*Four Months*

Yuki had thought that he'd seen it all with Shuichi, yet the pink haired boy still managed to surprise him after these years they've been together. They just had their honeymoon a handful of months ago, so it was understandable that a normal couple would be expecting. Shuichi, however, just told Yuki - after forcing him to go to the hospital - that he's pregnant with twins. You can see why Yuki was surprised when he was told that he's going to be a dad; in his mind he thought of how Shuichi could be pregnant. Holding his head, feeling the coming headache, he looked at the floor, wondering what he's going to do.

Shuichi sat across from Yuki in the living room, fidgeting when Yuki said nothing and covered his face. Shuichi was happy that he's carrying babies - no Yuki's babies in him. He had thought that Yuki would be happy that he was going to be a father, so Shuichi was jumping when the doctor told him and he ran over as fast as he could to his and Yuki's home. But now, he was worried; Yuki had been in the same position for nearly ten minutes muttering on how males couldn't be pregnant.

A heavy sigh came from the chain smoker who finally sat up, his eyes cold when he looked at Shuichi who flinched at the sight of them, 'After all this time, all of my hard work on trying to get him to be nice blows up just because I tell him that I'm pregnant?' Shuichi felt his heart give a painful squeeze at the thought; looking down, not wanting to look into the cold, hard, and distant eyes.

"I don't believe you," Yuki leaned to the back of the couch, his arms hanging on the head rests, his eyes were like knives stabbing Shuichi.

Curling up, Yuki raised a thin eyebrow at the defence position, Shuichi shook his head; "I am, the doctor took multiple tests to make sure. He said that it was one in a hundred males to become pregnant." Shuichi whispered. Yuki shook his head, sighing; "I have proof, Yuki!" Shuichi stood up and quickly walked to the coat rack and went through his pockets looking for the only proof he could show Yuki; having found it, he gave it to Yuki and sat next to him on the edge of the couch.

Looking at it, Yuki saw to growing babies, even though they were barely visible, in the pictures. "How do I know that these aren't someone else's?" Yuki muttered, quickly looking from the picture to his "wife's" stomach that - now that he really looked at his stomach - was a bit larger than a while ago.

"What?!" Shuichi shot up, his hands fisting at his sides, he turned and glared at Yuki, his eyes started to pool with tears. "How could you even think that?!"

Yuki looked at him like he was stupid, "Men don't get pregnant, brat!" his voice hinted that he was starting to get annoyed.

"Well, I did!" Shuichi screamed.

"Shuichi, you don't even count as a man! You act like freakin girl all the time!" Yuki stood up, glaring down at Shuichi; unconsciously crumpling the picture in his fist. "All you would have to do, is get rid of that dick and you'd blend in in the women society!"

"Well, I'm sorry that I'm different!" Shuichi hissed.

"Fuck this shit," Yuki turned around headed to the kitchen, grabbing two cans of beer from the fridge and headed to his study.

Shuichi followed him, "Where do you think you're going? We still have to talk about this!" Yuki slammed the door on his face, "Yuki!" Shuichi was about to open the door, to find it locked, so he kicked the door. After a few seconds of kicking it repeatedly, not leaving a mark on it, he screamed at the door. Knowing that Yuki was just sitting at the desk, sipping his beer, his eyes looking at anything. "Why can't you man up?! Its your children, Yuki!" When there was no response, he fell to his knees and sobbed, "I want a family with you, Yuki," he rubbed his purple eyes that were being surrounded with fear in the color of red. "I just wanted you to be happy! I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I'm a freak of nature!" Both of them could feel their hearts breaking; Yuki put down his barely tasted beer on the desk next to the full one, he was about to get up and go to the door. He was stopped when Shuichi said, "I'll leave, Yuki, I guess you were serious when you said that you hated kids. I'm sorry, goodbye."

The voice was so calm, not the crazy pink head that he fell in love with. Quickly unlocking the door he threw it open to see that Shuichi was running towards the front door. "Shu!" He ran after him, the pink head quickly tried to grab his coat and shoes before leaving his home. Grabbing the thin wrist, Yuki turned Shuichi so that they were facing one another; holding either sides of Shuichi's head, Yuki glared at him. "Give me some time, I'm not telling you that I want you to leave, I'm not telling you that I don't want to see my kids, I just need some time so that I understand what's happening." Shuichi's eyes became wide, his lips curved into a big smile.

"Really, Yuki? You're ok with it?" Shuichi hugged him around the waist, his head against Yuki's chest. He rubbed his face against the heart that was thumping loudly and quickly; Shuichi could tell that Yuki was happy with what he was doing.

