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It was almost Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day was less than 24 hours away and Donald had no idea what to do. Knowing Lilly, she wouldn't care if they'd celebrate Valentine's Day. He knew here parents celebrated Valentine's Day, Mr. Onakuramara would get his wife a dozen red roses on the way home. To Donald's knowledge, that was the extent of Lilly's exposure to the commercialized holiday.

"We're going to go out to dinner and then we'll watch one of those romantic comedies you hate."

"Jesse. Just stop. NO Valentine's Day. Do you understand? NO!"

Donald could already hear Beca and Jesse's loud early morning banter. Their arguing voices drifted down the hallway as he lay back on Lilly's bed. Lilly was sleeping. She'd spent the whole night painting, non-stop. He was quite certain that she had polished off at least 4 of her larger canvases (48 by 60). The pungent odor of the acrylic paint still lurked in the room. She wouldn't let him see them. She never did. When they first started dating two months ago, he had asked her and she had vehemently shook her head. He never asked after that. He knew she'd show him eventually.

Gently, he untangled himself from Lilly's body. He had class in an hour and hadn't finished his readings yet. This was his senior year and grades really mattered if he wanted to graduate near the top of the class like high school. He'd been pulling more all nighters, putting even more focus into the Trebles's set and partying less than freshman year. Which was great, since he could spend more quality time with Lilly. This brought him back to his previous dilemma. Valentine's Day.

He knew that Lilly would be fine with whatever they did, even if he forgot. But he wanted to make it special. Something she would remember.

Suddenly, Lilly placed her hands on Donald's bare shoulders. Shit. Her hands were cold, like freezing cold. Her hands were always cold. Even in the relatively warm weather of spring, her hands would freeze. Her fingertips were stained a deep royal blue. She lolled her head to the side a bit; her fingers laced together around Donald's neck, pulling him back down into bed.

"Don't even think of shooting that Koopa shell, Donnie... Damn you... Damn you to goddamn fucking hell," Lilly muttered in her sleep. Donald smiled, just one more adorable thing about his girlfriend, sleep talking about video games. He shook his head and leaned down to lay with her. Her body draped over his. Donald closed his eyes and relished the time he had to spend with her. In fifteen minutes, he'd have to start making his way over to the university.

Wait. Cold. Lilly always has cold hands and hearts.

He traced his hands over, Lilly's black heart patterned bedspread.

Lilly loves hearts. I have the perfect Valentine's day gift.

Lilly loved hearts. Donald didn't really know why and he wasn't really sure Lilly did either. He guessed it was something to do with what her sister did Hearts were one of the more normal things his girlfriend liked.

Again, he pried himself from his girlfriend's embrace, threw on some clothes and rushed out of Lilly's dorm room, with the perfect Valentine's plan.

After 3 grueling hours of his physics lecture, Donald stumbled out of the lecture theatre towards the city's main mall. Checking the map quickly, Donald walked to his first stop. Home Depot. When he reached the store, he headed straight for the wood aisle looking for softer wood, perferably something that was on sale. Hey, college kids need to save money. Luckiy, there was a huge block of wood pushed to the side on sale. Gently, Donald plucked the softest wood he could find from the pile and paid for the seemingly useless piece of lumber.

His next stop was to the nearest sports store. Because it was spring, Donald thought up the perfect cure for Lilly's icy cold hands. Looking over the selection of mittens was difficult for Donald. First, there were so many to choose from and second, he wasn't sure which ones Lilly would appreciate more. Finally, he decided on a knitted black pair (way over is budget) but they were soft on the inside so it wouldn't bother her dry skin. He knew it would clash with her normally colorful attire and he was hoping the large red heart on the top would make up for it.

The last step he needed to finish was to actually make the Valentine's gift. Because his family owned a toy store, it was easy for him to recall the intricate design of the whirligig. He remembered the day he designed it. His father had been skeptical about sales but he had allowed Donald to create about twenty to test out the new product. Turns out sales skyrocket with the new product.

