Chapter 54 - It's a...


I woke up early this morning, which is not unusual. Ray was sitting at the dining room table reading the paper when I got downstairs. If he heard us last night, he never said anything. It was business as usual. He talked about fishing, the latest sports results and the children - his three favourite subjects.

Everyone else was still asleep when I went in to work. I wanted to get everything sorted early so I could take the afternoon off. I am so fucking excited about the gender reveal party. There is a few things I need to pick up for Ana - which one I give her is dependent on the colour of the cake.

It is no secret that I am hoping for another son, but expecting to find out we have another Princess on the way. Don't get me wrong, I love Phoebe more than anything, she's my little girl, my angel, my baby - may god help the shumcks who come within 10 metres of her when she's older. She small, and delicate and so fucking beautiful just like her Mommy. One look at her by anyone and they are putty in her chubby little hands - the exact reason I'm hoping for a boy. I don't think my sanity could take having three beautiful females in my life. I can barely cope with Ana.

Tonight we'll find out! Elliot's desperate for a son also. Like me he loves Ava, wouldn't change her for the world, but there's something about having a son that just makes you feel...more manly.

Elliot read an article that suggested the better lover the man is, the more chance of getting a son. The theory is, the more you work your wife up, the less chance a girl has of getting through her juices - but boys, they'll shoot through that honey like fucking superman. Our reputations are riding on this. I haven't told Ana the theory, I know she'd only roll her eyes and tell me I'm an exceptional lover all of the time in which case Phoebe should be a boy - maybe I was having an off day that day.

I decide to phone Ana and see how her day is going. Her and Carla have taken Phoebe shopping for a new dress for tonight.

"Hi Babe,". She answers on the second ring.

"Hey Baby, how's the shopping going?"

"Okay, I bought a new dress for me and three for Phoebe. Moms taking her sweet time as usual." She groans and I chuckle.

"I'm sorry baby, I know you don't like shopping."

"It's okay, I'm just looking at the lingerie trying to find something sexy to wear for you that'll fit over my balloon stomach."

I tap my pen against the desk repeatedly and grin. She's always thinking of me, even when she's shopping for herself. "Seen anything I'd like?" I smirk, my mind picturing her strutting around in red see-through lace.

"I did see something."

"Is it red?" I ask.

"Actually it's black lace." She sighs. "I can find something in red though."

"Black is perfect baby. I can't wait to see you in it." My cock stirs thinking of Ana in lace.

"If I wear it tonight will I get lucky?" She's asks.

She's been making snarky comments for weeks about me holding out on her, but this time a twinge of guilt hits me because for the first time there is sadness in her voice.

"Oh baby, I can't wait to bury myself inside of you." I rub one side of my head, focusing on my temple - and it hits me. She's not missing the sex so much as she's missing our constant connection.

"Really?" She says softly.

"No place i'd rather be. I love you so much babe. I've missed you, but I know your feeling better now and your blood pressure is improving."

She sighs with relief and I can sense her smile.

"I've missed you too, so much." She whispers. "I love you."

"Kiss my baby girl for me."

"Okay. Love you." She hangs up and my head drops. I hate hearing her sound sad, it breaks my heart. I'm going to make love to my wife all night and show her just how much I adore her, cherish her, worship her.


I hang up from Christian and kiss our baby girl on the cheek. "Daddy loves you Princess." I run my fingers through her hair then tickle under her chin.

"Da dada dad." She babbles excitedly and starts waving her hands around.

"Lets go for a walk shall we." I push her stroller back to the lingerie, leaving Mom looking at the dresses. I see Sawyer roll his eyes and follow me closely.

I take another look at the black lace set I seen before and take my sizes off the rack.

"Jesus Ana." My Mom gasps from behind me.

"What?" I turn to see what is wrong.

"That's a bit.. Sexy." Her eyes bulge when I hold the panties up.

"Jeez, I'm a mother, not a nun." I roll my eyes. "When did you become such a prude?" I giggle.

