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Land and Sea

Chapter 7: Hurricane Orochimaru

The next morning dawned brightly and Sai flew over to the castle looking very happy as he flew through an open window into Mikola's room.

"Wake up, Miko! You must wake up! I heard the news!" he started yelling. Mikola woke up slowly, looking a little confused. "Congratulations, we did it!" Sai finished. "What are you on about, Sai?" asked Yamato with his eyes half-closed still. "As if you didn't know. The whole town is on about the prince getting hitched." Sai explained. Mikola and Yamato didn't react until Sai explained "You know, married." Mikola's eyes widened slightly and Sai grabbed Yamato up saying "You sidewalking crab. I wanted to wish you luck, catch you later." and he dropped Yamato then flew out of the window.

Mikola, with her brain catching up with her now, smiled happily and swung herself out of the bed and checked herself in the mirror before running downstairs hoping to find Gaara, only to find him and some unknown woman talking to Baki. Hiding behind a column, she overheard:

"Well, Gaara, I'll admit I'm surprised. Your mystery maiden does exist...and she is very beautiful. Congratulations, madam." Baki was saying. "We wish to be married as soon as possible, Baki." said Gaara. Behind the column Mikola couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Of course, Gaara...but these things take time." Baki tried to say, but Gaara cut him off saying "This afternoon. The wedding ship will depart at sunset." "Oh...as you wish, sire." said Baki.

Mikola, having heard enough, ran away in tears. The unknown woman, who was Orochimaru in disguise, chuckled sinisterly to herself as she put a hand to a necklace she was wearing...which glowed as it contained Mikola's voice.

Later in the afternoon, as the sun was on its path to setting, Mikola watched the wedding ship sail away from the pier. She took a breath then sat down, crying to herself, losing hope. Naruto and Yamato watched her, feeling bad they didn't know how to help.

Nearer the boat, Sai was flying around humming to himself when he heard something suspicious: Mikola's voice coming from a 'window' of the ship. "I'll make a beautiful bride. All my plans are coming true." the woman said to herself. "The name of Jessica, this body and the princess' voice will make the ocean mine." she continued and looked in a mirror, which showed her real reflection: Orochimaru! which Sai saw as he spied on her.

"It's him, the sea serpent! I gotta tell Miko, now!" he exclaimed to himself and flew off as fast as he could until he got back to the pier. "Mikola! Miko! I was flying...of course I was...and I saw the snake wishing...watching...the mirror and he was singing with a stolen voice!" he explained way too fast then said "Do you hear me? The prince is marrying that sea serpent in a disguise!"

"Are you sure?" asked Yamato as he knew the seabird wasn't always perfectly accurate etc. "When have I been wrong?" asked Sai, then quickly added "When it's important." "What can we do?" asked Naruto worriedly. Mikola looked towards the ship and the slowly lowering sun and she remembered Orochimaru's words "before the sun sets on the third day" so she jumped into the water even though she couldn't swim with legs. Yamato cut some barrels loose and said "Miko, grab onto that. Naruto, get her to that ship as fast as you can." Mikola got the rope on the barrel tied around Naruto and he began swimming, pulling the barrel behind him. "I'll do my best. I never give up." he said as he went.

"I have to get to Achati. He'll know what to do." said Yamato. "What can I do?" asked Sai. "You have to stall the wedding!" exclaimed Yamato then dived down into the water to get to the sea palace. "Stall the wedding?" asked Sai then it hit him. "I got it!" and he flew off, calling out to sea animals and birds for aid. "Come on, emergency!" he called and the group of animals he called headed for the ship.

On the ship, the wedding was in progress as Gaara and Jessica walked down the aisle. Shukaku growled at Jessica as she passed so she gave him a kick and continued down to the priest. "Dearly beloved..." the priest began.

Not far from the ship Naruto continued to pull the barrel and Mikola. "Don't worry...almost there." he panted, so determined to succeed.

