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.chapter 7.

The two spirits clambered up the steps to find room A11, in the words of Bakura, "Where ever the hell that may be". After a bit of grumbling and a small bout of "shut up"s, "no, you shut up"s, the two spirits finally reached their room.

Yami practically jammed the old key into its slot, completely furious about how the day had turned out. He gave it a twist and gave the door a shove rather than a push to open it.

But the door had ideas of its own.

"Gah," Yami growled in a futile attempt to yank the key out. "It's stuck," he said rather bluntly.

Bakura's eye twitched before replying, suddenly feeling very frustrated at the door that stood between him and the most likely horrid room before them.

"What do you mean, 'it's stuck'?!" Bakura yelled in Yami's ear. "Don't you know how to open a door when you see one?!"

"Well then, why don't you try opening it, if you know so much?!" he yelled back in Bakura's face; what little patience he had before was now but a memory.

"Fine, I will! Step aside, useless Pharaoh!" the Spirit of the Ring commanded before he shoved Yami aside roughly. He now stood directly in front of the door, glaring fierce daggers at it. "Allow me to show you how real men fix things."

Yami just rolled his eyes, with sarcasm dripping from every word he spouted.

"Oh really? Well, you had better go and find one then," the Pharaoh said dryly, crossing his arms and not looking very amused at all.

The white-haired teen gave Yami a sideways glance.

"Har har har, you're so hilarious," he replied with equally sarcasm embedded in his words. Yami sighed.

"Are you going to just stand there or are you going to-"

Suddenly a savage scream erupted from Bakura's throat the startled even Yami himself, cutting the rest of his remark off. He jumped slightly, not quite sure what to think.

"ARGH!" Bakura bellowed, suddenly lashing out a leg at the lock which lay beneath the doorknob, and planting a foot roughly against it with a loud "thud" that echoed throughout the entire motel.

Yami blinked. After a few moments of silence, he decided to comment.

"…Feeling better now?" said the Spirit of the Puzzle quizzically.

Quite abruptly, the wooden door swung open with a small "creaaak", revealing the darkened room before the two.

"Much," Bakura replied coolly, with a smirk showing on his features. He walked into the small room without giving a chance for Yami to reply and flicked at the light switch.

The lights flickered on after a few seconds, giving a dim light that showed just how horrible the place really was.

Yami growled and followed Bakura in, practically fuming.

"I thought you said you were going to fix the door, not break it!" he snapped irritably.

"What do you care if it's fixed or broken? It's the same difference, anyhow. Besides, we're in, aren't we?" said Bakura.

"Yes," Yami replied, although he wasn't sure that was a good thing or a bad thing now that he had the chance to take in his surroundings. "But that still doesn't mean you can go around breaking, stealing, or killing things whenever it strikes your fancy. Haven't you learned that by now? Look where it's gotten us," he said, motioning around at the shabby room.

Now it was Bakura's turn to roll his eyes, continuing to venture further into the dark unknown of the motel room.

"Yes, mother," he scoffed. "Damn Pharaoh. You're too uptight about everything."

"No, you're too reckless, grave robber," Yami said simply.

"Well, that's better than me acting like I have a stick up my butt the entire time, unlike someone," Bakura said.

Yami opened his mouth to reply rather angrily, but Bakura had suddenly walked off on him, heading towards the small bed near the end of the room.

"The bed is mine, fool! HA!" Bakura cried triumphantly as he leapt onto the center of the bed. "You're just going to have to sleep on the floor like the rat you-"

Quite suddenly, Bakura was cut off in his insult to Yami when the bed practically collapsed in on itself, leaving the poor spirit stuck in the middle with all sides of the bed surrounding him like a squishy prison.

"What the hell is this?!?" the trapped one screamed, trying his best to make his way out of the middle of the bed which now almost leaned inward, inches above the ground below. Yami wasn't sure what to think and instead just stood there, watching the strange sight.

"It seems to me that you can keep the bed if you want. I'd rather sleep on the floor than in that death trap," he said logically, ignoring Bakura's frustrated growls.

"Gah!" Bakura screamed once more, somehow managing to cling onto the side of the bed and pull himself up to sit on the side. His hair was a complete mess as he jumped away from the bed and put his back to the wall, half-staring and half-glaring at the bed which had just tried to eat him.

"What are they trying to do in this wretched hive of scum and villainy?!" yelled the traumatized one. "Do they want to kill us?! Is that why there's no one here?! Because they've all had the life squeezed out of them by their beds of death?!"

"Yes, that's exactly what they want to do," Yami retorted dully, tired with dealing with the rantings of a crazed spirit. "You've figured out their master plan; who would have suspected a tiny motel in the middle of nowhere to be able to do such atrocities?"

Bakura shot a glare at Yami from the other side of the room.

"Are you mocking me?"

"You're a genuine idiot, you know that? No one's trying to kill you, although the aspect is rather tempting at the moment. You're just a victim of your own stupidity."

"Stupid?!" Bakura spat. "I'm not the stupid one! You're the one who insisted on leaving the safety of the car and finding a place to stay! Oh, and what a place it is! I can't believe we actually have to sleep here!" he continued, apparently on a roll.

"Well, we do, so get used to it," Yami said candidly. "And it's only for tonight until we can think of a way to get back home, so stop your complaining," he added, walking up to the bed and yanking a sheet off smoothly and laying it on the dusty floor.

