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Chapter Seventeen.

Gibbs was just about to close the front door behind him as he saw Tony walk up towards him. He was wearing jeans and t-shirt and Gibbs had to smile ever so slightly because he hadn't seen him like that for over ten years. He realized that he much preferred casual Tony over work clothes Tony. He seemed so much younger like this.

"Hey," the younger man grinned and waved at him. "So, what are we up to?"

"Want to come with me to the shore and a couple of drinks afterwards?"

"Sure, sounds good."

Tony smiled again and then briefly looked around before he leaned closer and brushed his lips against Gibbs'. The older man smiled into the kiss and then at the man in front of him as he realized that he could really get used to that, even if they had to be careful around others due to their job.

"Let's go," he finally said and nodded towards his truck.

"Have I told you," Tony quipped as Jethro backed out of the driveway. "That I admire your consistency? You still drive the same truck after ten years."

Gibbs let out a laugh and shook his head. "Yeah, well. Some things never change."

"True. But I am glad that some things do change over times," he answered quietly and then found Gibbs' hand on the stick shift and squeezed it softly.

"Me, too," Gibbs just said, glancing at him for a second before he redirected his gaze onto the street in front of him.

The rest of the ride was spent in silence and for once Tony apparently didn't feel the need to fill it with carefree chatter. Gibbs usually didn't mind, but he did enjoy the comfortable silence now. They had been talking a lot these last two days and for the moment he was content with hearing the man next to him breathe, knowing that he was simply there. When he finally pulled over at the once well-known shore, he waited for the regret to hit him instantly, but for some reason it didn't come. He took a deep breath and got out of the truck with Tony next to him doing the same. The young man was still smiling goofily as he looked around and was just about to grab Gibbs' hand when his glance fell on the older man's face.

"What's wrong?" he asked and Gibbs realized that his insecurity must have shown, so he tried to compose his features, but Tony just shook his head.

"Nothing," Gibbs finally said and then let out a sigh as he took Tony's hand. "Just haven't been here in a very long time."

"How long?"

"About ten years."

"That's… long," Tony said, his eyes never leaving Gibbs' face.

"I guess," Gibbs just shrugged and then guided them closer towards the water.

It was still as beautiful as he remembered. There was nobody but the two of them, the sea and the small beach. He used to come here first with Shannon and then with Kelly quite a lot, simply sitting in the sand and enjoying the salt-breeze. Those memories, however, faded into the background as his thoughts reached his last couple of visits. He had been sitting on a bench, which was now no longer there, for hours, staring at the gun in his hands, waiting for the right moment to kill himself. He had spent hours and hours thinking, but had to realize that he was too tired and exhausted to even pull the trigger. The last time he had been there at the shore was the day he had first met Tony and it only made sense to Gibbs to come here again when things had finally come full circle.

"It's beautiful," Tony said as he let go of Gibbs's hand to step behind him and encircle the older man's waist with his arms.

Gibbs let himself almost melt into the other man's touch and let out a sigh which seemed to come from deep within him. This was what he had been missing for so long. Someone who was there to hold him, someone he could lean onto when times got rough. He just really hoped that he wouldn't mess it up with Tony this time. He simply needed him too much to let him go again.

"Why are we here, Jethro?" Tony asked now, barely above a whisper and his breath ghosted over the skin right underneath the older man's earlobe.

"Wanted to show you," he shrugged. "Special place."

"I can tell," Tony replied softly, his arms tightening around him. "You've been here with them, haven't you?"

"Every time I was home," Gibbs said after a moment of hesitation. "Kelly loved it here."

They fell silent again as they simply stood there for a long time, just staring at the sea and feeling each other so close. Gibbs could feel Tony's breaths on his neck, could feel the security that emitted from the younger man's arms and for a moment it was like the last ten years had never happened. He had felt exactly like that the first night when Tony had held him, trying to stop him from crying.

"Thanks," Tony finally said, causing Gibbs to turn around in his arms.

"What for?"

"For taking me here. Can't be easy to come here and sharing it with someone, especially after all this time."

"Guess so," Gibbs shrugged and then leaned into him, pressing his lips against Tony's.

It was nothing more than a chaste brush of lips, but when they broke apart, Tony simply nodded at him, indicating that he understood. And Gibbs was sure that he did, too. This wasn't just a place to bring your date to make out, this was Gibbs' special place even though he hadn't been there for such a long time. He still missed his girls with every breath he took, but since Tony had come back into the picture it had gotten easier day by day. And only now did Gibbs feel like he could actually be happy again someday. Maybe it wouldn't be today or tomorrow, but he could almost feel it coming towards him now. He brought his hands around Tony now and hugged him tightly as if he never wanted to let go ever again.

"Thanks," he finally whispered. "Thank you."

Tony didn't reply, just hugged him tighter and that was really all Gibbs needed to know.


A couple of hours later Gibbs grabbed two bottles of beer that he had stashed under the seat of his truck and handed one of them to Tony. They had spent the remainder of the afternoon at the beach, just sitting there enjoying the sight and each other. They hadn't talked much, but they really hadn't needed to.

