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12 years later…

Gotta live like were dying…

Rachel smiled as she watched the song end, the DVD faded only to light back up again to show the award ceremony. Her grin got bigger as she watched her old glee club's reactions as they were announced the winners, the boys whooped, the girls bounced. Puck spun her around, Quinn jumped into Artie's lap and Santana, Mike and Matt grabbed their various girlfriends. Sam and Finn lifted up Kurt in celebration. Rachel laughed at Kurt's scared face that had been a good day for the whole club. They still say that was the day they truly became a family.

Rachel sighed as she rubbed her swollen belly. Many years have gone by since that day, and the glee kids have grown, graduated college and all moved on. But they all did stay close knit and opened their gleeks inner circle when Blaine and both Sam and Finn's wives came into the picture. Most people would find it strange that a group of teens from a high school glee club would marry their various high school girlfriends\boyfriends then move into the same apartment building in New York City. But the gleeks couldn't say they didn't see it coming, it just made getting to each other easier….

Speaking of getting to each other easier Rachel could use that right about now. Her smile disappeared off her face when she felt another sharp pain. They had been happening all day so Rachel had her suspicions, but she quickly became alarmed when she started to feel wetness soak through.

'Crap, crap crap I think…' Rachel panicked.

"Noah." She yelled uneasily.

He had set her up in their bedroom that morning and had taken his place in the living room. When he didn't respond Rachel yelled louder. Noah still didn't come.

"I swear to God if he fell asleep." Rachel mumbled before screaming


Two seconds later a very sleepy and frazzled looking Noah showed up at the door.

"What?" he asked.

Rachel rolled her eyes "Oh nothing dear, it's just that our twin darlings are in the process of ripping me apart. But don't worry, go back to sleep."

Noah stared at her for a minute.

"Wait did your water break?"

Another contraction ripped through Rachel, she gritted her teeth together.

"Holy shit- YES! That is what I'm saying so for the love of God call Mike and Quinn so they can start busting down doors and get me to a fucking hospital!" Rachel screamed through the pain. Noah immediately snapped into action, he quickly rushed over to his wife muttering his apologies and swearing never to fall asleep again. He gave her his hand to squeeze (he was pretty sure she squeezed it harder then necessary) and reached for the phone on the nightstand. He punched in the numbers and put the phone to his ear. After a few rings it picked up.

"Abrams residence." A chirpy voice said.

Puck rolled his eyes; Quinn and Artie had just returned from their honeymoon like a month ago and were still nauseatingly sappy towards each other.

"Code twins, get Tina and Artie over here and then you and Mike start banging on doors." Puck said. Stunned silence met him for a second.

"QUINN." He called as Rachel groaned and squeezed his hand as another contraction came.

"Right on it." Quinn said and the phone hung up. Puck sighed and raised his head as he heard Quinn running in the apartment above theirs.

"Artie and Tina are coming?" Rachel asked as she was panting, her anger replaced with exhaustion from the pain.

Puck nodded, "Yeah the godparents for thing 1 are coming to fulfill their duties." Puck said.

That had been one of the hard parts from staying close to everyone, picking out the godparents. They technically had only picked out godparents for one of the twins, after numerous fights they decided to wait for the twins to be born to decided on it's godparents. But for thing 1( Noah had fondly started calling the babies Thing 1 and Thing 2 after the sonogram couldn't determine the gender of the babies) Tina was chosen because she was Rachel's first real girlfriend and stood by her through all the craziness of high school and beyond. Puck had juggled between Matt and Mike before finally deciding that Artie might be better, he was one of the smarter and wisest guys he knew and was perfect for guiding a kid and all that.

Puck tried to keep Rachel calm and breathing until he heard a key through their lock and Tina and Artie came through the door. Tina rushed to Rachel,

"Hey honey." She said taking Rachel's free hand. Rachel smiled before another contraction came.

"Okay" a determined Artie said and all turned to him. "I'll call Rachel's doctor, Tina call the parents and Puck call and ambulance. Quinn and Mike are banging on doors and rounding up gleeks and co."

They all nodded and Rachel just kept breathing. Soon Joanna (Finn's wife he met one day in Boston she was tough and a football lover and they loved each other deeply) came through the door.

"Ambulance is here." She announced

Puck nodded "Get Kristy (Sam's wife, they met at New York comic con and were two geeks in love it was kind of nauseating) and you two tell them we are coming down. Then get Mike and Matt to come carry her. Everyone get your cars."

There was a bit of scrambling but a few minutes later Matt and Mike showed up right as Rachel screeched from a painful contraction. Matt and Mike jumped back, Puck rolled his eyes.

"That's you in six months Chang!" he said.

Mike gulped and Tina scoffed and put her hand on her just visible baby bump.

