Author's notes: I am so sorry for the super long wait. It's more difficult than I thought, getting back to writing.
Prompt: There are a lot of fics out there that have Jack getting hurt and the Guardians nursing him back to health. I'd like to see the opposite of that: All the other Guardians get hurt and Jack has to take care of them. Maybe there was a difficult battle, and the Guardians are in various states of injury. So Jack, whose injuries are small by comparison, is the only one left to take charge. Jack gets them all back to the North Pole (or wherever), patches them up, and watches over them while they recover.

+ Jack is still injured some, but he pushes through the pain to focus on what's important: his friends' safety and health.
++++ the whole experience makes Jack realize he's become extremely attached to his newfound friends, and doesn't know what he'd do without them
++++++ Jack runs himself ragged trying to care for all of them at once
++++++ Once the Guardians recover, they in turn take care of Jack.

…+ and Jack is a horrible patient.

Summary: The guardians take care of Jack this time.

Safe and Sound
by FeastofDeath

Tooth looked out of the window, gaze thoughtful and concerned. Jack was merely a speck in the sky now and yet she couldn't shake the feeling that she shouldn't have let him go. She would've chased him, but she was still recovering herself, flying was definitely out of the question for her, what with her wings nearly being shredded during the last battle.

"Somethin' wrong, sheila?" There was a gentle thumping sound coming from behind her. Bunny leaned against the window, huffing lightly. "You alright?"

Tooth nodded, "Yes but… I just worry about Jack."

Following her gaze, Bunny looked up at the night sky. "Hm, brumby was sure in a hurry."

"I agree." Tooth pursed her lips, "Maybe I should've stopped him from leaving after all."

Bunny shrugged, "Nothing you can do, he's gone." Then he added, "Maybe he was so quick to leave because he was tired of looking after us."

Tooth threw him a look, "Bunny, you know Jack's not like that."

The rabbit raised his paws in defense, "I'm just saying, I mean, even I'd be quick to get out of here if I had jolly old Saint Nick as my patient." He grumbled in annoyance. As though to prove how annoying he was, North began belting out Christmas carols from the table. Bunny rolled his eyes.

Tooth's mouth twitch as she tried to adopt a stern look. "I'm sure you were just as worse."

Bunny shot her a betrayed look that made the Tooth Fairy unable to contain her smile and giggle. "Ha ha, laugh it up, sheila. Don't forget it was my medicine Frosty used to heal all of us." He lectured her as they turned away from the window and back towards the party.

Despite the temptation of merriment before them, the two still couldn't help but look back at the open window.

"Hm," North tilted his head as he surveyed the ice sculpture he was making. Phil and the other yetis were making him take it easy for awhile, immortal or not, he was seriously injured recently, so it was best if he did not push himself. Having the other guardians conscious greatly lessened the workload on the yetis and slowly they went back to their normal duties.

Tooth's fairies were livelier when they had her back. Their productivity doubled and the yetis assigned to the tooth fairy were brought back. Bunny shooed off the remaining yetis (and a handful of elves) in his Warren. He grumbled a thank you at them and gave them all chocolates but insisted he could handle the few remaining chores left. After, he planned on putting the Warren on stasis and going underground to sleep for awhile.

Sandy did his work in Santoff Claussen, confined in his bed for awhile and sending his sand wherever it was needed. It took a great deal of mental energy but at least he wasn't pushing his physical capabilities past its limit. Like Tooth, he was grounded for awhile. He could fly if he wanted to but it would take even more energy out of him and it was just better to lie back in bed and just wave his hands around.

So, there they all were, back in their respective places, resting and being looked after by the yetis, elves, and tooth fairies alike. Everyone was still worried about them for a good reason and some yetis (and an elf or two) even visited the Warren once or twice a day to check on Bunny. A few tooth fairies sometimes came by to report in on how Toothiana was doing and to ask for some more of Bunny's home brewed medicines.

Everything is as it should be. Or it would be, if Jack came by to check on his four patients to see if they really were doing well.

"It has been nearly a week," North stated, looking up from his ice carving to meet Sandy's tired eyes. And still no word from him. It is most unusual."

Sandy nodded, gesturing with his sands.

