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"There's still no sign of Uesugi Shindou Shuichi," said the announcer from the news; Hiro had left a couple of hours ago, taking Shuichi's lyrics with him and a recording of him singing the song.

"I wouldn't come out in public if I were him either!" huffed another announcer, "Hell, I would have left town if I put my father in-law in the hospital!"

"I doubt that the Gentle Shuichi would even do such a thing!" Defended a third announcer, "Doesn't it even seem fishy? Uesugi Shuichi wouldn't even harm a fly, there's no evidence that he would even harm his children's grandfather!"

"Mr. Miro," said the second announcer, "Uesugi-sama has been trying to please the man for years! He snapped! He finally realized that he couldn't please one person, so he attacks them! It doesn't matter if it was his father in-law or his children's grandfather! Hell, he could have done that to one of his fans if they told him that they didn't like him nor his music anymore!"

"I have to agree to both of you," intervene the first announcer, "Shuichi-sama is a kind and gentle person, but he wasn't able to make one person happy, its natural that he would explode! Shuichi-sama said it himself some time ago that he wanted everyone to be happy."

"Remember! Eiri-sama's father contacted us, wanting to talk about them! I'm sure that he's the one pulling the strings between the two! Shuichi-sama is innocent in all this!" Nearly shouted the third announcer; knowing that he was right, he knew that Shindou Shuichi would risk every and anything -but his family- to please his father in-law.

Shuichi closed his eyes, his face away from the tv that he couldn't turn off since the remote refused to work, and instead faced the sobbing sky. Two weeks had passed very slowly for him, not being able to do anything but write the words that bleed from his broken heart. He hadn't received any calls or texts from anyone other than his sister -who called at least once a day, talking about anything, checking up on him mentally, his parents -who kept telling him that he could come back home whenever he was ready, and Hiro -who called to ask if he was hungry yet. Yuki hadn't called, until an hour ago.

The message kept repeating itself over and over in his mind; refusing to answer Yuki's call, he waited till the answering machine kicked in and listened. At first, Shuichi was happy to hear Yuki's voice after so long, but...his heart jumped into the abyss when he heard what Yuki had said.

"Its Shu-shu's phone! The amazing singer can't get to you-" It started before it was interrupted by Yuki's screaming in the background, "Are you making another one? Make up your mind for the message, brat!" before it went back to Shuichi's giggling voice, "-right now! Ha ha! I'll sing to you when I call back! Beeep!"

"I spoke with Father...You need to come home. We need to end this, if not for us then for the kids. They need you more than I do, Shuichi. Come back, we'll finish this quickly."

With a sigh, Shuichi got up from his spot on the couch that lay next to the weeping window, and went to turn off the tv. Just as he was about to hit the power button, there was a brief picture of his little family; Mika, Kimiko, Tohma, Hiro, Fujisaki, K, Sakano, Ryuichi, Maiko, and there in both Yuki's and Shuichi's arms lay sleeping Aimi and Hikaru. In the picture, everyone was smiling; happy to join the new lives into their strange family. The picture was zoomed in, showing the happy couple with their twins; then, between Shuichi and Yuki, a crack appeared between them as they were torn apart.

"It seems," the second news anchor said solemnly, "the era of the Writer and Singer, is coming to an end."

Shuichi pressed the power button on the tv, seeing it shut off, and slid to his knees; tears falling down his already pale and shrunk in face. His heart ripping itself over again, tearing the tiny mends that Hiro and his sister had created; crying quietly, he heard his phone go off. The ring tone, stopped him from crying any further; turning his head to the coffee table, his phone was going off, telling him that Yuki was calling him.

Yuki turned around to face Tohma, his back to the window that gave a most beautiful view of the poured on city. Yukon wasn't able to think about the city nor the breathtaking view, his mind was on his -hopefully- husband. Over than hour ago, Yuki had learned that Shuichi had run off to Hiro's apartment two weeks ago. Yuki had called his cell for a second time -the first time leaving a message-, hoping that he'd pick up but was answered by his voice box instead.

"He's fine, Mr. Yuki," Hiro's tried to calm down the over reacting husband, "I'm sure that he's sleeping right now." Hiro gave a small smile to the unhappy husband.

"That's not the point," Yuki pressed; in his hand, crinkled, lay a vanilla packet. "I need to speak with him! I need to see if he's alright!" Yuki fumed; he walked along the wall, his free hand grabbing and pulling on his hair, distress clear on his face. "I know what happened in that damned room; I want to end this!"

