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Harry didn't know how he got roped into this fiasco. One moment he was getting settled into his new home in Japan, and the next some old guy with flowers sprouting from the air decided he would be a good drama director. How the guy figured that much out after he helped him from being mugged, he didn't know.

The situation in England had been getting a little out of hand as of late. After that potion he was hit with during the last battle of the war, things haven't been the same. According to Snape the aftereffects were nonreversible, leaving the mentally twenty-six year-old in his sixteen year-old body. The potion was originally supposed to transform him to the point where he was weakest, but instead it reversed his growth a decade. Of course if was just his luck that Wormtail was the one who brewed the faulty concoction. So now he had to go through puberty all over again.

He was mobbed daily by the same people that once didn't want anything to do with him. All his friends were smothering him because in their eyes he was the "cute little savior of the wizarding world". Hell, the only people who weren't either hounding him for money or choking him with false sympathy were Snape, McGonagall, and his two dogfathers. So with their blessing, he moved to the only place that there were laws against fans and civilians hounding him, Japan.

He chose a small medium sized western styled home with a rather large back yard for gardening in the less populated side of town. It was slightly expensive, but he would do anything to get away from the hoards of people. The layout of the home was pretty much something of his own dream house, which immediately drew him to it. The Attic was finished as well as the basement which he immediately transformed into the places where his magical supplies would reside.

The attic was his master bedroom, something that wasn't originally in the blueprints, but was converted because of his love of heights. However, only people with magic would be allowed up there because of the little paint project he did on the walls and ceiling. Basically he used a variation of the spell that Rowena Ravenclaw used on the ceiling of the great hall. Best alarm and security measures EVER! He kept his broom and projects up there so as to not scare any future guests when the broom they tried sweeping the back porch started flying away with them on it.

The basement was changed into a VERY enhanced training area. His body was weaker than he could even remember, and if he wanted to get back to the point his body was at before the change he had to get started with the back breaking torture pretty quick. He also put his potions lab down there, considering the size of the room, it was no trouble to get everything to fit. Swords, staffs, daggers, and almost any other weapon you could think of decorated the walls of the room, making the room give off a slightly rainbow hue because of all the enchantments and special abilities imbedded in the metal. All his equipment that wasn't weapons such as suppression jewelry, potions both volatile and healing, and the particularly nasty heirlooms from the black family that weren't illegal and Sirius didn't want were stored in boxes ready for a moments notice if needed.

The rest of the house was open floor plan and of neutral colors and high ceilings. The living room was packed stock full of boxes not yet unpacked and furniture that needed to be put together. The carpet could barely be seen underneath all of his moving items.

The library would have to be expanded slightly to hold all of his books, both magical and mundane. He already had the spell work figured out, but it would be particularly time consuming to cast considering he would have to make it so only he could access his magical collection.

God knows what would happen if some poor chap finds his darker collection and ended up stuck in some parallel world where the humans were ruled by humanoid cat people.

The neighborhood was relatively quiet save for some college students down the street that were constantly fighting about something or another. Most of them seemed scandalized that he was living on his own at such a young age, but they had no say in the matter considering he was already emancipated and Lord of one house and heir of another. Though, it seemed like all of the women with children decided they would look after him, leaving him with various offers for dinner and other affairs. Not that he wasn't grateful or anything, but that kind of just creeped him out. Those women could be his little sister for god's sake, them treating him like some poor unfortunate soul was annoying.

It was about a week after he moved in that he met the psycho old man with a rose problem. He was walking back to his home after visiting a small bookshop not too far from his house when he encountered an elderly but spry man being cornered by no less than four men. Big hulking men who didn't want to talk.

"You're coming with us. Boss wants to have a few choice words." A rather ugly one said. The man positively reeked.

The others started closing in.

Sighing to himself for being a heroic idiot, Harry pulled out his disillusioned sword he had taken to carrying around after the was and strolled over to them, putting down his sack of newly purchased books.

"Oh, and what exactly is your boss's line of work, meathead." Harry said, attracting all of the bad and negative feelings to himself, with any luck the old man will run away.