"I understand that boy needs break after all of the trouble we caused him but a week of not hearing anything," North shook his head, "I thought for certain that Jack would come by to check on us discretely, under the guise of wanting to prank Phil and elves."

Sandy had a thoughtful look on his face as he suggested sending his dreamsand to Burgess to check on the winter guardian.

"That is excellent idea," The guardian of Wonder approved heartily, "And if he seems fine, invite him over to feast with us. I'll have a yeti sent to Bunny and Tooth, so we can have get together. Week of not seeing each other is too long, my friend."

Sandy clapped his hands together in excitement. He went to one of North's open windows and sent out his dreamsand while North called a yeti to deliver a message to the other two guardians.

The two other guardians arrived in a span of ten minutes, Tooth walked into the shop, courtesy of one of North's snow globes and Bunny made a tunnel directly from the Warren to North's ice sculpting room. He was still grumpy from being woken up but he graciously conceded that it has been awhile since he saw his fellow guardian and he hadn't thanked Jack properly yet for taking care of him.

"I have a few treats fer the kid," Bunny admitted when Tooth asked him what was inside the basket he was carrying. The other guardians could smell the warm scent of melted chocolate and other sweet desserts from it.

Before North could suggest that Bunny share some of the treats with them, since a basket all for Jack seemed too much, Sandy had grabbed a nearby elf and shook it to grab their attention.

"Wha- Sandy, what is wrong?"

Unable to fully express what his dreamsand unicorn had seen when it went to Burgess, Sandy recreated the dreamsand unicorn and urged the guardians to touch it. Exchanging looks, the guardians did what Sandy asked. The moment they touched the dreamsand, they were able to see what the dreamsand unicorn saw. Jack curled up inside some cave in burgess, shivering and paler than his usual pale. They could see there was a bloody bandaged wrapped around his stomach from where his hoodie had ridden up. Beside him was a fallen wooden bowl with berry slush in it.

The three guardians flinched back at the images.

"Jack!" North exclaimed.

"That was in Burgess?" Tooth panicked, "We have to get him, Bunny-"

"We can't move him much. If I use the tunnels, it might make his injuries worse." The Easter Bunny shook his head, "We'll have to use North's snowglobe for this."

North grabbed one from his shelves, shook it, and threw it to the floor. He turned to the abandoned elf, "Tell Phil to get infirmary ready and get stretcher here, fast!"

Thee four of them rushed into the portal, wanting to get Jack back as a soon possible.

Jack wakes sluggishly, his limbs felt heavy, and his eyes refused to open. The blood in his veins felt like molten liquid, it made him whimper. His side burned most of all and he curls into it, trying to lessen the pain.

"Gumby." Came a grumpy voice that no doubt, belonged to a certain Easter Bunny. "Reckless galah, you should have said something."

"-Didn't ask for your help did I?" Jack glumly snapped back. Finally he managed to gain control of his eyes and blinked, trying to get rid of the sleepy haze. His vision came back just in time for him to see Bunny roll his eyes at him.

"Which makes you a right drongo!" Bunny turned on him immediately. Trust him not to let an injury get in between him calling Jack an idiot. "How the bloody hell did you even manage to take care of us, fer two weeks, when you were like this?"

Jack had an answer for that, but his mind was still thick with sleep and a haze of confusion.

"Now, now Bunny," North placated, and he came forward in Jack's view. He placed a hand on Bunny's shoulder. "It is not good to aggravate patient."

Bunny crossed his arms, huffing.

"Oh Jack," Tooth came into his vision this time and oh no, Jack can't take tears. He is so not good with tears. "Why didn't you tell us it was this bad?"

"It's not that bad," Jack tried to reassure her by patting her arm. But his arm merely flopped uselessly on his side. Great, he had no control of his limbs too, it seemed.

Sandy wiggled a finger in Jack's direction, conjuring an image of the guardians taking care of him until he was better.

Jack sighed, "But you guys just recovered, I can take care of myself."

"Eh, we are more than healthy enough to care for an injured, fellow guardian." North assured him. His blue eyes were alight with worry. "We have a few days off from our injuries but they are not so serious that we cannot be here to help you recover."

"Look!" Tooth suddenly exclaimed, rubbing at her eyes to get rid of the tears, before gesturing at the tray of food nearby. "Bunny even made you his famous carrot soup!" She enthused, nudging the rabbit who reluctantly went to get said soup. "We'll help feed you and everything!"