"I'm not, don't mind me." She waves her hand for me to carry on. "I'm just surprised you are both still so... I don't know 'hot' for each other."

I snap my head back to her, my mouth gaping. "Aren't you? With Bob?"

She shrugs, "Darling, I love Bob, but things are... Stagnant. I see the way Christian looks at you honey, that man worships the ground you walk on. You are very lucky. Cherish it."

"Oh Mom." I grab her hand and squeeze it. "Come." I push Phoebe with one hand and pull her with the other.

We spend the next hour and a half getting Mom enough lingerie to last her the next year. My treat - well Christians actually, I left my card in my other purse at home so had to use the black Amex he gave me after we married. I wonder if he'll notice $14, 267.95 missing.

When we return home it is mid afternoon and Christian's R8 is parked out front. He's home! I didn't see him before he left for work this morning, didn't get my morning kiss, or the goodbye smack on my behind. These may seem like small things to some people, but they mean every thing to me.

"Daddy's home." I kiss Phoebes cheek and unbuckle her from her capsule.

"Let me take her honey." Mom holds out her hands to take her from me. I hand her over and grab our bags.

Christian jogs down the front stairs. The top few buttons of his shirt are undone and he's holding his phone to his ear talking to some one. He smiles when he sees me, cups one side of my face and kisses me. Not caring about Mom or the person he's talking to on the other end of the phone I return the kiss enthusiastically. When he breaks away he smacks my ass then takes the bags from my hand and carries them inside for me resuming his conversation.

I follow him into the house, kicking my heels off as soon as I pass the front door. Ooo that's better.

Ray is sitting on the sofa watching sports with Teddy. Teddy looks at me smiles then turns back to the television, enamoured with the men running around on the screen.

"Hi Dad." I sit down next to him and curl up, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Enjoy your shopping?" He kisses the top of my head and starts stroking my hair.

"Mmm hmm." I close my eyes.

"Did you have lunch?" He grumbles. I shake my head and yawn.

"Annie, you are growing a little life, you need to eat." He growls.

"You sound like Christian." I giggle. "We were busy, it slipped my mind."

"Go and eat." He kisses my head again and nudges me up. I push myself up and drag my feet to the kitchen.

I fix myself a sandwich and take it back through to the TV room. Christian is back downstairs when I enter and pats his thighs for me to sit on him. I sit next to him but fling my legs across his lap, propping my back up with cushions. I eat my sandwich while he massages my feet and talks animatedly with Ray about sports. When I finish I put my plate on the coffee table and lie back.

"You are tired baby, why don't you go have a nap."

"I'm okay." I wriggle my toes asking him to keep massaging my feet. I must fall asleep because when I wake, I am in our bed and I can hear the shower running.

I throw the covers off and climb out then pad across the carpet to the bathroom. Christian is standing under the shower head, one hand stretched out against the wall, the other running through his hair with water streaming down his face. I strip off and creep in behind him. I wrap my arms around his waist and rest the side of my face against his back.

"I told you you were tired." I can sense his smug grin. "Feeling better?"

"I am thank you." I kiss his back. He stands straight and turns around.

"I missed you this morning." He presses his forehead to mine and gives me a quick peck.

"I know, my whole day has felt 'off', I need your kisses to start my day." I place my hands on his chest and trace the lines of his pecs.

His mouth attaches to my neck and starts sucking my skin, never staying in one spot long enough to leave a mark. "I can't wait to be inside you tonight." He groans softly into my neck.

"Why wait?" I moan.

"Because, we have a cake to eat. I don't know about you but I'm hungry."

"Hungry for you." I whisper.

"And have me you shall...later." He kisses all over my face, delicate kisses, ones that don't suggest anything further.

We finish washing, then dress. Christian in the bedroom and me in the closet. Every time I get a new dress he has this 'thing', he doesn't want to see it until I am wearing it and ready.

