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Sebastian's face became splattered with blood as he mercilessly killed a snake demon. His dark red eyes glowed eerily and his normally longish hair was tied back and slicked. Sebastian did not seem to stop as he continued to kill and gore out demon hearts. All his mind was focused on was Ciel. Ciel, his beautiful husband that he married in Hell only a year ago. The one human that his parents and other demon supervisors liked and agreed with. His mind thought about Ciel's bell-like laugh and sweeter than sugar smile. Oh, Ciel. I shall come home soon. This war will be over in a week or so. My adorable Ciel, I miss you. He thought as he ripped out an arm from a random demon. His mind was filled with his beloved's sweet scent, smooth voice, and navy blue hair.

Coincidentally, Ciel was thinking the same thing. My Sebastian! I miss you so much! How long will this damned war go on for? It has already been 5 months and I am pining for you. Come soon my dearest. Ciel was sulking in his office, trying to savor his mint tea and cake. His eyes were slightly glazed with what could be tears. He was signing documents about things he could care less about. He wanted his husband!

While Ciel was doing his work, Meylin, Bard, and Finny were pacing about in the storage room. Worried for their master who saved their lives and helped them out in times of need.

Meyrin finally could not take it anymore and yelled out "Finny, Bard! We must do something for the young master! Every since Mr. Sebastian left for his country's war, Master has been sulking and losing his appetite! We cannot stand by here and do nothing. As a Phantomhive's servant, we must do something!"

Finny nodded furiously "I know! But what can we do for Master Ciel? We are not Mr. Sebastian. Master Ciel is heartbroken and wants his lover back!"

Bard listened to Finny and Meyrin argue about what they could do for the young earl and a lightbulb turned on. "I know! Why don't we make yellow ribbons for him?"

Finny's head tilted in confusion. "Yellow ribbons? What does that have to do with Master Ciel. I guess the color yellow is pretty but Master Ciel is not vain."

Meyrin exclaimed "Oh! You mean what yellow ribbons symbolize? Finny, yellow ribbons symbolizes a person waiting for their loved ones in war. It is a romantic thing to do, put up a yellow ribbon for someone you love!"

Bard nodded in satisfaction. "We should make some ribbons for Master Ciel and maybe, he'll feel better!"

Meyrin agreed and the servant trio started to run around, looking for ribbons to make for their Master.

Ciel quickly finished his work and decided to go to bed. He rang the bell for the servants to come up to his room so that they could dress him. He waited for a few minutes and he heard loud knocking on his door.

"Come in." He yelled out

The door opened quickly and the trio had their hands behind their back, grinning mischievously. They marched up to Ciel and proudly showed them their ribbons.

"YOUNG MASTER! Look what we made for you. These are yellow ribbons!" Finny exclaimed loudly.

Ciel looked at them and the ribbon and smiled sadly, knowing the meaning those ribbons had. He said in a pleased voice "You guys made this for me? How intelligent you are, knowing what this means. Thank you!"

The three servants grinned happily and the Meyrin spoke up, "We also made you a yellow ribbon for a necklace and a ribbon pin for your hair."

Ciel laughed merrily, happy for the first time in ages, and took the ribbon accessories and put them on. He twirled and smiled saying "How do I look? Pretty dashing? I'll wear this everyday until Sebastian comes home. Thank you. I knew that when Sebastian and I took you guys in, we made one of the best decisions of our lives."

Meyrin and Finny teared up and tackled Ciel down and Bard smiled and ruffled Ciel's hair.

The night ended up with Ciel, Meyrin, Finny, and Bard sleeping in Ciel's large king sized bed, staying close for comfort.

A week passed and Ciel brightened up considerably more than before. Of course, he was still melancholic at times but he smiled in front of others and laughed in private with Bard, Finny, and Meyrin.

One day, while it was still sunny, someone knocked heavily on the entrance door. Ciel was passing by the entrance so he opened the door and smiled slyly like usual and said "Welcome to the Phantomhive Man-. Sebastian! Is that really you!"

Sebastian grinned evilly and embraced his lover, relishing in his husband's scent. "Ciel, I have come early, The war is over and I am here to stay for good."

Ciel was too busy to reply because he was hugging the taller demon. "Sebastian! Do you know how long I waited for you! You should've contacted me!" Ciel was crying in joy, tears streaming down from his large greenish blue orbs.

Sebastian laughed and kissed him. Lifted him up and twirled him. Ciel grumbled out "Stop being so cheesy and let me down."

Sebastian complied by kissed him again. He noticed a yellow ribbon on Ciel's neck and inquired about it. "Ciel, is that a yellow ribbon on you? And you call me cheesy."

Ciel blushed and replied "Nothing is too cheesy for you. I love you. Never leave me again."

The black haired demon gently embraced him again and whispered back to him "I never will."

While Ciel and Sebastian were having their lover's moment, Finny saw Sebastian and yelled at the others to come. "MR. SEBASTIAN, WE MISSED YOU!" Finny yelled out.

The trio glomped him and Sebastian laughed, loving the sweet reunion. "Don't worry. I won't leave Ciel and you guys for any war ever again."

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