"They'll feed you and everything. I already made the soup." Bunny said, placing the tray of food by Jack's bedside table.

"Ah, but didn't you say you wanted to be in-charge of storytelling time?" North said slyly. Bunny's ears straightened and he shot North a 'shut up' look. "I think you even brought your illustrated books-"

Bunny's ears flattened against his skull as he growled and Tooth giggled.

Jack couldn't help but smile at their enthusiasm. "Aw, 'Roo, you didn't have to."

"Ah, shut yer trap, Icicle." Bunny huffed, looking away. He glared at North giving him a 'I'll get you back for this'- look.

The guardian of Wonder cleared his throat, "Anyway, Jack! As we were saying, leave everything to us. This time we will take care of you. No worries!"

The winter spirit gave them an uncertain look, "You guys don't have to, you know. A few weeks sleeping the snowbank and I'll be good as new, I swear."

Tooth gingerly sat on the side of Jack's bed, "Is that what you normally do when you're injured? Sleep in a snowbank?"

"Uhm," Jack blinked, "Yeah? It's not like I have my own personal infirmary you know." He chuckled, "Barely even have a home."

North exchanged looks with Sandy. The sandman shook his head sadly.

To Jack's surprise, a paw ruffled his hair. He blinked and looked up. Bunny huffed, "Yeah, well those days are over Frosty." He smirked, "Now shut it and let us pamper you."

Tooth giggled and North nodded. Sandy made figures of Jack relaxing and taking it easy, waving his sand threateningly in his face.

"Yeah, rest, right." The Frost spirit said, immediately making himself comfortable.

"Good onya." Bunny said, ruffling his hair one more time before, "Now Tooth, grab the kid some soup. It's feeding time."

Jack sighed, comfortable and pleasantly cold. A small smile lit up his face.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

He takes it back. Being cared for by the guardians sucked.

"Are you trying to kill me?"

Bunny rolled his eyes, "Don't be so dramatic, Frostbite, sure it was a little hot-"

"It's literally still boiling and there's an insane amount of chili peppers in it!" Jack sputtered as he drank almost a dozen class of ice water. "I thought it was supposed to be the famous carrot soup of healing and everything!" He glanced at Tooth.

"It is." Tooth nodded, "It's so hot, it burns the fever out of you."

"But I don't have a fever! I'm just injured and-" Jack stiffened and then rolled to his side, groaning, "Ow."

"Jack!" Tooth grabbed him by the shoulders, careful to help him lie down properly on the bed. "Are you okay? Does it still hurt?"

"Yes," Jack grumbled and then flinched when someone poked him on the side he turned to glare and saw Sandy giving him a serious nod, like he was some sort of medical expert. "I just said that it still hurts."

Sandy gave him a sheepish look and held up a ball of dreamsand.

"No, I've been sleeping the whole day I don't want to go to sleep again." Jack huffed and Sandy looked at North helplessly.

"Well then, mal'chik what do you wish to do?" North asked.

Jack tapped his chin, "I don't know, I'm bored." Then his eyes lit up mischievously, "Can you send the elves in? I could, you know, ice them for fun or something."

North shot him a look. "Just because you are miserable, does not mean you get to take it out on poor elves."

Jack crossed his arms and then flinched as the gesture made the pain worse. He rolled over and groaned into the pillow. "But I'm bored and Bunny's soup sucked-"


"-so I'm hungry too." He peaked from his pillow, "Can I have cookies?"

"Of course you can-"

"-Can't!" Tooth finished for North, shooting him a look. "You haven't had any proper food and you'll eat yourself sick if you don't have a full meal. Also, cookies are not good for your snow, white teeth."

Bunny nodded, "We need to feed yer skinny limbs with veggies and fruits, I'll get right on it." He hopped out of the room and to the kitchen.

"No more chili peppers!" Jack yelled and then he choked and curled into himself from the effort. Like it was a signal, Tooth began fussing at him and Sandy waved a ball of sand in the air, prepared to put him back to sleep while North declared loudly that a plate of cookies could do wonders.

The guardian of Fun could already tell this would be a long week.

