Okay this takes place Season 2 when Finn leaves Rachel in the tree lot after dumping her. I'm actually surprised there aren't more fics on this, I read a few but this is in my opinion Puckleberry gold! Anyway established Puckleberry and Cherryford friendship because I love fics with Cherryford friendships

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After Rachel got over the initial shock that Finn and her were actually over. Like really over this time she registered that she was shivering and noticed how cold and dark it was getting. She quickly drew her coat tighter against her body and started slowly making her way through the Christmas tree lot to the front, the only thing on her mind was getting home and getting under the blankets and then of course crying her eyes out. If she could just get to her car….

That's when Rachel stopped walking as a cold dread washed over her; she slowly reached into her pocket only finding her house keys. Finn had given her a ride to the tree lot. Rachel tried her hardest not to panic, it would only make the situation worse. Her gloved hand dove into her other pocket hoping she hadn't forgotten her cellphone and breathed a sigh of relief when she felt her bejeweled IPhone. She pulled it out of her pocket and started to scroll through her contacts and was about to hit call on a certain persons name when she suddenly froze. She was about to call Finn, knowing although he was angry he wouldn't just leave her in a tree lot on the edge of town. But she had a feeling that right now he wouldn't even pick up if she called.

She sighed and that turned into a cough as the cold air started hurting her throat. This was getting bad, Rachel needed to call someone, Now! Rachel bit her lip and scrolled to her first emergency contact. She told Finn she changed it to him but something always stopped her from doing it. Maybe Rachel just wanted to know in the back of her mind he was her emergency number. Either way right now she needed him, she hit dial and listened to the phone ring. Hoping that years of their long (and sometimes hidden) friendship would be enough to spring him into action. Just then the click of someone picking up made Rachel hold her breath.

"Hey Berry, thought I told you no more booty calls." The deep voice said from the other side of the line before laughing "Joke Berry, swear, what do you want? I'm in the middle of kicking other Asian at COD."

Rachel heard a voice in the background, most likely Mike's shout "He's lying Rachel."

The minute Rachel heard Noah's voice she knew everything was going to be fine and that's when she allowed herself to freak out. "Noah…" she said trying to hold back the desperation and panic in her voice. She didn't think she did so well as Noah stopped laughing and just seemed to be listening to her almost hysterical breathing.

"Rachel" Noah said his voice taking this scary calm tone, a tone that those close to him knew was only reserved for my-friend-is-in-trouble-who-do-I-have-to-punch-to-make-it-stop situations.

"What's wrong?" Rachel let out a shaky laugh thanking herself that she didn't change him from her emergency contact. "Noah do you know where the Christmas tree lot on the edge of town is?" Rachel asked him.

(Switching POV's)

After Rachel asked Puck that question he inhaled sharply and Artie and Mike were now looking at him in concern and confusion. But Puck couldn't worry about his friends right now he was busy taking that one sentence Rachel said and dissecting it. He was really good at telling when a person wasn't saying every thing, Rachel blames it on him watching to many detective shows. Puck kept putting the pieces together until he figured it out, Rachel must have thought that if she went to serenade or do some Christmas shit Finn would forgive her. Clearly it didn't work and Finn the dickhead must have taken his feelings and high tailed it out of there forgetting her. Leaving her stranded, alone, in a Christmas tree lot, in the dark, miles away from her house.

Those thoughts propelled Puck up off the couch clenching his fists and trying to hide his fury as he spoke "Rachel I'm trying to keep myself from exploding here at the moment so I'm going to say this once. Please tell me you didn't try to make up with Finn while you two were getting the glee club Christmas tree." Puck's worry and anger got ten times worse when he was met with silence "GOD DAMMIT Rachel, I told you let me or Chang handle it, I told you we would make up some shit and to not tell him." Puck said as he moved out of the living room to find his keys ignoring Artie and Mike's calls from the living room.

Instead he put the phone on the table in his front hall and turned it on speaker so he could get his boots on while still talking to Rachel. Puck could almost see Rachel frowning at him through the phone as she responded.

"And I told you Noah that it was my mistake and I would fix it, you and Michael have been helping clean up my messes and defending me since we were five. I can handle myself."

Puck snorted, "Calling that bullshit." He stated while shoving his boots on.

"And I have been forced into secret friendship ever since I became quote on quote popular so I demand permission to punch whoever made you freak out like this." Mike yelled into Puck's phone. Puck rolled his eyes as Rachel yipped in surprise from hearing Mike's voice.

"Your on speaker Berry." Puck yelled while putting on his coat and reached for his keys just as his front door opened revealing Sam and Matt both holding cases of beer.

"We come back from our mighty quest with the gift of beer." Sam said in a dorky deep voice while holding the beer above his head like a trophy. The boys stared at Sam as Matt shook his head

" He did that in the store when we found the beer he even said the word huzzah." Matt stated. Both boys were met by silence until Rachel on the phone asked quietly "Matthew what are you doing there?"

Matt blinked and looked around "Rachel?" he called thinking she was hiding. " On the phone" Rachel said. "And although on most occasions I would love to talk and catch up with you its actually quite cold and the reason I called in the first place was to get a ride."

Puck nodded checked his coat pocket for his car keys and then grabbed the phone. "Okay Berry here's how it's going to go get your ass to the front where they keep the street lights on. I'm gonna give the phone to Chang and he and… some very confused guys" Puck said as he observed Artie, Sam and Matt's confused faces "Are gonna talk to you until I get there okay." Puck shoved the phone in Mike's direction not waiting for Rachel's response. "Talk about that dancy musical you guys debate about what's it called line dance?"

Mike rolled his eyes as both he and Rachel said at the same time "A Chorus Line." Puck for the first time since picking up the phone grinned, "You are so whipped and she's not even your girlfriend." Mike just rolled his eyes again and walked into the living room already talking to Rachel. Puck could tell although Mike looked calm he was nervous by the way he could hear him talking to Rachel.

He watched as Sam and Artie trailed in after Mike, Puck grabbed Matt's coat and Matt looked at him confused. "I'll tell you on the way there but you need to come." Puck said his voice back to being serious. Matt still confused followed Puck as they jogged out to his truck. It had started snowing and Puck cursed as he climbed into the drivers seat.

"Want to tell me what's going on and why I'm here? How about we start with Rachel stuck at a tree lot alone at night." Matt asked. Puck gripped the steering wheel hard, "Long story lets start with you're here because your gonna keep me from punching Finn's lights out." Puck said. Matt looked surprised but listened as Puck told him what he missed as they drive to the tree lot