AN: Once again, thank you to Nic for (ever so nicely) making me to write this part of the story. It would not be seeing the light of day if it weren't for her. Please note the rating change. Hope you guys enjoy it and until then, I'll be hiding somewhere waiting to see what you think since this is my first attempt at M.

Submersion - Part 3

She pulls her head back again, needs to look him in the eyes. "What if I'm tired of waiting?"

She sees the surprise flash across his face. "Are you…are you sure?" he stammers.

She looks up at him, wills him to see how much she means the words. "I just want you, Castle. I've never been more sure."

She closes the remaining distance between them, captures his lips with her own, can feel his startled gasp at the move. He responds but it's hesitant at first, as if he can't believe this is actually happening. And that's not what she wants at all. She needs him to be sure of her. Sure of this, of them.

So she curves her palm around his neck, smoothly gliding into his lap, her tongue sliding deep. He moans in surprise at the increase in contact, the sound igniting a wave of want inside her that shoots straight to her core and she can feel his body respond almost instantaneously. His arms tighten around her and his hands are roaming up and down her back, painting shapeless words against her skin with his fingertips through the thin t-shirt she shrugged on when they got home. His tongue tangles with hers, explores her mouth in an erotic dance; it sends flares of heat pulsing through her veins and yes, this is what she wants. This is what she needs.

He bites at her bottom lip, smoothes his tongue over the area, and it's her turn to moan in pleasure as he breaks away to trail his mouth across the line of her jaw, lips and tongue and teeth all working together to nip and caress. When he finally lands on the sensitive skin just below her ear she shivers, her whole body thrumming with arousal, and her head falls to the side, granting him better access to continue his assault on her neck, a fresh surge of need erupting inside her. Her skin is on fire everywhere he touches and oh, why did they wait so long to do this?

The want is building steadily, coiling low in her stomach almost painfully, and she's completely overwhelmed by the obscene way his tongue is working against her body. She's dazed and dizzy and it's too much and yet, it's not nearly enough. She needs more. She needs to feel his skin moving against hers.

He wore a dark blue sweater today, one she hadn't seen in a long time and not only did it look amazing, the color of cerulean that matches his eyes perfectly, but she's all the more grateful for it currently because she's not sure she has the grace nor the steadiness of hand to deal with buttons right now. She slips her hands underneath the soft fabric of his t-shirt below the sweater, relishes his sharp intake of breath at her touch, the way his eyes have slipped closed, and she slowly pulls up, trailing her fingers across the muscles in his chest along the way, forcing him to briefly halt his movements so she can slide the clothing over his head and toss it aside.

For a moment, their eyes meet in the dark and she's nearly overcome by the look of awe on his face, the complete reverence tinged with longing and she feels breathless, drunk on his love, on this unyielding need to have him so much closer, always closer. He's had her heart for longer than she can remember, knows the very depths of her soul, and now…now she wants him to know her body.

"Touch me, Castle."

He growls, hunger flaring in his eyes and it's his turn to lift her shirt. He takes his time, drags his fingertips up and against her skin on both sides, across her ribs, over the curves of her breasts through the simple black lace, before he finally tugs the shirt off, dropping it to the floor by his.

His hands return to her waist, large palms nearly spanning it as she sinks deeper into his lap, the shift causing them both to groan as she can feel just how affected he is by her. She's fighting the urge to move her hips, wants nothing more than to push deeper against him as she reaches behind herself to unhook the clasp of her bra. He brushes her hand away, unhooks it himself in one swift motion but doesn't make a move to take it off. Her breath catches as he leans closer, presses his mouth to the skin of her collarbone, kisses along her shoulders as he plays with the straps one by one, slowly sliding them down over her arms until the lace finally slips free.

He's driving her absolutely crazy, his hands and mouth everywhere but where she needs them most and her entire body is aching for release, buzzing with desire that swims through her veins. She's imagined this moment in her mind at least a hundred times now, imagined the way he'd touch her, hold her, pictured him as she touched herself, dreaming, wishing her hands were his and never in a million years would she have guessed he'd be this patient, this in control, and damnit she's determined to take some back.