"But I already told you," Jack whined, his eyes were fever glazed and he was panting from the many blankets piled on top of him. The fever was new thing, an effect of the poison probably. "It was the bicho-papão's spikes that caused this. It's the same poison that was in the others' wounds from before, why do you have to take a blood sample?"

Phil made grunting sounds, waving the needle in the air.

"Is this pay back for the glitter prank last week? I already told you I was sorry."

The head yeti made frustrated sounds, shaking his head and trying to grab Jack's arm. But even with his staff a few feet away, leaning on the wall, Jack was still able to summon enough frost to make a snowball and throw it at Phil's face.

"GWAAH!" The yeti dropped the needle in surprise, wiping his face as Jack made a final bid for freedom. Unfortunately, the poison in his system made running away difficult. So the moment he managed to wriggle out of the blankets he fell to the floor in a tired heap.

"No," Jack whined, mind muddled with fever, exhaustion, and pain.

"What is happening?" Came North's booming voice, Jack couldn't help but whine at the volume.

Phil immediately met North by the door to complain as Jack tried to roll under the bed to hide from sight.

"Oh no, you don't, mate." A paw grabbed the back of Jack's hoodie. He must really be out of it if he didn't notice Bunny sneaking up on him.

Jack tried to struggle but even that small movement made him wince in pain. Immediately, Bunny carried him to the bed and had him tucked in in under a minute.

After hearing Phil's complaints, North sighed and turned to the guardian of Fun. "Jack, why are you not letting Phil have blood sample?"

The winter (whiner) guardian frowned (pouted) up at the other, "Because I already told you why this happened. It's the same as your injuries, so just give me a heap of Bunny's home brewed medicines and I'll be good as new."

North exchanged a commiserating look with Phil before he sent him back to his usual duties. He sat on the foot of Jack's bed while Bunny leaned against the wall near the other's staff, arms crossed.

"Jack, you know we would not ask for blood sample without good reason." North tried to reason with the weakened guardian.

"My homemade medicine worked well with the others because I made it with them in mind. They perform well fer any warm-blooded spirit, animal, or human." Bunny explained, "But I don't have medicines for winter spirits. I don't know how your body chemistry works, so if you want to get better soon, you have to give us a sample of your blood."

Jack groaned, "Can't I just get the usual ones?"

"We don't know how it would affect you." North explained gently.

The winter guardian sighed, "Then bury me in the snow, I don't really care."

Bunny rolled his eyes, "Don't be a drongo," He grumbled, "Frost, we said we would take care of you and we will. That includes giving you proper medicine and not just leaving you in some snowbank to get better. Now, we can't take care of you properly if you don't cooperate, so cooperate. It'd be easier for you and us."

Another yeti knocked on the door, holding out a new syringe. Jack's expression twisted at the sight and North got up to take it from the yeti, thanking him.

Noticing that Jack seemed ready to bolt again, despite his current inability to walk without fainting, Bunny took a pinch of Sandy's dreamsand from his pouch and blew it on the boy's face when he least expected it.

Thankfully, they were able to get some blood from Jack without any more fuss and Bunny set off to brew medicines for their bed-ridden winter sprite. North stayed by Jack's side until he woke up again to complain about being put to sleep.

It didn't get easier from there.

Jack refused to rest and often pelted his caretakers with snowballs. He'd try to run about six times and hid under the bed for three. He didn't like being told what to do or being forced to drink soup or eat vegetables (this wasn't helped by the fact that North was on his side about not eating vegetables and tried sneaking him candy canes and chocolates whenever he can, to the disapproval of Bunny and Tooth and to the amusement of Sandy).

He also whined a lot and barely cooperated with the caretaking plans the guardians had for him. The only time he was subdued was when night fell and the guardians gathered by his bedside to tell him about their day and maybe read him a story or two form Bunny's illustrations.

On the fourth day, Jack's fever spiked to a normal human temperature, which was alarming when you took into consideration how low Jack's usual body temperature actually was. The guardians were gathered on his bedside, Bunny had taken to doing his healing sleep in Santoff Claussen to keep an eye on the guardian of Fun and to help feed him actual food ("Not cookies and candies, North"). Tooth did her job, sitting on one of North's comfiest armchair and when there was a lull, she would sit by the warmest chair in Jack's room. Her wings looked good butt she was given a week more of healing before actually using them. Sandy was one hundred percent healed and he had to leave the North Pole a couple of times but always came back at the end of the day to replenish the guardians' stock of dreamsand. North still limped when he walked but aside from that, he was back to normal.