"So glad we decided to adopt." Matt said.

"Oh how is the little noisemaker?" Puck said thinking of the Rutherford's just adopted baby girl.

Matt made a face "I haven't slept for a month." He complained.

"Well as soon as you ladies are done gossiping maybe you can get me to a hospital before I give birth to two Puckerman's!" Rachel yelled. Puck turned to his wife.

"Okay Rach" he said in a calming voice "Since this" he said gesturing to Rachel in her frazzled painful state "Is all my fault Mike and Matt are gonna carry you down."

Rachel glared at her husband, "I don't give a fuck how I get there anymore just as long as I get there."

Puck nodded and Mike and Matt went to pick up Rachel. Artie shut his cellphone,

"Your parents are on their way and Will and Emma just called (when the gleeks graduated from college Mr. and Mrs. Shuster told them to start calling them by their first names) they said they just got to the hospital and they are wrangling the gleeks and kids together in the lobby."

"Great everyone is there but me." Rachel said.

Puck nodded, "Right time to go."

"Operation Pucklebabies." Mike said.

Rachel wacked him on the back of the head.

Meanwhile at the hospital…

Will Shuster hung up his phone and turned to his wife who was holding their six-year-old son Nicky in her lap.

"They are all on their way." He said. Nicky looked up from banging his light up sneakers together.

"Are the Aunts and Uncles coming?" he asked.

Will smiled at his son, the gleeks even after they weren't gleeks anymore were still a part of his life and he was a part of theirs he was there for all their big moments. He bought tickets to everyone of Artie and Tina's movies; they made a great tag team. Him as the director and her as the actor\producer (one of his films was up for an academy award this year). He was one of the first people to buy Mercedes first CD (it had a bonus track where she got all of New Direction's to sing an old favorite) and Quinn's book. (It is a successful teen series about a group of high school kids who rebel against the school bullies and teachers and take over the school. Everyone laughed when she based the characters off them- although Sam is still not happy he was described with HUGE lips) He threw a party for Santana when she got her license as a lawyer and attended Puck's police academy graduation. He was at the ribbon cutting ceremonies for both Mike and Brittany's co-owned dance studio and Matt's first building (he became an architect). He always buys and looks out for Kurt's fashion line (Show-Tune) and buys every new issue of Sam's superhero comic (it's about a team called the Gleegion- everyone was in hysterics about that). He smiled every time he runs into Finn at the park (he is a stay-at-home dad and it's the happiest he's ever seen Finn) and of course he's always got a front row seat to any Broadway show Blaine and Rachel are in, they were in Chicago together before Rachel went on maternity leave (Blaine played Billy and Rachel was Velma). They have stayed a Glee Club all these years and the kids were right there at Will and Emma's wedding, the birth of Nicky, the move to New York etc. So of course Nicky grew up calling the Gleeks his Aunts and Uncles.

"Yeah kiddo they'll be here soon." He said ruffling his son's hair. Ten minutes later the lobby was filled with the gleeks and their kids. Matt and Mercedes had adopted a girl and named her Daisy, they were helping Kurt and Blaine adopt their first. Santana was huge with her and Brittany's surrogate (aka they picked out of all the glee guys and decided on Sam, he is the baby's godfather) everyone was actually wondering who would give birth first her or Rachel (Santana is a little bugged that Rachel won). Tina and Mike have a few months before their first kid comes, Finn and Joanna have a two-year-old son named Frankie and Sam and Kristy are trying. Quinn and Artie just came back from their honeymoon and haven't thought about kids yet. So to say the lobby was pretty crowded would be an understatment.

Five minuets after the gleeks entered Rachel was wheeled in screaming with a scared Puck beside her. They disappeared behind the main doors only for Puck to pop back out looking freaked out.

"My wife wants to kill me." Puck said.

"Well it's official, the wrath of Rachel is more powerful then Puck's badassness." Artie announced.

Puck grimaced "I can revoke godfather status Abrams."

Nicky leaped up from his mom's lap and hurried over to Puck. He smiled and picked up the excited six years old.

"Hey Shorty."

"Hi Uncle Puck, is Aunt Rachel still screaming?" Nicky asked making Puck grimace again. Kristy laughed and took Nicky out of Puck's arms

"How about we let Uncle Puck freak out, come on and play with Frankie." Kristy led Nicky over to where Finn and Joanna sat with Frankie.

"How's Rachel?" Mercedes asked as she held Daisy.

"Violent." Mike muttered as he rubbed the back of his head where Rachel hit him. Quinn rolled her eyes before turning to Puck from where she was sitting with Artie "Puck why are you freaking out so much you've been through this before?"