"What are you doing?" Bakura questioned sharply.

"Fixing a place to sleep," replied the Pharaoh off-handedly as he grabbed a single pillow off the caved in bed and threw it down near the edge of the white sheet. "I'm not about to break my back trying to sleep in that so-called bed, and according to your whining, you're not going to either. So I suggest you do the same."

Bakura opened his mouth to reply, but deemed it unnecessary. Instead he grumbled something along the lines of "sleeping on the floor with the rats…how degrading" and grabbed a leftover thin sheet and pillow and tossed it on the ground a ways from Yami.

"Goodnight," said the Spirit of the Puzzle, obviously not meaning it in the slightest. He had already made himself comfortable on the ground, with his head laying on the pillow and eyes closed.

Bakura sneered as he plopped himself down on the hard, makeshift bed as well.

"Too late for that."


A few hours had passed, with the night already deep and dark and the two spirits barely managing to sleep, when a rustling sound was heard on the ground in the middle of the room.

Bakura, who had only been half-asleep anyway, jolted up, annoyed.

"Damn it, shut up, you fool!" he directed his scream at the sleeping Yami.

Yami, who in fact wasn't sleeping in the first place, slowly sat up and glared through the darkness at Bakura.

"Who, in the name of Ra, are you talking to?!" he demanded gruffly.

"You, stupid Pharaoh! You're the only one in here!"

"I'm making no noise! You're hearing things!"

Another skittering sound, like the sound of small, padded feet…

"There! See?!" cried Bakura.

"That wasn't me," replied the other spirit, blinking.

"The hell?! Well, it wasn't me!" Bakura said, and reaching an arm upward to grope at a small lamp seated on a tiny corner table, he found the switch and clicked on the light. Bakura looked about.

A giant rat sat on Bakura's leg, waving it's naked tail around wildly.

Bakura's eyes widened in surprise and slight horror.

"ARGH!" he screamed, and kicked his leg frantically, trying to get the furry creature off. "It's a rat! It's a giant, damned rat!" he yelled when the rat only clinged to Bakura's pant leg with its claws, possibly more surprised than Bakura was.

Yami gaped at the size of the rat. So, they have rats here as well? he thought. How wonderful…

"Off! Off, you disease-ridden creature!" Bakura lashed out his leg one final time with all his strength and watched as the rat flew across the room with a disturbingly baritone squeak.

Yami could only watch as the rat sailed right at him and smack dab in the middle of his chest, clinging to his shirt like a lizard on the wall. He immediately got up on his feet, looking down at the rat with big yellow eyes.

"Ahh! Tomb-robber, I don't want it on me!" he protested as the rat refused to move. "Get it off!"

"Are you kidding?! I'm not touching that thing!" the other spirit snapped.

Suddenly, the rat came to life, making its way up Yami's shirt and diving into it once it reached Yami's collar.

The latter's eyes widened even more as he felt sharp, tiny claws prick at his bare chest frantically.

"GAH! No, get out! OUT!" Yami screamed helplessly as he whirled around in a futile attempt to get the rat out of his shirt.

Bakura now looked amused rather than irritated at the creature.

"Well, it seems as if it likes you, Pharaoh. You've made a new friend."

Yami was too preoccupied with the rat to even hear Bakura, and in his crazed attempts to shake it off of him from within the confines of his shirt, the poor spirit ran into the edge of the death trap (also known as the bed) and fell forward, face down into the center of it.

The rat gave another squeak as it scampered around its new, unknown universe called Yami, and not enjoying it one bit. Within all the screaming, squeaking, thrashing, scampering, and laughing (courtesy of Bakura), chaos reached its peak when the bed collapsed in on itself once more, leaving Yami and the rat stuck in the middle like Bakura before them.

Yami, finding that he could no longer move, yelled a long line of obscenities before the rat somehow found its way out of his shirt and ran down the edge of the bed, disappearing in some dark corner.

The Spirit of the Puzzle, looking almost tangled up within himself, just sat there in the ditch of a bed for a moment, unbelieving of what had happened moments ago. Bakura's laughter echoed behind him.

"Very graceful! Very smooth!" Bakura snorted in laughter.

"Shut up!" Yami snapped, still stuck within the bed. "Before I make you shut up!"

"I'd like to see you try, especially with your butt caught in that hole," Bakura said, and this started up yet another round of insane laughter.

"Why you-!" Yami struggled to get up, but gave up once he realized that it wasn't worth the trouble. Besides…it was very comfortable in a caved-in bed…

A few minutes passed, minutes that were filled with the mocking laughter of Bakura. When he heard no sarcastic or sharp reply from Yami, he stopped and quirked a brow.

"Hey, idiot…you dead or something up there?" Bakura stood up and peered over the bed.

Yami snored slightly within the comfortable crevasse of the bed, curled up within it, despite the scene of it looking like his limbs were sprawled out all over. His eyes were closed and he was mumbling softly in his sleep.

"…dark magician…dark magic…attack…." he said in the middle of some vivid dream.

Bakura sighed.

"Damn. And you had to go and get my hopes up…"

With that, the Spirit of the Ring lay back down on the floor on the sheet, closing his eyes and forcing himself to get through the long night ahead.