On the ship the priest continued "...Do you, Gaara, take Jessica to be your lawful wedded wife for as long as you shall live?" In his trance Gaara simply replied "I do." "Do you..." the priest began directing at Jessica "...take this..." but he got cut off as Sai and his band of animals arrived, launching themselves on deck and at Jessica.

"Get away from me, you slimy evil..." Jessica shouted at the animals who continued to 'attack' her. In the chaos Mikola got on board the ship as well and watched as Sai cawed right in Jessica's face, making her grab him. As they fought over the necklace Jessica wore; Shukaku took a chance for revenge for the kick...he bit Jessica in the backside, making her scream and it broke the necklace, sending it crashing to the floor and releasing Mikola's voice.

As her voice returned to her, Mikola sang and the trance broke on Gaara. Jessica watched in anger as Gaara went over to Mikola saying "Mikola? You can talk. You're the one after all." As he held Mikola's hand Jessica shouted "Get away from her!" but put a hand over her mouth as her real Orochimaru voice came out her mouth now the necklace was gone.

"It was you all along." said Gaara. "I wanted to tell you..." said Mikola softly. Gaara held Mikola in a gentle embrace as they went to kiss. "Noooo!" shouted Jessica, but the sun set just before the couples' lips met. Mikola gasped in pain as her legs transformed back into her mermaid tail, surprising Gaara and everyone else on board too. Jessica laughed evilly and transformed back into the sea serpent, Orochimaru.

"You're too late!" he laughed evilly. He reached Mikola, grabbed hold of her and turned to Gaara saying "So long." then jumped down into the sea as Gaara looked over the edge of the ship after them.

"Poor little princess. You have nothing to fear. I'm after bigger fish." said Orochimaru as he swam along to his hideout, dragging Mikola behind him by her wrist. "Stop, Orochimaru!" exclaimed a voice and Achati appeared in front of them. Yamato was by his side, having succeeded his job of getting the king.

"Long time no see, King Achati. Hope you're well." said Orochimaru very calmly and mockingly. "Let her go." Achati said warningly. "Not a chance, Achati. We made a deal and she's mine now." explained the serpent and showed Achati the contract they made. "I'm sorry, Daddy..." said Mikola as the two eels, Kabuto and Kimimaro, held her back.

Achati tried to destroy the contract, but his attack had no effect, shocking him. "You see, legal, unbreakable...binding. You can't do anything about it." Orochimaru explained with a laugh then his magic surrounded Mikola and began transforming her into one of his 'little pets'. "There is one thing though: I always know when to make a bargain, so I would exchange her for something better." he continued with a sinister smile.

At the ship, Gaara had gotten into a rowboat. "What are you doing?!" Baki called out to him. "I already lost her once before, Baki. I won't let it happen again!" the prince said and continued out to sea.

"Do we have a deal, Achati? Time is running low for the princess." Orochimaru asked. Achati sighed in sadness as he changed Mikola's signature on the contract to his own. "It's done." said the serpent and the magic transforming Mikola went over to the king and began transforming him.

"No!" screamed Mikola. Up above the sea Gaara saw the light from the magic and stopped his rowboat above it. On the seabed Achati was reduced to nothing more than a worm, defenceless and his power gone. "Daddy..." said Mikola sadly. "Sire..." said Yamato in sadness. Orochimaru picked up Achati's crown and said "It's all mine. All mine." as he put it upon his head.

"You're a monster!" screamed Mikola and tried to attack Orochimaru, only to get thrown into a rock. "Don't think I won't kill you, you little brat. Contract or no I'll..." he said and got cut off as a harpoon struck across his arm, grazing it. He looked back to see Gaara floating in the water.

"Gaara, get away!" screamed Mikola in fear. "Kabuto, Kimimaro, get him now!" ordered Orochimaru and the two eels swam after Gaara as he headed back to the surface. He managed to reach the surface and take a breath, but the eels grabbed him back down. Knowing the prince would drown if they took too long Yamato said "Come on, Naruto!" and they both swam over to the eels and made them release Gaara.

