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It was a normal day. Cyborg was screaming at Beast Boy for loosing a video game controller. Robin had taken a quick break from obsessing over some villain to go train. Starfire was trying to make a Tamaranian meal that her friends would eat. All the while Raven tried (in vain) to meditate in the corner and ignore the chaos around her.

"Will you both shut up?" Raven screamed, becoming more aggravated by the second. They both hesitated and looked at her. "Cyborg, why do you let Beast Boy take your things into his room when you know they are going to get lost in that pigsty? And, Beast Boy, how about instead of sleeping all day you actually try to clean your room so things don't get lost? This is unbearable!" Raven stormed out of the room, leaving behind an interested Cyborg (not because it was strange that Raven yelled, that happens everyday, but because what she said made sense) and a hurt Beast Boy.

"You know what? She has a point! Beast Boy, keep the controller because you are never getting any of my stuff again."

He walked out of the room. Beast Boy sat on the couch.

Great. The only person who is ever even a little nice to me now hates me. He stood up and started walking towards his room. His eyes started to water. No. I won't cry. I won't…

Raven shut the door to her room.

Idiot. He fights like these things actually matter, and then gets upset. He has no problems, no worries, and he doesn't even know how lucky he is.

"Oh, come on Jinxie!"

"Are you sure they won't get mad? I mean, I just joined the good side, so the Titans are still weary of me. I don't want them to hate me just because of a stupid prank."

"But it would be funny! And, come on, they won't get that mad. Raven might be a little ticked off at first, but the rest of them will think it's funny."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, and besides, we're going to switch them right back when we visit next week, so they would only have to deal with it for like for a week."

"I guess you're right. Okay, I'm in. Stand back, Wally!"

Kid Flash had been trying to convince Jinx to help him with this ever since he and Beast Boy had had a prank war the last time he visited the Titans. Beast Boy thought he had won, but this would show him. He watched his girlfriend conjure up some magic, chant some magic words, and reopen her eyes.


"Well, what?"

"Is that it?"

"Yep. They should both fall asleep, and when they wake up they'll be switched."

"Cool! Thank you, Jinxie!" He gave his girlfriend a peck on the lips, and she smiled at him.

"You're welcome."