"Are you kidding me! Quinn you were a tropical cruise compared to Rachel." Puck said as he began to pace

"Speaking of Puck's spawn." Sam asked Puck glared at him "Where's Beth?"

"I called Rachel's mom, she and Beth are on their way here now."

(Around sophomore year of college Rachel and her mom worked out her issues and Quinn, Puck and Shelby worked out a share Beth plan, they were now part of the gleeks inner circle)

"Great now that everyone's here can someone get me food before I become bitcher then Rachel?" Santana called from her seat. Brittany just smiled and patted Santana's very pregnant belly. Kurt sighed and turned to Blaine

"Come on we are now on pregnant girl duty." Blaine laughed and they both went off to get Santana food. Puck began to pace and the other gleeks chatted around him.

Soon Rachel's dad's, Shelby and Beth showed up along with Puck's mom and sister and all went to check on Rachel. Puck's sister came back reporting Rachel was fine but she didn't want to see the bastard that did this to me anytime soon. Puck flinched and kept pacing. Emma and Mercedes were trying to wrangle the children, Santana was slowly eating all the chocolate in the gift shop and the rest were spread out between the lobby, Rachel's room and the gift shop. Puck now sat in the lobby and everyone was kind of wondering why he wasn't with Rachel yet.

Finn soon joined Puck carrying Frankie with him. Puck's head was in his hands as he leaned forward. Finn cleared his throat to make sure Puck realized he was next to him. Puck shifted so Finn went on, "So it's been proven that I'm not the smartest guy around and Sam swears I took to many hits to the head in high school. But shouldn't you be in the same room when your wife's giving birth?" Puck snorted but kept his head down in his hands so Finn continued "I mean I've only done this once but…"

Puck sighed and finally picked his head up.

"I thought I was ready for this." Puck said, he sighed again "I mean, I didn't freak out. Not once. Not when she first said she was pregnant, not when it turned out to be twins, not even when we were getting her to the hospital. But when we went through those doors and the doctor talked about setting up it hits me- holy crap I'm gonna be a father." When Puck said that he moaned and put his face in his hands again.

"It's gonna be fine man." Finn said

"How do you know? How do you know I wont end up like my dad."?

A few of the gleeks had come back from the gift shop and heard Puck's last comment.

Mike snorted, "Are you serious Puck?" Mike asked.

Finn glared and Puck once again put his head in his hands.

"Wait Puck listen man." Mike said. Walking over and propping Puck back up "One, you and your dad are under totally different circumstances. He was a deadbeat in Ohio, you are a cop in New York living in Manhattan."

"Point two." Matt said from behind them, heading over with a sleeping Daisy in his arms. "Your parents, and I'm hoping I'm not overstepping a line here- even though I know about parents separating. Your parents rushed and forced their way into marriage. You've loved Rachel since you guys were twelve."

"Another point." Santana shouted from her seat "Like Rachel would ever let you get farther then the doorway. She would call Sam, Mike, Matt and me and we would beat the sense back into you." Everyone laughed and Puck smiled a little.

"So we know it's not about you leaving." Finn said

"Why would Puck leave?" Kurt asked as he Quinn and Artie came in holding more chocolate for Santana.

"Puck is just freaking out."

"But Puck you would never leave and your gonna be a great dad."

"Why does everyone keep saying that?!" Puck grumbled still nervous and not convinced.

"Well look at Beth." Shelby whispered from where Beth was sleeping with her head in her lap. Puck looked over at his young blonde daughter before shaking his head.

"I've been more like a fun uncle then a father to Beth."

"That's not the point!" Quinn said, "Your great with her, Nicky and Frankie both adore you. Kids love you Puck. You're going to be a great really."

"Their right Puck." Puck snapped up and turned around to see his mother standing there.


She smiled and walked towards him "You are not your father Noah you are so much more then he ever was. You love Rachel more then I thought it was possible to love someone. You would move mountains for her, if anyone were ever going to hurt her you would kill them before they even got close and I know that all that love will go to your children. They will grow up knowing they are loved and they are special because you will be there and you will be amazing."

Puck was on the verge of tears he quickly whipped them away and hugged his mom, the other gleeks smiled.

"I love you mom." Puck said

"I love you too Noah." Mrs. Puckerman said before separating from the hug and facing Puck. "Now, suck it up, be a man, and go let your wife scream at you while she gives birth to your children."

Puck laughed but took a deep breath and looked back at the gleeks and in true cocky Puck fashion lifted up his arms, smirked and said "I'm scared shitless but I have to go help my overdramatic wife give birth to two badasses." He said and walked through the doors.

He found Rachel's room and saw she was breathing through a contraction.

"Alright Rachel we're getting close." The doctor said and Rachel breathed out.