"Why are we here?" Tony asked now, sitting down on a bench beside the road in front of a huge warehouse.

"Don't recognize the place?" Gibbs replied, taking a swig from his bottle.

"No?" Tony said confusedly as he looked around again.

Gibbs waited a moment and then smirked when he saw the figurative penny drop.

"This is where I used to work. Or the place at least."

"Yup," Gibbs replied. "Wanted to take you here in hopes that there was still some sort of bar, but no such luck. I settled for the bench then."

"Not too bad," Tony laughed. "Always wondered when, never if, it would go bankrupt. God, it was such a dump. I always wondered why people would even show up there."

"Maybe it was because of the service," Gibbs replied smiling and bumping his shoulder against Tony's. "I certainly did."

"Yup," Tony let out a laugh again. "You and those two lovely ladies that always smelled like moths."

"I remember them," Gibbs shook his head, laughing now, too.

"See," Tony said now, smiling broadly and pointing a finger at him. "This is what I want to see more often. That smile, god, I had dreams about you smiling like that. You should really, really do it more."

"Yeah?" Gibbs just replied, still unable to contain his smile. "I'll remember that."

"You do that, 'cause I plan to see it very often from now on. Got that?"

"Yes, boss," Gibbs quipped, earning himself another laugh from Tony.

"Good," Tony just said and then leaned closer to kiss him again.

They stayed like that for a while, drinking beer, joking, talking and kissing from time to time until Tony started to shiver ever so slightly in the rather fresh air around them. Gibbs pulled his arm around the younger man, pulling him even closer.

"Want to go home?" he asked then, already picturing them in a very similar position in front of the TV, snuggling into each other.



When Gibbs had imagined the evening to fade away with Tony there in his house, he had thought about the couch, a movie and maybe a kiss good night. What he hadn't expected though was the force with which he was all but thrown back against his own front door and the younger man attacking his lips as if it was the last day for them together. Tony had him pinned to the door and Gibbs couldn't do much more than let it happen and try kissing him back. It wasn't like he didn't like it because, god, he loved it, but it had taken him by surprise due to the younger man's earlier insecurities about anything physical between them.

"You sure you want to do this?" he finally managed to breathe out when Tony's lips had descended to his neck.

"Do I look like I'm in doubt?" Tony replied with a chuckle in between two nips.

"Nope," Gibbs let out a laugh and was then taken by surprise when Tony grabbed one of his hands and dragged him up towards the bedroom.

"Second door on the left," Gibbs chuckled when Tony suddenly stopped in the hallway, looking around in search for the right room.

Tony just nodded and then guided them towards the room. Just when Gibbs thought he would just throw him onto the bed, Tony stopped and backed away a bit to look at him intently instead. Gibbs answered the scrutinizing glance with one of his own and was then slightly surprised when Tony coarsely ordered.


Gibbs just raised an eyebrow and for a moment wanted to protest until he remembered how good it had felt letting Tony have control all those years ago. So he just nodded and then stripped slowly, but deliberately. He casted glances at Tony all the while and was satisfied that he was mirroring him, getting rid of his own clothes. He had filled out since Gibbs had last seen him naked, but he was still all muscles and the older man realized he liked it a lot.
When they had both stripped down to their boxer shorts, they slipped under the covers of Gibbs' bed and turned towards each other. They simply stared at each other for a few moments, their hands touching each other's hips, their legs entangled. After a while Gibbs finally leaned closer and kissed him thoroughly, their tongues brushing against each other. Their touches had become more demanding as Gibbs' hand slipped under the waistband of Tony's boxers and cupped his ass. He waggled his eyebrows when Tony's hand found its way towards his cock, which twisted in anticipation. Tony let out a throaty chuckle and then kissed him fiercely once more. Gibbs gasped into it, having not expected the sudden force of it. Apparently taking advantage of his surprise, Tony rolled them over so that he was lying on top of him, giving Gibbs an almost comical leer. Tony let his hands slide down Gibbs' sides, causing him to shiver ever so slightly.

"God, I missed this," Gibbs breathed out and received a broad smile in return for it.

"Me, too," he simply answered, his voice rough and low as he started to play with Gibbs' by now overly sensitive nipples.

He let out a groan when Tony continued his tender ministrations, kissing his way along the older man's jaw to his ears, resting there for a few moments as he nibbled at the earlobe, sending shivers down his spine. His hands were suddenly all over him and Gibbs felt hot and sweaty and they hadn't even done anything, yet. He was so focused on every single touch that ghosted over every inch of his body that he was surprised when Tony suddenly stopped and looked at him questioningly. Gibbs furrowed a brow and then realized what Tony was asking and answered.

"Nightstand. Top drawer."

Tony grinned and reached for the lube and one of the condoms that were in there. Gibbs felt his breath hitch in his throat when the younger man looked at him again, his expression so open that it made his heart speed up even more. He couldn't help but reach up and pull him closer against him. They kissed until he felt Tony's erection press hard against his own. He let out a moan at the sudden feeling of loss when the younger man broke their kiss to squeeze the lube onto his fingers. Gibbs watched his every movement as he reached between his legs and found his entrance. He circled it with a tenderness that had Gibbs on the edge instantly before he pushed against the muscle. Gibbs could feel his breathing grow shallower and Tony looked at him for a moment, raising an eyebrow.

