no one said anything else.

Up on the hill the other group of dwarfs were really concerned about the turn the journey had got, especially Bilbo, who had started to feel little bit related to the young dwarf brothers. Once in a while each of them tried to look if the others had find the boys, but in vain. They just had to hope everything would go well.

Bofur search every inch of the snow that was in front of him, they all digged for a bit because it was not possible for anyone to stay in the surface. Bofur moved to another spot and began grab snow from a large area. Bifur was on his right, digging a different spot, Dwalin, Gloin and Thorin were further.

As Bofur grabbed the next amount of snow to throw away, something hoarse slided through his fingers. He froze and saw a tuft of golden hair.

"THORIN!" Bofur shouted starting to dig faster than ever. The leader lifted his head seeing Bofur shoveling snow like crazy and he hurried towards him, Dwalin and Gloin coming along on the way.

"Fili!" The toymaker said relieved as the face of the elder became to the surface of snow. The dwarf was little pale but opened his eyes. "Fili, we found you," Bofur stated as Thorin arrived.

"I've got his hand," Fili whispered.


"I've got.. Kili's hand, on mine." He could feel his brother's hand and managed to squeeze it a little bit, as for a sign.

Thorin and Dwalin started digging the left side of Fili while Bofur, Gloin and Bifur worked on the other side. The second group came up with empty hand so the first ones accelerated their speed. Bofur and Bifur concentrated on having Fili out of the snow, Thorin and Dwalin on Kili, as they found the younger's hand in Fili's.

"Kili!" Thorin cried out as the rest of the body became into sight.

"Is he okay?" Fili asked tiredly when Bofur lifted him up, the brothers' hands separating from each others.

"We don't know yet laddie, but he will be, trust me."

"Kili!" Thorin called out as the dwarf face was finally seen. Kili didn't move, his eyes were closed, lips were already bluish. Thorin could feel the nephew's blood running when he touched the neck.

"We need to get to the others as fast as possible," Thorin said trying to awaken Kili. "Now!" The others nodded and they started to walk to the direction others had gone to. Fili wasn't in his full strength so Bofur had to support him while moving. As Thorin was about to lift Kili fully to his arms the young one made signs of life, groaning.

"Kili, are you ok?" Thorin asked supporting his nephew.

"Mmmm... yeah..." Kili answered weakly, not able to stand straight. Dwalin supported Kili from other side while Thorin took the other and together the three of them started walking.

It took half an hour for the seven of them to get to the fissure ahead of them. Balin's group were already waiting anxiously for them.

"There they are!" Ori shouted seeing the approaching features. "They found them!" All the dwarfs felt the wave of relief rushing through them.

"We need to go to the woods, to set a fire! Now!" Thorin commanded as he came close enough. Some of them left immediately rushing toward the forest while the others stayed to help the rescued ones.

They stumbled through the snow blanket and finally came at the border of the mountain. They could see the grass growing in it's healthy green colour at the distance below them, the forest not far. It took some time to get down from that place, and all the way they were walking Fili and Kili were shivering quite hard.

Ori was waiting for them at the border of the forest, showing the way to the quickly build campfire. Bilbo, Dori and Nori were adding branches as Fili and Kili were put to sit down next to the small fire.

"Where's Gandalf when we really need him?" Thorin mumbled to himself watching worried the two exhausted young dwarfs who were trying to get warmed up. "More wood!"

The colour had started to get back in everyone's faces, Dori was examining Kili's head.

"I'm fine, go away!" the dwarf waved his hand to shoo the older one away, not wanting any hussling about him.

"Kili, let him look," Thorin ordered softly and the nephew let go, rolling his eyes. The leader sat down next to Fili. "How are you feeling?"

The blond one sneered. "I'm good. Better. And... I'm sorry."

"Don't," Thorin put his hand to his nephews shoulder. "You did what you had to. I probably would have done the same. I'm just glad you both are okay, that's what matters now." He tapped the dwarf lightly.

"What the heck happened there?" Dwalin asked the question everyone had been wondering.

Fili and Kili exchanged glances. "Well -" the younger one spoked first.

"The ground," Fili cut off, "it gave in. It cracked, possibly because of the rumbling."

"How couldn't you just jump off of it?" Dwalin wondered.

Neither of the brothers said anything in few seconds. "We didn't realise it in time." Fili answered lowering his head.

For Kili it felt like his brother had taken all the blame to himself and he was just about to say something when someone called out Gandalf's name. The company of dwarfs turned their head to see their wizard coming from the little road they had walked. The old man examined curiously the little dwarfs.

"I can see your journey didn't go well, if I'm right," Gandalf stated as he walked closer.

"When would it," Thorin said and rose to stand. "It seems that we have not much luck in our mission."

"And yet you are all alive."

"For now."

"I thought we were supposed to meet at the border," Gandalf said stopping.

"We had.. issues.. that needed to be taken care of."

Gandalf smiled and took his pipe out.

"Okay, let's stay here for a while, until we all have rested enough," Thorin said to everyone. "You know what to do."

With that the dwarf king sat down next to his kin and rubbed his beard, pondering about the future and what it had to offer them.

Sooooo... this was the first chapter! ^^ I hope I'll get some more soon.

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