"Stop teasing," she gasps, grinding down against his lap mercilessly.

"Kate," he hisses. His head falls to her shoulder and he bites down against her skin as he can't stop his hips from chasing hers back up when she retreats ever so slightly. She drags her body down against him again, head falling back as his hands move to clutch at her waist, powerless to resist the temptation any longer. He's strong and solid and hard underneath her, pressing into her right where she needs the pressure. Yes, right there. Right there, Castle.

She grins wickedly, watches his expression as she catches his hand, guides it to her breast. He moans as her nipple hardens immediately beneath his touch. His eyes are wide, hungry, almost desperate as he circles, pinches, smoothes his thumb over the raised peak and finally gives into this own need, lowering his mouth to her chest.

He palms her other breast as he sucks on her nipple, rolling his tongue over it in slow, teasing flicks. She gasps, arches into his mouth, the feeling so good, so incredibly intense that she thinks she could come undone from this alone.

She plays with the waistband of his jeans and his body jerks as her fingers slip further down, stroke the skin just below the edge of his boxers. He reflexively lifts his hips, causing their lower bodies to connect again and oh god she cannot take much more. She needs him naked now.

His mouth is still doing indecently amazing things to her chest, making it hard for her to think through the haze of arousal and if there's any chance of making this last, she's got to do something quick.

"Bed," she finally manages to grit out as she rocks against him on impulse. He finally releases her nipple from his mouth with a slick pop and gazes up at her, eyes clouded with lust.

Before she knows it, he's lifting them both from the couch, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist as he carries her easily toward the bedroom. She loves this too, the strength of his body, the width of his hands. She's never felt safer than she does in this moment, his grip on her steady, sure.

He deposits her lightly against the edge of her mattress, eyes roaming her body appreciatively, reverently, and he pauses briefly, as if he's soaking in the sight of her, committing her every shape and curve to his memory.

"Are you sure?" he asks quietly, for the second time tonight, and her heart flutters in her chest. He's still being so cautious, so patient with her, still doesn't seem to understand just how badly she wants this, wants him. She thinks she's never wanted another man this much, never loved anyone the way she loves him.

"Yes, I want this. I want you, Rick. More than anything."

She lowers her hand to the waist of her jeans, flicks them open, drawing the zipper down, observes the hitch in his breath as his eyes are glued to her movements. She hooks a foot behind his leg, pulls him forward, and he steps closer, helps her shimmy out of the tight denim, his fingers sliding down along the length of her legs. She shivers against the chill of the air, her body fully exposed with the exception of her underwear, soft cotton that he seems to appreciate by the expression on his face.

"So incredibly sexy," he hums, watching the glow of the moonlight from the window play along her skin.

She pushes herself up, reaches out to undo his belt, tossing it across the room as her other hand works at his jeans. He groans as she drags the zipper down, adding pressure against the bulge in his pants before yanking the jeans down his legs. He steps out of them quickly, pulling his socks off as they go. His eyes slip closed as she cups him through the thin material of his boxers. "Kate," he whispers, straining against the urge to buck into her hand. "Feels so good," he groans.

She chuckles and he growls at her. "Who's the tease now?" he asks, voice low, rough, laced with need.

She gasps as he pushes her down into the bed, moving to prop himself over her as they slide backwards, up and towards the pillows. She nearly crawls out of her skin when he moans into the cotton fabric of her panties, his breath hot against her. "Castle," his name, escapes on a ragged breath as she chases his mouth with her hips, seeking more of his touch.

He slips his fingers underneath the waist of her underwear, teases the soft skin, flicks his thumb over her clit before he rids of her of the last remaining article of clothing. He continues his ministrations with his fingers and her mind goes blurry, a singular chant of yes, yes, right there, Castle, don't stop, the only thoughts she has.

She reaches blindly for his boxers, shoves at them impatiently, and he actually has the nerve to laugh at her as she struggles to slide them down his legs. She huffs at him, rolling her eyes, and a smile breaks across his face as he shucks them away. Even through her mild annoyance she realizes what has caused that smile, something about the entire exchange just feels so natural, so them, and she's helpless in containing her own responding smile. It stretches across her entire face, her heart warmed by the recognition that this is right and wow, they've really made it here. Finally.