"Shut up Gajin! Keep your foreigner face out of this." Now that guy had REALLY bad breath.

"Hmmm, I don't think I will. You see, I'm not one to let things go unseen if they're staring me in the face." Harry said while smiling, ever walking closer to the thugs.

Suddenly his face lost all of his happy go lucky look and took on the one he used on the battle field.

"Leave." He demanded, his cold battle hardened eyes promising very painful punishment if they did not.

"Fuck that, get him!"

Harry slashed his sword in precise movements, cleaving off the clothing they wore and leaving them stark naked on the side of the road. When their garments fell they tried to cover themselves, giving Harry the opening he needed to knock them unconscious with the flat of his blade.

He turned back to look at the old man who was staring at him with calculating eyes.

Then those eyes took on a happy outlook and Harry was engulfed in a strangle worthy hug.

"You have saved my life, how may I repay you."

…Was this guy for real? No one did anything like that now days.

"U-um, I'm fine thanks. Shouldn't you get going to wherever it is you were." Harry suggested hoping against hope that the man would forget he existed.

"Never, I must learn of my savior and of how he needs to be repaid!"

Harry really hated that word, Savior.

"Look mister, I don't know you and you don't know me. Why don't you call the cops on these guys and we'll go back to our separate lives." Harry was starting to get really annoyed by now.

"No! I shall follow you to the ends of the earth to show my gratitude." Pink frilly flowers sprouted around the mans head, thoroughly freaking out the raven haired boy.

Harry resheathed his sword and grabbed his purchases before marching off homebound. He needed to find out whether he should be worried a man can sprout plant life out of thin air.

He ignored the man's blubbering about being left behind, but he couldn't ignore it when he was practically kidnapped and put inside a limo by two of the man's apparent body guards.

"Hey! What the hell, are you some type of pedophile?"

The man seemed to shrink inside himself.

"No young man I am not. I'm just concerned. How is it you knew what to do when those men started to accost me? Not many boys your age would have kept a clear head."

Harry was unnerved by the man's change of demeanor. One moment he was happy and cheerful, and the next serious.

"…Experience." Harry replied reluctantly. "But that does not give you any rights to practically kid nap me. I have things that need to be taken care of and unless you haven't noticed its almost dinner time."

The man seemed thoughtful before tossing a cell phone at him.

"Call whomever is waiting for you at home, I'm gonna treat you to dinner." He said it like it was a wonderful idea.

"There's no one at home." He replied as he threw the machine back at him.

The man's expression froze for a moment before he seemed to come back into himself.

"Hmmm, well your still having lunch with me. I have to find a way to repay you after all. What was your name again I didn't quite catch it."

That man was scheming something, Harry could tell.

"Potter, Harry." He replied resigned.

He was hungry and it had been a while since last he ate out.

"Excellent! Now why don't we get to know each other better? After all, it's not everyday you meet someone in an attempted mugging."

Mugging Harry's ass, that was something completely different.

Harry couldn't help but lower his guard in the man's presence. There was something about him that was unnervingly similar to Sirius. So he answered most of the questions the man asked while they ate Italian in an uptown establishment.

Eventually the conversation gravitated over the materials that Harry had bought not a half hour earlier. Most of them where Shakespeare's plays along with a few drawing pencils and paints mixed in. Harry proved he had a very ingrained background in all of the plays and even spouted off random quotes that Draco had pounded into his brain before he was allowed to any of the social gathering the blonde hosted.

"So how is school? Have any friends?" Asked the old man after his second glass of wine.

"Finished college already, so I'm not in school anymore. Do I have any friends? Hmmm, the ones that I do have are around a decade older than myself and half way across the world at the moment. Though a few of the women in the nationhood look like they want to adopt me." Harry didn't even try to surpress the shiver that went down his spine. One Molly Weaslly was enough thank you very much.

"Adopt?" The man prompted.

"Parents are deceased, god father's are married…to each other I might add and know perfectly well I can take good care of myself. My living relatives didn't like me so much, so I got out of there as quickly as possible and cut all ties. I have my own godson, though he's the son of a friend of mine in England. Never really had a parent figure, so I guess that's why they think that an emancipated minor needs help in taking care of himself."