I chose a dress that is floaty and feminine. It is short in the front, longer at the back. In keeping with the theme I picked one that is a soft bluey colour and has blue and pink flowers. I didn't know what colour belt I should opt for, so I chose pink. Mainly because everyone is convinced we are having a girl and because I liked the pink belt better.

I leave my hair down, letting it fall in soft waves around my shoulders. I put my gold watch on and a gold bangle then the gold necklace I picked up today that has a turquoise stone in the centre. I think that's fair. Pink belt, turquoise necklace. Both genders are covered. I hunt around for a pair of shoes that match. I really can't be bothered with heels tonight so I slip on a pair of beige coloured ankle Ugg boots with an embroidered flower emblem on the front. I'm not going for impressive tonight, I'm going for comfort.

I fasten the belt over the top of my bump and ruffle my hair with my fingers. Done.

I open the closet door and walk out. Christian is doing his shirt up when I enter. He looks up and his face splits into a huge grin.

"You look amazing baby. So beautiful." He rushes around to me and sweeps me into his arm.

"Even in my Ugg boots?"

"Even in your Ugg boots." He chuckles and kisses the tip of my nose.

We head downstairs after taking over from Mom and Gail with getting the children dressed. Teddy is wearing a nice pair of jeans, and a white pinstripe shirt and phoebe a blue dress with white polka dots and a pink sash around the waist.

Christian carries Phoebe down the stairs, while I walk down with Teddy.

"Stop right there." My Mom screeches. I freeze in my tracks and look at Christian who is shrugging. Mom rummages through her handbag and takes out her camera. "Such a beautiful family." She says tearing up. "Say cheese." She sings. Christian moves over so we are closer together and wraps his free hand around my waist - then we smile for the camera.

"She's right." Christian whispers in my ear when she's finished snapping. "I'm a lucky man." He moves in and kisses me quickly, Moms flash going off again.

We have to take two of the SUVs over to Grace and Carrick's home. Christian and I with Phoebe and Ray, and Mom, Bob and Teddy in the other.

When we arrive everyone else is already there. Kate and Elliot's, Ethan's, and Kate's parents vehicles are already parked up.

Ray carries Phoebe up, and Mom has Teddy leaving Christian and I to walk up hand in hand. It's nice. There is a slight breeze blowing and the sun is starting to set. It really is a beautiful night.

"Lets build a bigger deck off the bedroom so we can sleep under the stars." I murmur.

"Whatever you want baby, I'll talk to Elliot. We can get it done when he's doing the baby's room." He lifts my hand to his mouth and kisses my palm.

An excited Grace opens the door for every one, shaking hands and kissing cheeks as we file through. When Ray reaches her she kisses him on the cheek and steals Phoebe from him.

"You get five minutes." He jokes.

"Hello my little Pheeby weeby." She coos and wiggles their noses together. "Gramma missed you, yes she did." She kisses her all over her face then props her up on her hip.

"Beautiful as always." Grace brushes the hair from my face.

"Thank you Grace." I give her a hug and move forward for Christian.

I leave Christian to talk with his Mom and head into the living area where everyone is seated. I am hugged, kissed and passed on to the next person. When I get to Elliot he pulls me to the corner of the room, away from prying ears.

"Ana, my reputation lies in your hands. You have to have a girl." He whispers.

"What are you talking about Elliot? I can't choose the sex of our baby, and what about your reputation?" I shake my head confused.

"I fucking peeked Ana." He looks around to see if anyone is watching.

"You what?"

"I lifted the cake up and pulled a bit of cake out with my finger."

My eyes widen and I gape at him. "Why would you do that?" I hiss, deathly quiet.

"Fuck, I don't know. I was left alone in the kitchen. I do shit like that."

"Why are you telling me this?" I turn my back to everyone.

"Because. I need you to control Christian."

"Control him?" I arch my eyebrow.

"Look, I told him this theory right...that.."

"Why have you got my wife huddled in the corner?" Christian snakes his arms around my waist and narrows his eyes at Elliot.

