Shin was laying in his bed, the time was two in the morning; he couldn't sleep...he was too busy thinking about Lin. Her smile, the way she laughed, the way she talked...the way she sung, not to mention she was smart; so in other words she was the definition of perfection for him. She was his childhood friend, and on of the only friends he has left...and he loved her, not in the brother-sister type of love, no...he loved her in the I-want-to-marry-you-one-day kind of way.

He sighed, she wold never be his though... "She's with Ikki..." he mumbled to himself. Shin wouldn't deny that he was jealous of the older male, not just because he was dating Lin, but because he was able to get girls fall for him just by looking at them. Shin was blunt and rude and people hated him for it. Shin then smirked "I could always steal her away..." he said with a slight chuckle. "Prove to her that I'm better than Ikki..." he paused "Yeah...that's what I'll do..." he mumbled to himself.

Shin then looked at the clock on his phone, almost three in the morning "I should try to get some sleep..." he mumbled to himself, getting up and turning off his bedroom light, he then crawled into his bed and sighed "Goodnight..." he mumbled to himself, before he fell asleep.

~Time Skip To The Next Day~

Shin was walking around the town, since it was the weekend he had no school, and it was his day off, so he was just casually walking around tow-until he saw something. What he saw was Ikki...making out with one of his fangirls. Shin looked shocked when he saw the scene "Why would Ikki cheat on Lin?" Shin asked himself. ...Wait this is exactly the kind of thing he needed to get to be with Lin. Shin took out his phone, and snapped a picture of the scene, immediatly sending it to Lin.

Lin sent him a message asking him to go to her apartment, to which Shin humbly agreed. He knocked on her door not ten minutes later. Lin opened the door, her eyes were already puffy from crying. "Lin...I'm sorry..." Shin said hugging her. "F...For what? You...have nothing to be sorry for...?" Lin said between sobs. "I'm sorry this had to happen to you...nobody deserves to be treated like that..." Shin said softly, running his fingers through her hair.

Lin cried into Shin's shirt "I...I'm sorry...I'm getting your shirt all wet..." she said trying to smile a bit. "It's fine...don't worry about it..." Shin said softly. Lin looked at Shin, a tear forming in her eye, Shin wiped the tear from her face "You shouldn't cry...tears don't suit you...idiot..." Shin said, softly chuckling for a moment.