"Just give me some time, brat." Yuki combed his hair back with his hand before lightly hugging his "wife" back. After a few more minutes, Yuki pulled Shuichi away from him and picked him up and carried him to their bedroom. Laying him on the large bed, Yuki removed his shirt gently touching his stomach, barely feeling the hardness that wasn't there some time ago. "Its real..." he whispered.

"They're real, Yuki, they." Light brown eyes met with dark purple eyes just for a moment; the next second their owners had their lips fighting the other. Yuki took off Shuichi's pants without breaking their kiss, he ended up moving away from the puffy lips so he could remove his own clothes and tossing them somewhere in the room along with the other's clothes. Getting back into the heat of the kiss, Yuki ran his hand along the bare leg; his hand massaging the calf, cupping behind the knee, and gently ran his nails along the thigh.

"I've missed this," Shuichi whispered when Yuki moved down from his lips to the jaw to his collar bone, leaving hickies along the neck to the shoulder. Yuki hummed a response, "Erie," Shu's voice was low with the desire that only Yuki could make him feel. The darkened brown eyes looked up at him as he nipped his way down to his chest, sucking on the hardened nipples. "Is it ok?"

Yuki pulled away, getting on all fours he was above Shuichi, "What?" his voice was husky. He knew that the last time they had sex was during the honeymoon, around the time where Shuichi was impregnated, they hadn't had the time since their schedules didn't match up for several weeks.

"Your book? Are you done with it? I don't want you to get in trouble if you haven't finished it just so you could be with me..."

"Brat," he leaned down and kissed Shuichi's nose before kissing his lips, "I finished this morning, I'm a week ahead of schedule."

After that, Shuichi said no more; he only wanted Yuki as Yuki wanted him. Yuki had already planned to make love to him when he finished earlier that day, he planned on jumping the boy as soon as he walked inside. But this was better; not only was going to make love to his "wife" but to his pregnant "wife".

The room was soon filled with moans, coming mainly from Shuichi as Yuki touched him in places that he hasn't been touched in for so long. On the bed that was creaking under the movements of the couple when Yuki was preparing him for what they both longed for every night and everyday. When Yuki thought that Shuichi - panting, shivering, and begging for him - was ready, Yuki lined himself up against Shuichi, for a second he looked into the dark lust purple eyes before closing his own, he pushed in as slowly as he could. With each inch that slowly went into the tight and hot grip, Yuki moaned; he was panting at the sensations that were punching his gut, veins popped out on his forehead at the restrain that he was doing. For if he just pushed in, he would fear of breaking Shuichi; he didn't want that.

Shuichi, however, felt like he was ripping into two; holding onto Yuki's shoulders with a tight grip, his nails digging into the flesh, he bit his lip from crying out. He remembered his first time with Yuki, how big and thick he was; Shuichi felt that he was being deflowered again. He tried to remember that after they had become lovers, it started to feel good each and every time they made love. 'How did it feel good, if it fucking hurts?!' Shuichi screamed in his head. His eyes were squeezed shut due to the pain, but he wanted to be connected to Yuki so bad that he'd take the pain of them merging.

Once fully in, Yuki moved so that he was over Shuichi, looking at his pained face. He cupped the pink head in his hand, his thumb brushing over his bitten lip, he waited patiently for his love to open his eyes. Slowly opening, Yuki's breath left him when he saw the tears that were hidden fall. "I'm sorry," he leaned down and licked away the tears, kissing Shuichi on the lips as gently as he could. "Do you want to stop?" owner of the pink hair shook his head; his arms wrapped around the back of Yuki's head, pulling him toward him and kissed him. "You sure?" He nodded; Shuichi moved his hands under Yuki's own hands, clasped them together, and moved his hips silently motioning that he was ready.

Hours later, after they were both satisfied having sex until morning, Yuki looked to his arm. Shuichi had his eyes closed, even though he was still awake, his hand laying over Yuki's heart. "Did the doc. tell you how long you've been pregnant?" he whispered to Shuichi; looking up to the soon-to-be-dad, he smiled at him.

His purple eyes becoming the shade of a soft lavender, "Yeah, four months, so when we had our honeymoon."

Yuki's eyebrows rose, "Hm," he kissed the top of Shuichi's head before kissing down to his lips. Gently rolling Shuichi onto his back as he kissed; his hand went between their naked bodies, and caressed his stomach. "Two?" nod, "Feels like there's only one," he chuckled.