I glance down at the hideously expensive platinum omega adorning my wrist – 7.15pm.

Crap, crap, crap! I've been so caught up in gettting my report for a important manuscript finished I had completely lost track of time. . Why had Christian not contacted me? I was late, really late. I reach over to my desk drawer and pull my blackberry out. No messages. Hmmm. It was very unlike my Fifty to let me be 15mins late home from the office without panicking let alone an hour and 15 mins. Very strange. I decide to send some form of damage control, hopefully it will lessen the storm undoubtedly waiting for me when I arrive home.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Inexcusable tardiness

Date: Feburary 2 2015 19:18

To: Christian Grey

To my dearest, darling, sexy husband.

Appologies for being late, time got away on me. I had an important report to finish for my meeting tomorrow, I would have contacted you sooner had I realised how late it was. I will finish up here and head home. I do hope your palms are not twitching.

I am surprised and somewhat shocked to have been left this long without so much as a word from you, or Sawyer – who I presume is in reception waiting for me.

A xx

I hit send then turn to my computer to double check that I have saved the report ready to print in the morning when I arrive at work. As I am closing down the computer I hear my blackberry vibrate.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Safe backside

Date: Feburary 2 2015 19:22

To: Anastasia Grey

To my beautiful, smart, mind-blowingly sexy wife.

I assure you that your backside is safe from my calm, non-twitching palms.

You work too hard baby. I know your are safe, Sawyer is outside your office and Prescott is in the security quarters keeping an eye on the building.

I hope I can say the same about my backside when you arrive home. Please keep an open mind. I couldn't help myself.

Your dearest, darling, sexy husband. - your words. Please keep them in mind when you get home. Have I told you today how much I love you? Incase I haven't. I love you Mrs Grey. x

Christian grey,

CEO, Grey Enterprises holdings, Inc.

I stare at my screen contemplating the email from Fifty. Keep an open mind? He hopes his backside is safe from me? What on earth is he up to.

I grab the pile of manuscripts that are sitting on my desk waiting to be read and put them in my bag, flick off the switch on my desk lamp and head out of my office. As Christian had said, Sawyer was indeed sitting on the sofa outside my office.

"Evening Mrs grey."

"Sorry Sawyer, I got carried away with work and didn't realise what time it was. You should have knocked and let me know."

"I was instructed by Mr Grey to leave you be mam."

I chuckle not quite believeing what Sawyer had just said.

"Ummm, okay?" I mutter. "i'm ready to go home now."

"yes mam, the car is waiting out front, I just have a few errands to run for Mr Grey on our way back. Shouldn't take long."

What on earth is going on, I shake my head in a combination of amusement and disbelief and follow sawyer to the front of the building. He opens the back door of the SUV and takes my briefcase from me. Once I am sitting he hands me back my briefcase and closes the door. I'm slowly getting used to being fussed over, it was part and parcel of marrying my dear Fifty. I have to keep reminding myself that i'm not to expect it though. The last thing I want is to expect everything to be done for me just because I married Christian. Sawyer climbs into the drivers seat, and Prescott into the passenger seat.

"Good evening Prescott." I say politely

"Mam." she replies. Ever the professional. Since I convinced Christian to give her back her job she has been in complete security mode. Her face always blank. Never smiles or lets herself get into a conversation with me. It's starting to annoy me. I can't say I blame her, it was my actions that got her fired after all. But still, a little friendliness would not go a-stray.

I pull a maunscript from my briefcase and figure I may as well do some reading on my way home. We've been travelling for about 10 mins when the car stops. I look up from the dreadfully boring piece im reading and take a look at where we have stopped.

Its a small building in town, brightly lit up. There is a huge green sign hanging from the glass front. The yellow writing shines underneath the fluroscent lights

Pets 'r' us - for all your pet supplies. There are paw prints flashing on and off on both sides of the sign.

"what are we doing at a pet shop?" I ask.

Sawyer is already out of the car and making his way through the glass door.

"Sawyer won't be long mam, just picking up something that Mr Grey has requested."

I am puzzled, what on earth does christian want, or need from a pet store. We don't have any pets.

I shake my head in dis-belief again, and continue to read the manuscript. I know I will not get anything out of Prescott, so I won't waste my time, i'll wait for Sawyer to come back. He's much easier to get information out of.

About 5 minutes later I see Sawyer making his way back to the car with a brown paper bag in his hand. He climbs in and hands the bag to Prescott while he puts his seatbelt on.

"Excuse me sawyer." I chime

"Everything okay Mrs Grey."

" Would you mind telling me what we are doing at a pet supply store." I ask more demandingly than I intended.

"Sorry Mrs Grey, I am not allowed to say."

"Sawyer!" My voice has gone up a few demanding notches.

"Strict orders, sorry."

" Okay, I can play this game, so Mr Grey has told you you are not allowed to tell me? Interesting, did he say you were not allowed to show me?" I think Sawyer knows where i'm going with this.

"No Mrs Grey. Mr Greys instruction were that I was not allowed to tell you what I had picked up."

"Good, pass me the bag them please Prescott." I instruct as I place my hand between the 2 front seats ready to receive the bag. Prescott turns to look at Sawyer, obviously waiting his instruction. Sawyer nods at prescott. He knows me well enough now to know I will not let this go. So he's decided to prevent the storm and give in. After all he's not dis-obeying orders, i've just found away around them.

Prescott hands me the brown bag reluctantly.

I open the paper bag and peer in.

I pull out a black leather collar, and a black leather leash both with white stitching and silver buckles. Why does Christian need these?

I place them back in the bag and hand it back over to Prescott.

A leash and a collar? I think about the email I received from Christian. Keep an open mind. I hope my backside is safe. Surely not. He wants me to wear these? I know we like our

kinky fuckery, but animal acsessories? Putting on a collar and being controlled around on a leash? Thats different, and im not sure im entirely pleased with the idea. I look up and catch Sawyer looking over at me.

"Are you okay Mrs Grey, you've gone a little pale?" he asks

"aahh, yes, im fine, just thinking about something at work. Thanks. I'm going to put the screen up, I need to concentrate on the manuscript i'm reading." I press the button for the divider screen and look down pretending to read the manuscript thats resting on my lap. When the screen reaches the top of the car, I slump down in my seat and throw the manuscript down on seat.I should have known Fifty wasn't happy I left work late, despite his email saying he was calm, and this is my punishment. Has to be. Oh fifty fifty fifty.

Im still slouched in my seat thinking about my up-coming punishment when the divider starts to lower.

"We are home Mrs Grey." Sawyer announces.

I sit up straight in my seat and lean down to pick up the manuscript and place it in my briefcase. I push the strand of hair back that has fallen down my face and straighten up my shirt. Oh I am not going to take this punishment Grey, I am not a dog! And as the car stops outside the front of the house I brace myself for a battle. I look out of the window and see Teddy running around the lawn. He should be in bed by now, oh fifty. I guess this is what happens when mums not home to stick to the routine. I see christian running behind Teddy laughing. Hmmm as mad as he is he won't do anything in front of Teddy, this is good. I let myself relax a bit, knowing that while Teddy is awake i'm safe. So rather than storming out the door I open the door calmly give my briefcase to Sawyer and walk towards my boys.

"AAAAAA..." I scream as I hit the grass face first with a thud.