My little attempt at a one shot. Not sure if this will or should be continued. Read and lemme know!

Note: This is RIGHT after Sookie walks out of Bills, having chose neither Vampire.

As she leaned against the white pillar, she tried her best to contain the wave of uncontrollable sobs that were escaping her. Losing one person you love was hurtful enough but walking away from two, willingly, crushed her. Bill had breathed new life into her once dull and boring one. He showed her how to love, how to be strong and how to stand by her convictions. Even through all the lies, she was thankful for Bill walking into her life because if he never had, she would've never met Eric. Her cruel, ruthless and oh-so-tenderhearted Viking. He was once the embodiment of everything she hated but the past few weeks had changed everything. She watched a new side of him be born. A side she nursed and nurtured, willing it grow. Eric had been more intimate with her in the few days they shared than all her time with Bill. Not to mention, she had bonded to Eric in a way she hadn't with Bill. Sure, they'd exchanged blood but it wasn't a true blood bond. When Eric had explained to her the difference, she felt hurt. Why hadn't Bill wanted to bond with her? She guessed it was because of the Queen. Despite loving her, as he claimed, he must not have loved her enough.

Her chest heaved as all her memories, good and bad, came flooding back. It felt like her heart was actually breaking; was that even physically possible? As she felt herself beginning to hyperventilate, she was startled by a sudden burst of light before her. As the light faded, there stood Claude. The fairy who had saved her from Claudine and Mab. He looked at her, a frown across his mouth.

"Sookie?" There was no reply. She threw her arms around him, allowing herself to fully cry. He wrapped his arms around her, stroking her bunned hair. "Shh, all will be well." Sookie noticed, even through her closed eyes, a brightness growing. Just like a camera flash, it came and went. As she lifted her head from Claude, she sniffled while looking around. They were in a room with a elegant lounge in the center. The walls were draped in different colored shawls.

"Where are we?" She wiped the tears from her face with her backhand.

"We are safe." She nodded, knowing she had no real reason to not trust him. Plus, she was too heartbroken to even care if she was in danger.

"You plan on telling me who you are, finally?" He studied her face while guiding her to the lounge to sit. As he took a seat beside her, he offered her a small warm smile.

"Of course. My name is Claude. Claudine was my sister." Sookie's eyes began to widen. Maybe she should've been afraid. "Please, let me explain. I am against what she and Mab believe in, which is why I helped you. Claudine was suppose to protect you but her idea of protection was a bit deranged. Not all Faeries are as Mab and my sister. In fact I have over a dozen other sisters who believe as I."

"Over a dozen?" Claude laughed.

"It is not many for our kind." Sookie was suddenly really thankful Claude had saved her from Fairy. There was noway in hell she was giving birth to that many children. "Why are you so broken hearted?" His question brought back the pain that had temporarily numbed during Claude's explanations.

"I...I walked away from two men that I love." Claude looked a bit surprised.

"Two?" She nodded.

"I know it doesn't sound possible but I love them both, equally." He smiled at her.

"Dear Sookie, you do not love them both romantically." She looked at him and blinked. What the hell did he mean? How could he know what she's feeling?

"No, I re-" He shook his head, not letting her finish.

"If you loved the first, there would never have been a second."

"It's not that simple."

"Oh but it is. You were with that vampire - Compton - first, right?" She nodded really did seem to know a lot about her, but then again his sister was her Faerie Godmother. "For reasons, it ended."

"He lied to me...from the day we met." He winced.

"Then you grew close to another vampire." Before she could ask, Claude answered her impending question. "I came by to check on you at a rather... inappropriate time, so I thought it best to just leave." Sookie blushed as she recalled those wonderfully intimate nights with Eric. "Your light has enhanced since." She scrunched up her face questioningly. "There is a lot in which I wish to tell you but it was not the intent of my visit tonight."

"Then why did you show up tonight?" Not that she was complaining, really. She wasn't as prepared as she lied to herself about being.

"I had gone by your house but you were not there. I could sense you close enough, so I teleported to you." Teleported?! What the hay? Could she do that too? She wanted to ask but she knew not now. "If you do love them both, why not at least choose one?"

"Choosing either one will crush the other." It was the biggest guilt weighing on her heart. Knowing that she would single-handedly break one of their hearts by choosing the other. It had been confirmed to her as she moved between them earlier, trying to give her final speech. The happiness then sorrow that held their faces killed her.

"And having chose none has crushed you. Perhaps I can help you see a clearer path, well not me but another Faerie. Excuse me a moment." Sookie watched as he left the room. What clearer path was there? Why was it so important whether or not she chose either of them? She didn't have much time to think as Claude reentered the room, followed by a beautiful woman with dark luscious hair that was pulled back from her face, allowing her slightly pointed ears to show. Sookie couldn't also help but notice she was pregnant, like ready to pop pregnant. The woman extended her hand to Sookie and smiled warmly.

"My name is Maurella." Sookie stood and smiled politely while shaking her hand gently.