Donald headed towards the workshop on Barden campus. Painstakingly, he carved into the soft wood creating an intricate design of hearts in the wood and three-dimensional hearts sticking out of the complex structure. The hearts were meant to spin in the wind like a whirligig. After a few hours, Donald was finished and satisfied with his work. The structure stood in his hands ready to paint. He tucked the present into his backpack and made his way back to Lilly's dorm.

Lilly would be back in an hour and a half. Donald knew he needed to work fast if he wanted to surprise Lilly. Gently, he uncapped a few of Lilly's paints of red and soft pink hues painting the structure carefully making sure that each heart was coloured differently. He really hoped that the paint would dry before tomorrow. Tucking the structure underneath one of Lilly's cupboards that she never bothered to open along with the mittens, he left the tiny room to pick up his girlfriend from her art history class.

Now, all he needed were flowers. He knew he was getting her peonies. He remembered Lilly telling him that she always admired peonies because of the vivid images of Chinese paintings from her childhood. She told him that her father would take her to the Chinese exhibitions to look at the paintings and her favourites were the peonies and her second favorites were those of carp. He smiled at the memory.

"Hey," Lilly's quite voice shook him out of the flashback.

Lilly's icy hand gripped Donald's and they made their way to the Treble house. Like a fraternity, the Trebles were able to have their own house sponsored by the university. The Bellas, after their loss from the previous year had had theirs taken way but Beca was working on getting it back. Tonight, the Trebles and Bellas were getting together for one of their many movie nights. He thought tonight would either be a horror movie or a Lord of the Rings night.

As they made their way over, he really hoped that things would turn out okay tomorrow.

Donald woke up early. It was a Thursday and he knew Lilly only had one class and he had none. The movie marathon of Lord of the Rings series had left him absolutely exhausted but he was determined to make sure Valentine's Day to be perfect. They had stayed at the Treble house because they were so tired, they just fell into bed.

First, he headed to the local florist to get a selection of peonies for Lilly. It was a small bouquet of less than eight flowers, but he was sure she'd be okay with it. Next, he climbed into the window of Lilly's dorm room to grab the whirligig and the mittens. Not wanting to risk the dropping or potential destruction of the sculpture, Donald snuck out the building through the actual entrance extremely quietly, he did not want to risk Lilly's RA finding him sneaking around Lilly's dorm. Thankfully, Donald made his way out of the building unscathed.

As soon as he entered the Treble house, he marched towards the kitchen and whipped a quick breakfast of toast, fresh fruit and a glass of milk for Lilly. Balancing everything, he opened the door to his bedroom. Lilly was still asleep, her head buried into one of the pillows.

Donald put the food down and arranged the mittens, whirligig and flowers together on the bed. Donald sat in bed and for a few minutes, all he did was stare at her and watch her sleep.

"Are you going to stare at me forever?" Lilly's gentle voice shook him out of his reverie. Even before Donald asked, Lilly always gave the same witty answer of: "Magic, Donnie. Magic." Lilly sat up and stretched her arms, yawning, still a bit tired from the previous night. Donald took the chance to hand her the bouquet of flowers.

"Happy Valentine's Day."

Lilly turned to him in surprise took the flowers and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a burning kiss.

"Peonies? How did you-"

"Magic, Baby. Magic."

Lilly gently swatted him for the witty reply.

Lilly was pleasantly surprised. No one had ever treated her like this on Valentine's Day. Mostly, her ex's would forget and she would just shrug in indignation and turn a blind eye to it.

Donald was pampering her like a princess. He even made breakfast! Albeit a simple breakfast, but still breakfast in bed. The last two Valentine's gifts surprised her the most and she knew that she would keep both presents very dear to her heart.

Lilly ended up skipping her only class, a very un-Lilly-like thing to do, and spent the morning in bed with Donald, admiring her gifts and making out. It was only after she disentangled herself from the rumpled sheets that the couple got out of bed and headed out for a quiet stroll around town. They ate street food for dinner from the hot dog stand. Lilly knew the owner well, so he gave them a discount.

While they were eating dinner on a park bench, Donald couldn't help but ask: "So how was our first Valentine's Day?"

Lilly turned around, smiled and giggled softly. Her newly gloved hands pulled his head close to hers she whispered in his ear: "Magically, fit for a stereotypical Disney princess." He couldn't help but chuckle at the response.

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