"Look," Hiro stood in front of Yuki just as he turned around to pace once more, "I realize that you want to see him, but he needs space. He needs to get himself together before you two can meet." Hiro sternly said; he was going to give his friend some more time to think about what to do, Shuichi had told him what happened -not everything- that occurred two weeks ago.

"Eiri," Tohma stood to the side, waiting for the two men to look at him, "I agree that you two should meet, but what Mr. Nakano had said is what I also agree to. Speak with him through the phone, both of you need to hear one another; you can see one another when Shuichi is ready."

"I cannot just talk to him!" Yuki glared at Tohma who blinked in shock, "I need to see him physically! I need to see that he is well with my own eyes!"

"No," Hiro glared at the blond man, "Shuichi needs time away from you-"

"My father told him that I didn't love him! That he isn't worthy of me! I plan to fix that, to change that!" Yuki told the red head, "Now," he leaned in close to Hiro, "where do you live?"

Moments later, Yuki quickly walked out of the NG building, the packet rolled up and in his pocket, his hands fishing for his phone and car keys. Getting into the car, Yuki dials Mika's number; while waiting for her to pick up, Yuki pulls out of the parking lot and heads towards Hiro's house. His mind on the broken Shuichi that he last saw two weeks ago, wondering -hoping- that he was ok.

"Hello? Eiri?" Mika whispered.

"I need a big favor," Yuki said, speeding down the road just as a yellow light was appearing, "I'm going to see Shuichi and I need you to watch the twins till tonight. I know that I promised to pick them up in an hour but-"

"Tonight? That's fine, Eiri." Mika gave a little laugh, "You need to help out Shuichi right now, we'll take care of the kids. Focus on Shuichi." when that was said she hung up on Yuki, making him shake his head before tossing the phone to the side.

Flashes of the streetlights came and went in the car, rolls of thundering shook the car, but Yuki's mind was focused on his life partner. It wasn't that hard to notice that Yuki's father had something against his and Shuichi's relationship. Yuki even knew that Shuichi was trying everything in his power to get his father like -even just a little- but what he was told, he now knew what Shuichi was feeling. "Its not over, Shuichi," Yuki whispered to no one, "its not over."

-Two weeks ago-

"Eiri, calm down!" Mika nearly shouted when Yuki kicked open the door. Just five minutes ago Shuichi ran out, forcing Yuki to take back the wedding ring that the two had picked out for one another.

"What did you do?" Yuki hissed out at his father; when he blinked he realized that his father looked calm and happy. "What did you tell Shuichi?"

"What will resolve the whole mess that he had created." smiled Father, his eyes shining as he sighed happily.

"What did you tell him?" Yuki asked once more; stepping next to the bed, his hands fisting. He blinked and looked at his hand, opening it slowly -his heart giving a tight squeeze- and saw the ring that had Yuki''s claim on him inside.

"I told him the truth," Father gave Yuki a soft glare, noticing that his eyes were on something in his hand before Yuki looked back at him in shock. "I thought I taught you better than to lie to a fool like him, Eiri." Father scolded, tsking him.

"I love him." Yuki said, his voice just above a whisper.

"You don't. I know you don't. You'd always complain about him -when he followed you home, when he clung to you, when he wouldn't leave you alone- you only got with him so you could sell more books." Father sighed, growing quite bored of the conversation.

"No! I do love him! Unlike you, I'm tired of wondering who and where my next bed partner was!" Yuki shouted; Tohma came to Yuki's side, hoping to calm the man down.

"Eiri, calm down!" Tohma gently pulled on Yuki's arm, "You'll be asked to leave if you keep yelling."

"No!" Yuki shouted once more and turned to his father, "Stop pretending that you care. You just started to show interest in me when I refused to marry anyone other than Shuichi."

"I don't pretend to care for my son! Now, stop screaming; telling him this was for the best for the both of you!" Father yelled right back.

"You know what?" Yuki yanked his arm out of Tohma's grasp, "Fuck you." Seeing the shock on his father's face was priceless, but when he turned around and saw his sister's face, he felt guilt eating away at him. 'I have to protect us, I have to protect what I have.'

"Eiri..." Mika sobbed as her brother pushed passed her, heading toward the exit with people watching him.