However, Orochimaru prepared his magic and said "Say goodbye to your sweetheart." as he aimed at Gaara, but Mikola grabbed his long black hair back, hurting him, and making his magic hit the eels instead...destroying them. "No...not them..." Orochimaru said in both anger and sadness then growled as he watched Mikola help Gaara to the surface.

Orochimaru used his magic to expand his size to behemoth, scaring both Naruto and Yamato as well. On the surface Gaara swam nearer Mikola as she said "Gaara, you have to get away from here." He put his arms around her and said "I won't leave you." Hearing a rumbling beneath them the serpent rose above the surface with the couple hanging on to his crown, so they quickly dove off into the sea, watching in fear as the creature continued growing.

"You pitiful fools!" said Orochimaru. "I rule this ocean now. The waves obey my whim." he continued as he used his magic to create a whirlpool in the sea which rose old shipwrecks to the surface. "Gaara!" Mikola called as the young prince climbed on board one of the ships. In her distraction Orochimaru blasted the rock she had got on which knocked her into the bottom of the whirlpool. He blasted shots at her, which she narrowly avoided until he prepared a bigger one and said "So much for true love!" Mikola looked up in fear when, suddenly, Gaara, having got control of one of the ships, directed the sharp bow of the ship at the serpent and impaled him horribly. Lightning struck him and the waves rose up as the serpent screamed horribly and sank into pieces below the ocean.

Gaara, having got caught in a wave, managed to wash up on shore before losing consciousness. Below the sea all of Orochimaru's victims were transformed back into their merpeople forms, including King Achati, restoring order to the sea world.

When the morning came Mikola sat on a rock, sadly watching Gaara, who was still unconscious. Yamato and Achati watched on, knowing how she felt. "She does love him, doesn't she? Really?" the king realised. "I've always said children have to lead their own lives, sire." Yamato said. "Have you always said that?" asked the king with a smile, making Yamato chuckle with a little shrug. "It leaves me with one problem." Achati said. "Oh, what's that?" asked Yamato. "How much I'll miss her." the king said, leaving Yamato confused until...

Achati used his magic on Mikola to transform her back into a human...permanently...so she could live with Gaara. As Gaara stirred he saw Mikola walking out of the sea towards him in a shimmering pale yellow dress. Taking her in his arms they kissed romantically.

Some time later the happy couple had their wedding on a new wedding ship. Everyone either cheered or cried or both as they celebrated their prince gaining his princess...they would make King and Queen soon enough.

Yamato, sitting atop the wedding cake crying, got a shock when Chef Choji found him, wanting revenge on that crab. After a short chase Yamato managed to KO Choji using a part of the ship, then dived into the sea saying "Yes! Thank you, thank you." as Naruto and Sai chuckled at him.

In the sea, the merpeople were watching the ceremony as well. Achati used his magic to raise Haleth up to the ship so he could talk to his sister. "Mikola, I wish you the best future you could have." he said softly. "Thank you, Haleth. I hope the best for you." she replied and hugged her brother. Haleth then looked towards Gaara and gave a sort of salute sign to him and Gaara professionally bowed in respect to the other prince. As Haleth returned to the sea, King Achati raised himself up as well.

"Congratulations, Miko. I'm so proud of you." he said and hugged his daughter. "Thank you. I love you, Daddy." Mikola said as she hugged him back. As they separated and Achati looked at Gaara, the young prince bowed to the sea king in respect and Achati tilted his head in a bow to his new son-in-law.

Achati returned to the sea and the merpeople watched as the new husband and wife waved to everyone. The sea king then added to the moment by creating a rainbow of magic over the ship as the wedded couple kissed romantically once again.


That's the end of this story awwwwww I had so much fun writing it. I love the pairing I have of Gaara and Mikola and I love The Little Mermaid, so it's been very fun and romantically fun for me to put them together in this fanfic :3