"Rach…" Puck said and Rachel looked over at Puck and she smiled. But her grin quickly turned to anger.

"Where the Fuck! Have you been?!"

Puck sighed and moved closer to Rachel's bed "Rach I am so sorry I was fine until we got to the hospital and then I realized. This is it." Puck made eye contact with Rachel when he said this "Everything changes after this and I just panicked and started thinking what if I end up like my dad-"

"Noah!" Rachel interrupted "Don't ever say that again you could never be your father you are one of the most generous, kind men I know."

Puck snorted

"I'm serious."

Rachel sighed and took his hand. Puck watched as their fingers interlocked and their wedding bands clacked together when they connected.

"Do you want to know something?" Rachel murmured

Puck looked at Rachel and was surprised to see warm brown eyes radiating happiness staring into his.

"I never fell in love with Puck. Puck was an egotistical jerk going nowhere. I fell in love with Noah a man who is passionate about his music and his life and protecting others in his job. Who cares about his family and friends and a man who loves me more then life itself. Your Noah." She smiled and Puck smiled back and leaned down to kiss Rachel.

"I love you Rach."

"I love you too Noah…. And I hope your ready."

Puck drew back. "Why?"

"Because I can feel it, there ready to come."


"Right now!"

"Shit- we need a doctor in here."

The gleeks paced around the room, Rachel's fathers had come out and announced that Rachel had started to push; now they were all anticipating the new pucklebabies. It had been at least an hour since they had been told.

Then the door moved and everyone jumped as an exhausted Puck walked out. Puck looked at them and he smiled.

"I'm a dad."

Everyone clapped. "What are their names?"

"Well the one that was a girl is Caroline Rose Puckerman." He said, Tina clapped and Artie gave Quinn a quick hug (they were the girl's godparents)

"And the boy." Puck slowly said, "Was born five minutes after his sister"

"Matthew Michael Puckerman."

Matt and Mike just stared at Puck. Mike started to cry and hugged Puck, Matt grinned and joined them.

"Alright dudes, enough with the chick flick moment, besides it was Rachel's idea. She considers you two her brothers."

"Okay now who are the little badasses godparents?" Santana asked.

"Well we thought real carefully about this so… Beth." Puck called to the little girl who was now playing with Daisy. She turned to Puck surprised

"You want to see your godson?"

Beth stared but then smiled, jumped up and ran and hugged Puck. He smiled and leaned down holding his oldest daughter tight. They smiled big at each other and then Beth ran behind the doors. Puck laughed, "Quinn, Shelby can you go make sure she doesn't break anything?"

Tina and Artie went with them to see their godchild.

"Wait whose the godfather of the little Matt?" Sam asked

"Rachel wants the kid to go by Matty so theirs no confusion anyway Kurt I think your needed by your godson."

Kurt just stared at Puck shocked, Puck couldn't blame him. Thirteen years ago he was throwing the kid in a dumpster and now he was asking the same kid to watch over his son. Kurt slowly got up, squeezing Blaine's hand before making his way to Puck.

"So.. Do we hug now or something?" Kurt said. Puck laughed and pulled Kurt into a one armed hug.

A few hours later Puck felt himself being poked awake. He opened his eyes to find himself sitting in Rachel's hospital bed in a darkened room full of gleeks and kids and parents all sleeping in chairs or on the floors. He turned to see who was poking him and saw Rachel awake and sleepily smiling at him.

"Hey." He said softly and kisses her temple.

"Hey." She responded

"You want to hold the kids?" Puck asked

Rachel nodded and Puck went around the bed to where the twins were laying. He picked up Caroline who started to wake up.

"Shhhhhh." Puck said as he rocked her "It's okay, stay asleep." He murmured as he handed her off to Rachel and he reached for Matty before sitting back next to Rachel.

They sat staring at the sleeping babies just taking it all in.

"So their what? Six hours old?"

"Around that."

"All right then I guess it's time to start teaching them stuff."

Rachel laughed " Noah I'm an overachiever and I even think that's ridiculous."

"Just one it's really important."

Rachel rolled her eyes

"Alright kids now one thing that I need you to remember above all else is answer your phone."

Rachel looked at him confused but Puck went on.

"Because you don't know when the call that will completely change your life will come. You may not even recognize it. It could be something as simple as someone just asking for a ride home…" Puck looked at Rachel and her eyes widened in realization of what he was talking about. "Even if it's just a ride give it to them." Puck said and he and Rachel took each other's hand.

"Cause you never know what could happen." Puck finished then leaned down and kissed Rachel, his best friend, his wife and now the mother of his children. They broke apart and went back to staring at their children but Puck caught Rachel's low murmur

"Thank God for Christmas tree lots."

And Puck smiled.


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