"Has been a while," Gibbs pressed out, closing his eyes as Tony's fingertip breached the ring of muscle and slid in.

"How long?" Tony replied in a whisper as he slowly worked his finger deeper into him.

"Ten years?"

Tony stopped dead for a moment and just stared down on him, the smile on his lips disappearing for a moment before he shivered ever so slightly.

"You haven't… since… we…?" he finally stammered out.

"No. Never wanted any other man but you."

"Shit," Tony let out and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and Gibbs realized that he was apparently losing control, so he reached up and grabbed him at the back of his head to draw him down to kiss him again. Almost at the same time, Tony seemed to come around again and took hold of Gibbs' cock as he pushed his finger further inside, causing Gibbs to moan into the kiss. He wriggled his hips and pushed up into Tony's fist. He had expected it to hurt like it had all those years ago, but it was merely burning faintly, overshadowed by the incredible feeling of Tony's hand on his dick and his lips on his own.

"Please," he finally pressed out, all but begging. "Do it."

"Don't want to hurt you," Tony replied quietly, his voice thick, his eyes fully blown.

"You never will," Gibbs just said and then hissed when Tony pulled his finger back and pushed in again, faster this time. "Come on. Need this."

"Okay," Tony replied, smiling at him again and pulling out altogether before he pushed two fingers inside him.

He held still then and Gibbs forced himself to relax. Finally succeeding, as Tony stroked his cock again, he nodded at the younger man, motioning him to continue. With a broad smile on his lips, Tony suddenly crooked his fingers and Gibbs cried out, his hips thrusting upwards as his cock twitched again.

"Shit," he cursed and then trailed off when Tony did it again.

The young man just grinned at him almost devilishly as he set up a rhythm, fucking him thoroughly with his fingers. Gibbs couldn't help but move with his every motion, his cock already leaking. Tony had started to stroke him in earnest and leaned down to steal a kiss again, his tongue matching the rhythm of those damn fingers inside of him as it thrust into Gibbs' mouth without mercy. Almost forcefully, Gibbs gripped the back of his head to pull him off from him, panting in order to catch his breath.

"If you keep on doing this, I won't be able to hold onto much longer. Come on, we've waited too long," he said huskily, trying to even out his breathing. "Come on, do it."

Tony just nodded, the green in his almost completely gone by now. He pulled his fingers free, causing Gibbs to let out something that sounded suspiciously like a whimper, before he grabbed the condom, opened the package and then quickly rolled it down his shaft. Gibbs watched him slick more lube over it and then take hold of his cock, positioning himself at his entrance. Tony stopped for a moment and found Gibbs' eyes again, so he just nodded, giving him a smile and hoping that Tony got the message because his own senses didn't seem to be completely connected anymore.
Tony nodded, too, then pushed in and Gibbs felt himself tighten around the intrusion. He stilled for a moment, taking another deep breath. Tony's hands were roaming up and down his stomach in a soothing way now and Gibbs relaxed almost instantly and then tentatively began to move under the other man, practically urging him on.

"Tony, please," he pressed out. "Move."

He was met with an unsure glance, but as Gibbs moved again, Tony started to roll his hips and finally pushed all the way in, causing Gibbs to squirm at the unexpected fullness.

"Shit," he repeated himself, but the sound was instantly muffled by another searing hot kiss.

Wrapping one leg around Tony's waist and lifting the other until the younger man's arm slid behind his knee, Gibbs moved against him again and arched underneath him. Tony had apparently forgotten about his earlier insecurity and met his every move now, fucking him harder and faster. Gibbs let out another gasp when Tony hit the right spot again. Through his own arousal, Gibbs saw Tony smile at him ever so slightly as he hit it again and again until Gibbs wasn't able to hold on any longer. Tony's hand had grabbed his own and their fingers intertwined as Gibbs felt himself rippling around the other man. Looking up into those beautiful green eyes, Gibbs let out a soundless shout as he came, the world around him turn to fire and then crumble into to ashes. As if from far away, he felt Tony thrust deep inside of him and then he came, his cock throbbing within him.

Still panting, the younger man released Gibbs' leg, pulled out of him and then sank down onto Gibbs' stomach, seemingly unaware of the mess there. He was trembling ever so slightly and Gibbs' arms came around him, holding him close. He stroked his back for a while until his breathing became less shallow.

When Tony finally looked at him again, his eyes locking into Gibbs', the older man felt his breath hitch in his throat again. The younger man looked so vulnerable at the moment that Gibbs wanted nothing more than hold him like this forever.

"God," Tony finally said after a moment of prolonged silence. "I almost threw away all of this..."

"I wouldn't have let you," Gibbs replied tersely.

"Yeah, I'm still glad I came around," Tony whispered, leaning in to kiss him again. "Thanks for finding me again and letting me in like this again, Jethro."

"No, Tony," Jethro said, blinking a couple of times to get rid of his blurry vision. "Thank you."