Harry didn't see how the man seemed to have an epiphany.

"Say, how would you like to go to school again? I own a prestigious school for children around your age. Who knows, you might end up liking it."

Oh shit, he knew that look. The one where you're gonna go under any way possible.

"Um, no thank you Suoh-san. I've already gone through being a student once, I really don't want to repeat the experience again." Harry said with a grimace. It was true, he really didn't want to go through being the fresh meat again.

"Ah, but have you been a teacher?" Suoh said with a smirk.

Harry paused for a second in thought. He always wanted to teach after the DA back in school, but he really didn't have the credentials to teach anything in mundane school.

"I don't have the right degrees for such a thing Suoh-san. Most of what I do have is in ancient languages and drama. I'm not one for orthodox methods either."

"Hmmm, we've never had a drama department, but it could work in our favor. Most of our students never read any of the original plays because it is not required, but I think it would help them in the long run if they knew how to change their appearance."

Harry watched as the man went over new ideas. Was this guy serious? Installing a drama department in a school to repay a guy?

What type of deep shit did he get himself caught up in now.

"Yes, it shall be done." Harry sweat dropped at the excited face his dinner companion now sported. "I'll contact you when the details are finalized, until then I expect you to come up with a work plan that your classes will follow. With any luck your classes will be a decent size to work with."

Harry could only watch incredulous as Suoh paid for dinner and disappeared in a separate limo so he could call up the board of directors.

He knew he should have stayed home today.

The smell of freshly turned earth filled the backyard as proof of all Harry's hard work. Where the land used to be flat and plain it was transformed into a piece of art. Stone pathways wound through the park sized garden, letting one have a clear pathway to walk on. Shoots of honeysuckle and other delicious smelling plants lined the walkway, giving off a scent of wonderful proportions. A wizard-made river seemed to creep around the small orchard that Harry helped grow with magic, the trees' branches heavy with freshly blossomed flowers just waiting to transform into fruit. The whole place felt alive, and it was one of those moments where you could find the man who created it all leaning against one of the trees with a notebook in his hands.

For the last few days the boy had been alternating between perfecting his garden and getting his class plans in order. He was contacted two days ago by the man who treated him for dinner with the information he would need to know. He didn't quite know how he got himself into this, but he thought it would be good for him to some degree. Being holed up in the house for months on end wouldn't help him heal. Most would be ecstatic about getting a second chance at life, but Harry was lost with what to do. At least with a job he might have something to help him overcome everything.

He had spent a great deal of time trying to get his body back into shape, leaving him with a swimmer's build. Sadly he was still small, even when he would reach the age he was before he had only grown a few inches, so it didn't bother him that much.

Hedwig had arrived the night before from the taxing flight she had undertook, letting him worry less about her wellbeing and focus more on the matters at hand.

His job was unique compared to the other teachers. He didn't have to dress formally in a suit or have to wear the uniform at all, something he was grateful about considering the ghastly color the thing was in. He was able to participate in school functions as if he were a student and could likewise join or start any club of his choice. Perhaps he could find a place for himself in the new domain he would be working at. Also, in the plays his class would eventually produce if there wasn't a person that could make it or anyone that fit a particular character he was obligated to fill said spot. Not that he was camera shy or has stage fright, but he didn't really like the attention.

Harry's days were peaceful to those of the life he once knew, and with all of the protective spells he had in order to keep the fans at bay he was finally able to relax slightly and just pause to watch the clouds move.

With the last piece of paperwork done, he put everything in a manilla envelope and did a replication spell, making sure that both he and the headmaster would have one.

"Here, girl. This goes to a guy names Suoh, he's the headmaster at the new school I'm supposed to be teaching at so don't bite him."

"Hoot!" Hedwig looked affronted that her human would ever think of her jeopardizing his position.

Harry chuckled as he smoothed down her ruffled feathers.

She took off, heading southeast.

"Guess I should finish up unpacking. Those boxes seem to multiply daily the longer they are left unattended."

End of chapter.

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