AN: This is my first story so please go easy on me.

Disclaimer: All I own is the plot and my OC's

On a small dirt road there walked a lone traveler. His destination? The Village Hidden in the Leaves, also called Konaha. To most people he looked strange; a man in a red full body cloak with the hood up is not something you see every day.

"Halt" said one of the guards.

"Slowly lower your hood, please." the man gave a sigh then complied.

"Papers?" his partner asked, "And would you please take off that mask?" the man looked at him in confusion then felt his face.

"Dang it. Forgot I was still in this form." the blond armor clad warrior said before he was enveloped in hundreds of little bars of blue light. The two guards were alert, ready for anything. When the light went away a black haired young man, who looked to be twenty, took the place of the warrior.

"Sorry for that, where I'm from we usually don't worry about our changing forms." The guards stayed alert. The man handed one of the guards several papers and waited.

"Why does it say you have two names?" asked one of the guards.

"As you saw I have two forms. This one is the form I was born in. However the other one was given to me by the spirits."

"So you're a monk?" asked the first guard.

"Sort of" The guards continued to search his papers till they came to the last page.

"It says here you are searching for something. What are you looking for?" The man sighed again.

"Though the spirits have found me worthy of the form they gave me they said I was not worthy of both halves of it. As such they told me to find the one who can handle the responsibility of being what we are."

"Please wait here for a few minutes and you will be escorted to the Hokage." The man nodded then sat and started to meditate. He was drawn out of his trance as for people in mask land next to the gate guards.

"HonĊ-san? Please fallow us" said the man in the hawk mask.