Pulling up to a community of apartments, Yuki pulled out a little slip of paper of Hiro's apartment number. Making sure that he had his phone and packet with him, he stepped out of the car and headed towards the apartment complex that had Hiro's room number. Climbing the stairs, looking at each of the doors repeating to himself the number, he stopped at the very end of the hall; taking in a deep breath, his hand holding the papers tightly, he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Holding his breath, Yuki stilled as he waited for a sound from inside the apartment; hearing nothing he tried again and again. Hanging his head, Yuki pulled out his phone -remembering Hiro's last tip for advice, 'Shuichi doesn't answer the door sometimes, so you have to call him.'- pressing Shuichi's number in -seeing Shuichi feeding both babies as the phone connects- and held it to his ear. After a few moments, Yuki hears his ring tone going off inside the apartment before its cut off abruptly. Turning around and walking away from the door -not wanting to give himself away to Shuichi- he waited to hear Shuichi's voice.

"Hello?" his voice was so fragile and soft, not loud and overbearing from what he heard over two weeks ago.

"Shuichi," Yuki sighed, "how are you?" He leaned against the rail of the stairs, too happy to move since he could hear Shuichi once more.

"I've been better...and you?" Shuichi mumbled; Yuki could hear him fidgeting on the other line, not knowing if it was a good idea to pick up the phone or not.

"Okay, I guess." Yuki said; his chest hurting when he realized the awkwardness between the two. It wasn't like the last they were on the phone, him having phone sex with him while the kids were asleep and Shuichi was on break at work. Now, it was as if they just met one another, they're total strangers to one another! Yuki coughed, straightening his mind back onto the current problem, "I have something that you need to sign, Shuichi. Is it possible for us to meet?" Yuki bit his lip, hoping that Shuichi would agree; the papers in his hand, could be what kept his family together and -at the same time- could break them apart.

"Um..." Yuki turned back to Hiro's door, quietly walking to the door and knocked. "I-I don't know, Yuki." Shuichi whispered, "Hold on, there's someone at the door."

"Everything depends on you, Shu," Yuki said just as the door opened by Shuichi with a shocked look on his face. Yuki hung up the phone and stared into the dull purple eyes that used to shine no matter what the challenge was; "If you sign this, everything will change for the best, for both you and me."

Staring at the blond that stood outside the door, the blond who he wanted to see yet didn't, the blond who was his home, the home that he had no courage to return to...

"Yuki..." Shuichi whispered; looking down, to the left, to the right, up and down, anywhere but to those brown eyes that he craved to see. His ears wanting to listen to anything other than the voice that would lull him to sleep, that would calm his nerves, that would bring him happiness, that voice that was his world... "What are you doing here?" Shuichi moved himself and the door so that the where it was open, he was standing in the way.

Yuki, seeing this, grew sad that Shuichi didn't trust him nor remembered what he had said not five minutes ago. "We need to talk, Shuichi," Yuki nodded towards the door, "and we can't do it out here."

Biting his lip, Shuichi sighed and moved so Yuki could come inside; when Yuki stepped in, he was expecting to see the room a mess -from last time that Yuki had to pick up a drunk Shuichi- only to see the opposite...it was spotless. Everywhere, every corner shined, every nook and cranny was cleaned of dust that had been collecting from the too busy guitar player that lived there. "I was bored and I didn't just want to write the songs so I cleaned up," Shuichi closed the door behind them, his arms behind his back as he stood in the middle of the sparkling room. "Do you want something to drink-"

"You wanted to play with the kids, huh?" Yuki muttered, his eyes still roaming around the room.

"Well," Shuichi sighed, "since their back at your place I can't really see my kids." Shuichi grumbled. 'Please forgive me, Yuki! Its the only thing that I can do!'

Yuki turned to him, shock clear in his brown eyes and face; "What?" Yuki gasped, "Since when are they yours? I'm pretty sure that I helped bring them here!" Slowly, those soft brown eyes -only shown to Aimi, Hikaru and Shuichi- started to harden and grow cold.

"Right, right," Shuichi waved it off, "you're the one who carried them for eight and a half months, made sure that I ate enough, wore the right clothes and even gave birth to them...oh wait," Shuichi slung his hips to the side as he leaned on one leg, his arms crossed and gave Yuki the dirtiest look he could muster as his already shattered glass heart turned into sand at each insult that they two threw at one another,. "You're the sperm donor, right?" Yuki stopped breathing, "All you had to do was the deed and you were on your way; I'm the one who had to make sure that everything was ok for both me and the kids when you weren't there!" Shuichi pointed to Yuki, his voice slowly raising at each word, "You just had to fuck me like everyone else you took to bed-"


"-I guess I was good enough in bed for you to marry me, huh?!" Shuichi kept yelling, not noticing the tears that gathered at each line, not noticing how his voice cracked as it became harder and harder to breathe. "...You never loved me, did you?" Shuichi whispered at the end; Yuki was in complete shock over the question that he couldn't answer. "He was right..." Shuichi lowered his head and turned away from Yuki, only then taking attention to the tears that created trails down his face.

