WOW (and absolute proof that Enkidu and Onyx hate us!) follow, flap, urgent, normal and right.

The boys fall foul of a sinister Lovecraftian horror.

Okay, I'll admit, I really enjoyed trying to fit five completely random words into a drabble, and so *points to title* I got a bit carried away. Therefore I present a story in four individual drabbles!

Each chapter is written from one of the brothers' POV. Hopefully it will be fairly obvious which!

Disclaimer: If I owned them, I wouldn't have time to write about them.


Chapter 1

It was just a normal evening. We were heading back from the local cemetary when a sudden flap of wings was our only warning that the Night Gaunt had followed us; right before it swooped down, grasping Dean with it's dripping black claws, then banking upwards with a piercing shriek to carry him, thrashing and cursing into the sky.

I leaped up trying to grab its tail, long and scaly, coiling disgustingly like an enormous rat's tail. The urgency of the situation gave me a dizzying adrenaline rush, but it wasn't enough.

Dean's terrified face receded into the night.