She pulls him closer, brings his lips back to hers and slips her tongue inside, probing, exploring his mouth as his body settles heavy between her legs, his fingers still working, slipping inside her, curling. The dual sensations nearly send her over the edge as her back arches off the mattress. It feels so good, his hands are like magic, and again, why didn't they do this sooner? He stills her, his palm heavy against her hip as he holds her in place. She can feel his erection hot and throbbing against her thigh and she can't contain herself any longer when his fingers do something sinfully good inside her. Flashes of light explode behind her eyes and her body pulses and contracts around his digits as he eases her down from her high.

She kisses him softly, languidly as her hands tangle in his hair. "That was amazing," she hums against the corner of his mouth, still breathing hard. "I think I'm the one who had no idea," she laughs, regaining a bit of control as she moves her hands down to his waist, runs a finger along his length, reveling in the way he grows under her touch. She grips him lightly, runs her thumb across his tip in slow circles and then, it's he who's suddenly panting, mouth dropping open, pressing kisses sloppily along her neck.

"God, Beckett," he groans, "If you don't stop, this is going to be over far sooner than I'd planned," he finishes, eyes slipping shut as she continues to work him up and down, twisting ever so slightly along the way.

She pauses for a moment, considering briefly, and then quickly flips them over, a practiced move from her years of sparring, so that she's the one on top. He lets out a startled yelp, his eyes darker than she's ever seen them as she grins evilly above him.

She rises up, positions his tip along her entrance and sinks down onto him slowly. They both groan simultaneously as he fills her, stretches her, and even though it's only been minutes since she broke apart she can feel the need rising steadily inside her again as they start to move together.

She doesn't know what she thought this would be like but everything she has ever conceived falls short of this feeling. It's nothing like anything else she's ever experienced. This connection between them, the way they work together, like they were always building toward this moment, an inevitable conclusion and beginning to their story all in one. There are no more words, only the feel of his hands guiding her hips, the motion of his thrusts, hitting all the right spots, urging into her, deeper, deeper.

She's barely clinging on to the last of her restraint when he whispers, "Let go for me, Kate." His voice against her ear is enough to shatter the last of her resistance and she clenches around him, splinters apart in his arms as he follows right behind, pumping into her rhythmically with his own release.

He holds her close, kisses her deeply as he traces his hands up and down her back, rolling them onto their sides.

"That was…wow," he says between breaths, still coming down.

"Yeah," she agrees. "Wow."

They drift into a comfortable silence as they recover side by side. The soft glow of the moon shining in from her window paints shadows across his skin and she finds herself unable to resist touching him, running her fingers along the sharp ripple of muscle in his arms. She doesn't know how she's waited all this time to touch him but now that they've crossed this line she never wants to stop.

After a few minutes she tucks her head into the crook of his neck and presses a soft kiss to the skin of his collarbone. "Thank you," she says.

"For the mind blowing sex?" he asks, his voice still a little breathless. "Pretty sure that was equally enjoyed, Kate."

She swats at his arm. "I'm trying to be serious," she huffs, rolling her eyes at him as she pulls back so she can see his face.

He laughs, "Well, you have to admit, it was pretty –ooooof!" She tosses a pillow at his head, cutting him off, but when he tosses it aside, she knows he can see the laughter in her eyes behind the smirk. He coughs to cover up a laugh and she watches as he tries to school his features, lets her have this moment. "For what, Kate?"

"I just meant for waiting, for all the times you've saved me, are still saving me, for not giving up. I don't deserve it but I need you to know that I'm in this."

He looks at her, eyes growing more serious as he traces his fingertips down her side, catches her hand, and laces their fingers together. "I already told you, you're worth it, Kate. You may be the most maddening, challenging, frustrating person I've ever met but you're also the most extraordinary, the most passionate, the most amazing, and there is nowhere else I'd rather be. No one else could ever come close to you."

She lays her head back against his chest again, suddenly exhausted, but it's good feeling now. She feels safe with him here, loved, warm for the first time in a week.

She's no longer drowning when she sleeps in his arms.