The next day came by and Ciel was still in deep sleep. Sebastian was next to him, softly smiling at Ciel's glowing figure. Anyone with common sense could see that they were in deep love. Sebastian decided that he should wake Ciel up, it was becoming late. "Ciel. Darling, wake up! You have to go meet Lucifer today. Wake up, love!" his baritone voice said.

Ciel yawned and grinned at Sebastian's face. He sat up and gave the butler and kiss on the lips. "Hey, my raven. Thanks for waking me up."

Sebastian gave another kiss as a reply, Ciel's rose pink lips touching his. They kissed for a good 5 minutes until they were interupted. "Young Master? I brought your te-! Sebastian! Young Master!" Meylin jumped up, her face red and nose bleeding. "I'll come back in a few minutes."

Ciel blushed while Sebastian was hugging his naked body. "No, it's okay. Just turn your back. I'll get dressed. Sebastian, dress me."

"Of course, my master. Although it would be a shame to cover up that delectable body." Sebastian said with a devious smile.

"S-sebastian! Shut up and do your work as my butler!" Ciel scolded with a bright red blush covering his face.

The black haired butler smiled again and took out Ciel's clothes. He dressed the teenage boy in a minute and gave Meylin the okay to turn around.

"W-well, Master Ciel, today's tea is Earl Grey with a Vienne Rose teacup. We got this cup yesterday." Meylin stammered out.

"Thank you, Meylin."Ciel said with a grateful look.

Meylin thought to herself "Ever since Sebastian and Master Ciel got together, Master has been a lot happier."

"Meylin, I won't need breakfast. We shall be meeting an old friend today at his mansion for breakfast. His name is Baron Michael Marshall. I will go there immediatley." Ciel said.

"Of course, young master. When shall you be back?" Meylin asked.

"At around 12. Take care of the mansion."

"Yes, young master." The young maid left and Sebastian and Ciel were left alone. Ciel shared a look with Sebastian and nodded. Suddenly, they arrived at the Baron or Lucifer's mansion.

"Welcome, Earl Phantomhive. Welcome, my warrior. Or should I call you Sebastian?" a young man with long brown hair and bright green eyes said. "You are here to discuss about Sebastian's situation?"

"Yes, Lucifer. Now let us in." Ciel walked into Lucifer's door and intruded. Sebastian bowed to Lucifer before following his master. Lucifer didn't seem to mind and went in with a smile.

Lucifer's butler led them into the dining hall where Ciel and Lucifer were served. Ciel kept an eye on the food and motioned to Sebastian to come and check if it was poisoned. Sebastian smelled the plate and nodded his head no.

"I'm hurt. You think that I might poisoned you, dear Ciel?" Lucifer said with a fake hurt look.

Ciel laughed and said "Knowing you, you would kill me just for the heck of it and revive me."

Lucifer laughed with him and wiped the tears off his eyes. "Now tell me, Ciel. Why have you requested to meet me?"

Ciel's face became serious and calculating. "I want you to let Sebastian be excused for this war. I won't let him get hurt."

Lucifer stared emotionlessly. "Now, that is a difficult request. How about I take him for only three years. That is if the war goes on that long."

Ciel immediately said "No! Make it a 6 months. Three years is way too long."

"I can't do 6 months. 6 months is time we need to organize the troops. 2 years." Lucifer bargained.

"No. Make it a year. No more, no less." Ciel retorted.


"Deal. When does this war start?" Ciel asked.

"In a month. Don't worry. With Sebastian by Hell's side, we will win the war in a year. Sebastian's power is equal to the archangels." Lucifer reassured.

"Fine. I'm done eating. Your fish was horrible. The smell was overwhelming."

Lucifer let out a small chuckle "You always complain about my food. You've been way too spoiled by Sebastian."

Ciel gave an evil smile return. "I can't help it. I have the most skilled butler in the world."

"Yes you do. One hell of a butler." Lucifer said.

~Time Skip~

The day ended and Sebastian and Ciel were laying down on their beds, talking.

"Sebastian, promise me that you won't die. I'll kill myself if you die."

"I won't. Don't worry. I'm very powerful. No angel will defeat me."

"Well, isn't someone a bit arrogant?" Ciel teased.

"Well, isn't someone a little tease? Hiding that body with a thin nightgown. You're making me insane!" Sebastian joked.

"S-shut up. I don't feel like having it today. I'm too tired. Besides, you almost crippled me yesterday. I'm still sore!"

Sebastian laughed and gave Ciel a small kiss. He hugged the small teenager and let the boy rest in his embrace.

"Goodnight Sebastian."

"Goodnight Ciel"

~Time Skip~

A month passed and it was time for Sebastian to go. Ciel was crying, clinging on to Sebastian's arm.

"No. I d-don't want you to leave. Don't go! I'm begging you." Ciel sobbed out.

Sebastian's heart wrenched at the sight of Ciel crying but he knew he couldn't stay. "Love, I'll be back in a year. Only a year. I will be fine. Heaven doesn't stand a chance with Hell."

"Even so, you might die!" Ciel said with tears rolling down his pale face.

"I won't. I promise you. If I don't come back, I give you permission to beat up Lucifer." Sebastian tried to joke.

"Don't say such depressing things! Just come back home safely. Finish the war quickly. I might not survive until then."

"I know. Now give me a kiss before I go." Ciel reached up and gave Sebastian a long kiss. The demons around him were staring but Sebastian didn't pay attention to them. He just kept kissing Ciel till he had to go.

Finally, the time came and they had to seperate. Ciel yelled out to Sebastian's retreating back "Come back home, you fu***** bast***! I love you!"

Sebastian laughed sadly at Ciel's heartwarming words and waved at him, his red eyes gleaming with tears.