Bunny was administering his winter sprite-friendly medicine while Tooth worriedly wiped Jack's forehead with a cold cloth. North was telling a story that involved nut crackers and Sandy was backing him up by interpreting the story with his dreamsand.

Jack watched it unfold with fever-glazed eyes and he smiled when North finished the story. Bunny's medicine was making him feel sleepy and the cold cloth on his forehead made him feel better.

"Thanks guys," Jack croaked as Bunny checked his bandages. "You didn't have to go through all this trouble though, I still think you could have chucked me in a snowbank and I'd be okay."

Bunny rolled his eyes and said, "If our situations were reversed, would you leave me in the Warren to fend for myself when I ask you to?"

Jack looked at the Easter Bunny, wide-eyed, "No, of course not. There might be complications and you might be more hurt than you thought."

"Exactly," Tooth chirped in, "We're doing the same now, and we care about you, Jack. There's no way we'd leave you alone when you're hurt. Especially if there was something we could do about it."

Jack blinked up at her earnest face and looked at the other guardians. They all seemed sincere, though Bunny was avoiding his gaze but he gave him a nod that said Tooth was telling the truth.

Jack closed his eyes and smiled, "I feel really lucky," He said, "I don't think a lot of people can say they were personally looked after by the Big Four."

"Well, you are clearly a special case," North said with a wink and a jolly laugh. "Special to us."

"Important to us." Tooth clarified, just in case Jack didn't understand. The frost spirit ducked his head and avoided everyone's eyes, embarrassed. He turned on his side, pulling up the blanket to his chin.

The other guardians exchanged fond exasperated looks but then Jack mumbled something.

Sandy formed a question mark. "What was that, mate?" Bunny translated outloud.

There was a huff and then Jack looked over his shoulder and said, "You guys… are important to me too." Then he covers his face with his blanket as Tooth coos at him and North laughs happily.

"Well," Bunny said, a smirk on his face but his eyes soft. "That's good to know." He knew Jack wouldn't want to talk further He stood up and stretched. "All right, time for the cobber's tea."

Jack peeked from his blanket, nose scrunched in confusion at the rabbit's slang.

Bunny rolled his eyes, "I mean it's time for dinner, Frost. I have tucker ready for you."

"It better not have chili." Jack said as he buried himself under the blankets again.

Buck waved a paw as he headed to the kitchen, "Let it go, Frost!"

As much as Jack was an uncooperative, maybe slightly difficult (very difficult) patient to deal with. The guardians weren't exactly the greatest at taking care of people.

Bunny was really good at making medicines but he was bad at forgetting that Jack wasn't a regular guardian, he didn't eat boiling soup with chilis or need much food at all. He insisted in burying Jack with blankets from the Warren even though they'd be frozen stiff in a few hours (which was why North usually had a special made blanket for him, he even tweaked the quilt Jamie and his friends' gave the winter guardian).

North was a good storyteller but he was often loud and during the times Jack was half-asleep or asleep, he'd mostly be woken up again by North's booming laughs or loud, concerned questions about his health.

Tooth was caring and kind, she was strict about Jack's food, and she was quiet when she needed to be. The only thing was, without her wings to flit her about, she was incredibly clumsy. She'd spilled Jack's food about three times and tripped and fell on him about five times, jostling his injuries.

Sandy was… well, if Bunny knew nothing about winter spirits then Sandy had no concept of normal spirits, sprites, humans, or anything really, since he was made of sand. So, Sandy usually just kept Jack company and entertained him with sand figures or provided him with good dreams when he had trouble sleeping.


Sure, they were too loud sometimes and the soup was too hot ("I'm winter spirit, Bunny"), and Tooth nearly sent him back to unconsciousness when she accidentally elbowed him on the stomach…

But that's okay, Jack realized he liked being taken care of. It made something inside him feel warm and safe. The bed he was on was more comfortable than his nest of blankets in his cold cave.

It didn't matter that the guardians together were the worst caretakers anyone could ever wish for, because what's important is that they were there for him and wanted to take care of him. They made him feel safe and sound.