"Hi, I'm S-"

"Sookie, I know. Please, sit." Sookie sat back down as Maurella joined her. Claude remained by the door, smiling.

"Maurella is one of the oldest Faeries here. Her magick is much stronger." Sookie looked at him.

"Uh but I don't need her magick?" Maurella gently grabbed Sookie's chin and guided her gaze back to her. She looked into Sookie's eyes deeply, remaining quiet.

"You've bonded to a vampire through blood." Sookie swallowed and nodded. "What is his name?"

"Eric. Eric Northman." Maurella's smile grew a bit.

"The Viking. I know of him. Strong. Passionate. A Warrior. It was a wise decision." Sookie hated herself for having to rain on her obviously happy parade.

"We're not together, anymore." For the first time, Maurella frowned as she let go of Sookie's chin and sat back a bit.

"Why not? You still love him."

"I know."

"She also loves another vampire but they've been broken up for some time now." Maurella raised an eyebrow for a moment.

"You may love him but he is not your intended. You have already chosen." Sookie shook her head.

"I chose neither." Maurella raised a hand.

"Raise yours to mine. I wish to read your light." Sookie looked to Claude who nodded at her reassuringly. Sookie took a small breath and raised her hand parallel to Maurella's. She watched as the older Faerie closed her eyes and a glow began to cover both of them. It lasted only a few seconds before Maurella opened her eyes again, her smile even brighter than before.

"Your light has chosen as has your heart." Before Sookie could speak, Maurella clasped their hands together and Sookie's mind became flooded with random images. Most were a blur but there were a few she took note of; Eric and her kissing. Eric standing at what looked like an alter. Eric standing in front of her protectively in front of another vampire. Maurella released Sookie's hand and the photos stopped. Sookie stared at her with wide eyes, unable to speak.

"When you made the conscious choice to bond with him, your heart chose. Once your heart chooses, your light will follow."

"B-b-but I love Bill." She shook her head gently at Sookie while standing up. She began to walk to the entrance to leave but Sookie wasn't done yet. "What happens if I don't choose to be with Eric?" Maurella stopped and looked over her shoulder at the young halfling.

"Your heart will suffer and you will never love another as you love him. Vampire or not, he is your intended." With that, she slipped through the shawls. Leaving Sookie even more confused than she had felt sitting between Eric and Bill earlier. Claude sat beside her.

"I don't know what to do." Tears began to well up in her eyes as she looked at Claude.

"What do you want to do?" She stood silent for a moment, thinking about everything Maurella had told her. "I love him. I always have." Claude smiled at her omission.

"Does he love you?" She couldn't help but smile slightly as she nodded.

"Yes. I can feel it."

"Then be with him." She shook her head and began to sob softly.

"How can I? I just broke his heart. He'll never take me back." Claude hugged her.

"We can help you." She looked at him. "Maurella and I can send you back to right after you closed the door. You will recall all she has shown you and you can attempt to fix it from there." She wasn't sure how the hell they would be able to send her back in time or if Eric would even want her, but it was worth a shot. She nodded.

"Alright." He smiled at her while hopping to his feet.

"Let me go get her. Again." Sookie laughed as he made an amusing expression while exiting. Claude was quickly becoming a better Faerie Godmother than Claudine was. She'd be able to go back in that house and tell Eric she hadn't meant it. That she thought she was still in love with Bill but she wasn't. Hell, she stopped being in love with him so long ago and it was only solidified when she chose to bond with Eric. She wasn't sure what it meant for Eric to be her intended but it sounded right. Maurella and Claude came back in, only he was holding glass with a glowing yellow drink in it.

"Drink this, Sookie." She eyed the cup. Maurella approached her.

"It is safe. It is pure Faerie light. It will strengthen your light for this." Sookie took the cup, still staring at it.

"Since you're only a halfling, we want to make sure this transportation doesn't deplete your light. It shouldn't but consider this a seatbelt." Sookie finally glared at Claude who smiled sheepishly at her. She looked back at the drink for a moment before chugging it. Maurella and Claude watched as a wave of light passed through her and then began chanting in a language Sookie couldn't understand. After a few seconds, her vision became all white. Fear washed over her as she wondered if they had deceived her. After a few seconds, during a blink, her vision returned. She was in front of Bill's once more. Her cheeks still wet from tears. She almost smiled as she realized they had done it. Without a second thought, she grabbed the cold door handle and pushed the door open. Looking to the right as she walked in, she saw Eric and Bill still standing side by side as she had left them. They looked at her, confused. She shifted her gaze from Eric to Bill and back again.

"I can't do it." The guys glanced at one another, still unsure who she was talking to. Eric looked back and saw Sookie was still looking in his direction. He knew. He took a step toward her, a small smile creeping on his face. She held her arms out to him as she did the night he tried to leave her, afraid to snuff out her light. He continued toward her until they embraced one another, warmth washing over them both as they looked into one another's eyes. She raised a hand to his face, caressing his cheek.

"You're my intended." Eric smiled at her, not truly understanding the meaning behind her words.