"Just planning our escape bro. You know she loves me." Elliot winks at me.

"Fuck off." Christian snarls. "Go harass your own woman." He turns me around and cups my face. "Thirsty baby,"

"Please." He swipes my bottom lip with his thumb and kisses me, slowly. Elliot makes vomiting noises beside us.

"That bro," Christian turns to Elliot. "Is how boys are made." He laughs and Elliot huffs.

"Oh my god, did you peek too?" I gasp, making Christian turn to me - he is frowning.

"Who peeked, baby did you look at the cake. Fuck, it's a boy?" He has his breath held waiting for an answer.

"No I did not peek." I reply, "how do you know we are having a boy?"

"I don't I'm just giving Elliot shit. Who looked?"

I hold my hands in the air. "I'm going to get a drink." I roll my eyes and leave them to it.

Ray is busy talking with Carrick, and Mom with Mrs Kavanagh, so I head to the kitchen to get a drink and see if Grace needs a hand with anything.

"Can I help?" I ask when Grace and Greta notice my presence.

"Go and sit down sweetie. We are fine in here." Grace smiles. Greta eyes me over, stopping at my Ugg boots. I roll my eyes. I can't believe after nearly 4 years of marriage she still looks at me like she has a chance with my husband. The girl needs to get a grip.

"Are those the cakes?" I point at a small table that has been covered in a white cloth, 2 odd looking shapes underneath.

I walk over there. "Yes, but don't look. The reveal of the cakes is going to be just as fun as the cutting." Grace says excitedly.

"5 grandbabies I'll have in a few months." She shakes her head like she can't quite believe it. "3 of which will be Christians. How will I ever repay you?" She chokes up like she usually does when she is reminded of how far Christian has come.

"A drink of juice would be nice." I giggle.

"May favourite sound in the world." Christian kisses behind my ear. "I would have got you a drink baby. Can you believe he looked? Impatient fucker." He whispers.

"I know his brother." I tease.

"Hey." He nudges my shoulder. " shit are those the cakes?" He walks over to the table and reaches for the cloth.

"Christian Trevelyn Grey, so help me god if you look at those cakes!" Grace is waving her knife around in the air.

"What? Why can't I look at them? And more importantly, why was Elliot allowed too?"

"Elliot hasn't seen them Christian, those cakes have not been left alone. Either Greta or myself have been in here since they arrived.

I snap my head to Greta giving her the same look she gave me. She blushes bright red and continues to chops her peppers. She must have allowed Elliot to look or left during her shift on cake security.

"Scoot." Grace waves Christian out of the kitchen. He grunts and pulls me with him.

We head back to the living area and chat with everyone until dinner is served. Dinner is as lovely as it alway is when Grace is involved. We have roast beef with carrots, pumpkin, and creamy mashed potato that has been lightly coloured either blue or pink.

She serves pink champagne, both alcoholic and non alcoholic and a blue lagoon non alcoholic cocktail. The napkins are blue and pink and even the centrepiece is a vase full of pink geraniums and blue hydrangeas. She really has gone all out.

"Thank you so much Grace. This is lovely." I reach across and squeeze her hand.

"Yes, thank you Grace, you have done an amazing job organising this." Kate pipes up.

"You are more than welcome." She pats her mouth with a napkin. "Now shall we have a quiet drink or would you like to do the cakes?"

"Cake, cake, me wan cake gramma." Teddy yells, making his opinion known.

Everybody laughs. "Can't go disappointing my son now can we?" Christian smirks. "Cake it is." He claps his hands together and stands.

"Okay, everyone in the living area." Grace commands. Mia is bouncing with excitement whispering something to Ethan. Elliot is trying to remain expressionless, Kate is fidgeting nervously, Ray and Carrick are still chatting each others ear off and all the mothers have disappeared to the kitchen.