"Shuichi," Yuki whispered, testing the ground before speaking again; wiping his tears away, Shuichi looked at Yuki, "Shuichi," Shuichi felt his chest contract at how gently Yuki was saying his name, "I understand what happened," misty purple eyes turned to the brown eyes, shock written in them, "he told me what happened." Yuki pulled out the envelope and held it out to Shuichi, "We're going to end this; sign this, Shuichi, and we'll start our own family."

Shuichi looked at the packet, slowly with a shaking hand he grabbed it -feeling extra heavy with more than one life hanging in the balance. "And if I don't sign it?" Shuichi whispered.

Yuki sighed and rubbed the back of his head, "I...I figure that it might come to this-" 'Curse Father for making this happen!' "-so there are two different documents in there." Yuki looked Shuichi in the eyes, "one of them is signed and the other isn't signed by me. If you want to go through with what you choose," Yuki's forced himself to breathe, "then bring back the document to me and we'll get it legalized." 'Please, for the love of God don't sign that paper! We were going to break up sooner or later, but don't sign it!' Yuki screamed in his head as Shuichi nodded and opened the packet, violet eyes widening.

"Y-Yuki!" Shuichi gasped, dropping the packet and covering his mouth, quickly backing away from the packet as if it were the plague. Stumbling into the wall, Shuichi slid down and covered his eyes as tears ran down his pale cheeks.

"I'm serious, Shuichi," Yuki walked to the packet that lay on the floor, picked it up and placed it on the coffee table with a thud, "I'll go with anyway you want," Yuki clenched his his hand into a tight fist, "even if it means that one of us is happy and the other is not, even if..." Yuki stopped speaking, his heart leaped out of his chest and fell to the floor, slowly dying when he heard sobbing coming from Shuichi who was now rocking himself. "I have always cared for you and the kids, but...if you wish to go through with the divorce...I...I don't want them to be apart. I want to see them, to share their birthdays with them, to watch them grow! If we divorce, don't keep them from me!" Yuki gasped.

"..." Shuichi had calmed down, his sobbing reduced to water works, "you'll support them?"

"They're my kids too, Shuichi!" Yuki nearly yelled, causing Shuichi to jump, "I'm not a 'sperm donor'! I'm their father!" Brown eyes bored into dark purple eyes, "If-if we divorce, then I'll support you and the twins; there's another option in there, Shuichi." Yuki whispered.

The two looked at one another, neither of them not knowing what to do, when they heard a sound coming from the door that caught both their attention. When the door opened, it exposed a Hiro trying to balance a bottle of soda on top of a box of pizza; "Hey," Hiro smiled at the two, "how did it go?" Yuki turned back to Shuichi before taking a step back and turning towards the door, slamming it shut as he left. Hiro followed Yuki's movements and turned to Shuichi when the door closed; "Shu?"

"I-I-" Shuichi's body shook when Hiro looked at him; forgetting the soda, Hiro quickly dropped the pizza on the couch by the window -the soda busting open because of the impact of the floor- and ran to Shuichi's side, pulling him into a hug.

"What happened?" Hiro demanded; the most he could get from Shuichi was that Yuki had given him two different choices. When Hiro wanted to know these choices, Shuichi pointed to the packet the lay on the coffee table that was in a pond of soda. Quickly letting go of Shuichi and went to the packet, ripping the documents out -since Shuichi didn't put them back in- he stared at them as he flipped through them. Blue eyes moved to Shuichi then back to the papers repeatedly, "Mr. Yuki," Hiro whispered, walking back to Shuichi with the papers, still not grasping with what was in his hands, "Mr. Yuki is letting you choose?" Shuichi nodded, Hiro looked at Shuichi, "Then, the question is...do you still love him?"

Shuichi sniffled as the last of the sob racked his body, his mind concentrated on the events that had happened both two plus weeks ago and the last few years that Shuichi was with Yuki -married and not, "...I don't know anymore..." Shuichi answered honestly.

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