Other Class

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Arison flew out of his last class of the night. It was the Understanding of Others, taught by Elna. As he and his siblings had all gone to the time of the Others last year, they all took the class. There were only two other owls in the class, and they didn't seem as impressed, energetic as Elna could be.


Arison turned, it was Midnight. She waved her wing and glided over to him. She'd gone to the Other time too, but since she was still in training so she didn't have time to take the Other class. "So how was blacksmithing?" she asked.

"Alright. But my glass kept filling with smoke." He admitted.

Midnight laughed. "Well, that's what you get for wearing those ridiculous things that multiply your eye size by five."

Arison looked at her in annoyance. She loved to make fun of his glasses. "I tried to take them off actually, and there wasn't much improvement."

Midnight shook her head. "Whatever." She muttered.

"What about your day?" he asked.

"Well, okay I guess. But Ga'Hoology and Navigation are so boring. I don't know who Eva lives through it."

Arison smirked. "Careful, Gylfie won't be too happy if she hears you say that."

Midnight grinned and in the back of his mind, Arison wondered how they ever managed to be friends. She looked at the hollow she lived in. "Well, I should go."

"See you later." Arison agreed, going back towards his own hollow.

(So this story may end up being really short, but they've just been getting shorter and shorter so I'm trying not to care.)