E/O Challenge WoW (5) Urgent, Normal, Follow, Flap, Right.
Word Count : 100
No Spoilers

A.N. Pah! Oh cunningly evil challenge setter! All the words in the first sentence and challenge read at 6am, drabble hand written by 6.03am, (yeeees, of course 6 to 6.03 of the same morning). Bwahh ha hee hic! (My terribly inefficient triumphant laugh, it doesn't get out very often).

Oh, and Ymp, your reply's gone and got my other half wondering too now, especially as fanfic, drabbles etc is not something my other half bothers reading, not even mine! Anyway, the drabble...


Dean is engaged in a battle he is unlikely to win on his own...

This was urgent. Normally, Dean wouldn't be flapping so much right now,
but, following that stinky meatloaf? Dean was desperate.
Enough to shout Sam for help? Noooo, not quite time to bring on that
level of embarrassment.

Eventually, Dean was white knuckling it, getting Sam to help now the least worst scenario.
Opening the door, he spied Sam perusing the newspaper stand.

Sam wandered over, frowning.
"Zip...My freakin' zip's stuck an' I totally need to...you know..."
Sighing, Sam knelt down. Dean prayed no-one was watching.
"Got it!"
Dean darted inside, slamming the restroom door on Sam's amusement.


Chick ;7D xx