"Baby, I just want you to know that despite my hope for a boy, I'm happy with whatever we are having." Christian pulls me in to him and cups my face. "We made this together baby, our love...and that in itself is perfection enough for me. I love you so much."

"I love you too babe." I reach up and kiss him. "So, so much."

"Come on you love birds." Carla yells, walking through to the living room with a stack of small porcelain cake plates.

The table is now in the living room and everyone is standing with a glass ready to toast. Carrick hands us both a drink. Christian sniffs it.

"A sip will be fine son." Grace butts in before Christian has a chance to say anything about the 'real' champagne in my crystal glass.

"Us first." Kate blurts and starts laughing. "Please, I'm dying here."

I giggle and nod. She claps and walks Elliot over to the table. Grace hands Kate a large cutting knife with a blue and pink ribbon tied around the handle the removes one side of the white cloth. Kate screeches, loudly, when she sees her cake. It is a fawn coloured replica Louis Vuitton bag. It looks so real it's not funny. There is a tag hanging off the bag that reads - The baby is in the bag.

"I love it!" She hugs her Mom who rubs her belly. "Okay, lets do this."

Elliot and Kate hold the knife together, stopping for photos then cut into the bag. Making one cut, and then another to be able to slide a piece out.

"Ahhhhhh." Kate screams. "It's a girl!" She throws her arms around Elliot who hugs her back laughing. It was no secret that Kate wanted another girl. She got what she wanted, i'm so happy for her. Elliot will be disappointed, though he's never admit that out loud. Me - I'm not fussed either way. Christian is beside me in fits of laughter slapping his thigh. Elliot is giving him the death glare.

What the heck is that about? I slap Christians shoulder, getting his attention.

"Behave yourself." I growl.

"I'm sorry baby, it's just Elliot... Never mind. I'll tell you later."

"Congratulations." I walk over and hug Kate, as best I can with our bumps between us.

"Thanks Babe, a girl... I'm so happy right now. Your turn." She smiles.

"Come on baby, I can't wait any longer." Christian is standing with the knife ready to go. I bite my lip and walk nervously up to the table.

Grace uncovers the cake and I gasp. It is beautiful. My eyes well up and I look at Ray and blow him a kiss. He nods.

"Wow." Christian chokes and jerks his neck. "Ray, thank you."

Our cake is a book. A huge beautiful book. The front cover is white with the most beautiful, intricate silver and gold border I've ever seen. Our initials are entwined on the front cover, just like I had designed when we got married, the exact same that I had engraved on Christians cuff links.

The tale of Baby Grey the Third.

Is written in the most beautiful calligraphy in the centre of the cover. From the sides of the cake it looks like actual pages of gold paper. I run my finger delicately over our initials and wipe a tear from my cheek.

"Look baby." Christian points to the spine where the Grey Publishing logo is.

Dad has gone all out. I take a jagged breath in and wipe more tears away. Then run to him and give him a huge hug.

"Thank you Daddy, it's perfect."

"You are most welcome sweetheart." He coughs the lump from his throat and kisses the top of my head.

I walk back over to Christian who is still studying the cake. "I couldn't have done better myself. I almost don't want to ruin it by cutting it." He mutters.

"Dig in." Ray yells. "There's a plaster version in my suitcase for my new grand baby's nursery.

"Ready?" Christian asks, wiping a tear from my cheek with his thumb. All the women 'awwww' behind us. I nod and place my fingers around the handle of the knife, then Christian wraps his around mine.

We make our first cut into the book. The cake must be moist because when we slide the knife out there are no crumbs to give anything away.

"I love you." Christian whispers in my ear as we make the second cut.

"I love you too." I breathe back.

We look at each other then lift the cake up.

I giggle when I see it. He says nothing, just drops the knife, with the slice of cake that was balancing on it and cups my face. "Fuck I love you...I love you , I love you." He groans and kisses me hard. Everyone claps and whistles as the piece of blue cake hits the table then falls to the ground.

"A boy." Christian breathes.

"A boy." I repeat.