(And hey, in the end, it all evened out… he knows he was a horrible patient to them too.)

Bunny woke up and it was dark. The guardians except Sandy and Jack were around the room, asleep on their respective places. North on a huge armchair, Tooth had her head in her arms by Jack's bed, and Bunny had been asleep by the rug near the fireplace. Sandy was probably off doing his job and he aimed to be back again before morning.

The Easter Bunny stretched and grunted, no matter how soft the carpet was, sleeping on the floor gave him back pains. The ground at the warren was much softer than North's cherrywood floors.

He turned and saw Jack by one of the tall windows, looking out at the moon. His pale skin reflected the moonlight and his eyes an ethereal blue. He looked to be conversing with the moon.

Bunny approached cautiously, "Ya all right, Jackie?"

Jack turned to him, surprised at the interruption. When he saw it was just Bunny, his shoulders relaxed and he gave the other a hesitant smile.

"Hey," Jack replied and then shrugged, "I'm fine. Physically too." He lifts his hoodie to the side to show that he'd removed the bandages. There was nothing more than a scar now. "Your salve did its work."

"And you don't feel woozy? No headaches? Anything?"

"Manny helped with the rest of that," Jack explained, pulling his hoodie down again. "It took him awhile to gather enough power to help my healing, since he's so far."

"Well, I'm glad you're okay." Bunny replied but then he noticed the faraway look on the guardian of Fun's face. "Somethin' wrong?"

Jack's face frosted as he scratched his cheek, "I remember everything while I was sick."

"Ah," The Easter Bunny said sheepishly, "Then you remember how we weren't really that good at taking care of you."

Jack chuckled at that, "Yeah, I remember that too." He shook his head, "No, I meant I remember causing you guys trouble." He winced, "Throwing snowballs at Phil, trying to run away-"

"You mean like usual?" Bunny asked with a smirk, "You're usually like that so it wasn't trouble we didn't know how to deal with, at least."

Jack shot him a frown, "Yeah, well, I'm sorry either way."

"It's what friends do." Bunny said, placing a paw on Jack's shoulder, "It's what a family wants to do, to take care of the people important to them."

Jack looked at him, eyes somehow more vulnerable under the moonlight, "And you guys? Which are you? Friend? Family?"

"Either, both." Bunny said gently, "Whatever you need us to be. To us, yer family, Jack. To you, well… you can see us as a friend or just some people you know, it's your choice. It's always been your choice."

Jack seemed to be struck speechless by that and he looked at his feet, unable to meet Bunny's eyes.

"Just remember, that yer important to us. You are family."

A smile lights up Jack's face, bright and emphasized by the moonlight and the darkness. It was a small smile but it was the most genuine expression the guardian of Hope has ever seen on his face.

"I meant what I said," Jack whispered, "Before, when I told you guys were important to me too. You are. Important to me. And it's been three hundred years since I had family and I barely remember being part of one but-" He inhaled, breath stuttering. "But you're family to me too."

Bunny huffed, pleased. He reached out and pulled the younger guardian into a hug. Jack stumbled and froze when he realized what the pooka was doing. He stiffened for a few seconds before eventually relaxing into the contact.

"Thanks, Jackie." Bunny said.

"For what?"

"For taking care of us." Bunny grumbled, "But I don't approve that you risked yourself while doing it."

Jack snorted, "Yeah, well, we were short on hands at the time." He said and then paused before saying, "Thank you too."

"Fer what?"

Bunny felt Jack shrug, "For not leaving me in that cave or throwing me in a snowbank when I got too annoying?" He explained and then in a softer tone, "For taking care of me even when I was being difficult. For not giving up on me."

"Yeah, well, that's what family is for." Bunny said before he finally let Jack go from the hug. "Now, I know yer supposed to be all healed, but we have to make sure. Get back to bed and sleep, then we'll have Phil check on you tomorrow."

Jack wanted to roll his eyes at the rabbit's overprotectiveness but knowing how much trouble he'd been the past few days, he knew the least he can do was be cooperative for a change.

"Aye, aye captain." Jack said as he turned to go back to bed under Bunny's watchful eye.

When Jack was all tucked in, the Easter Bunny turned to look up at the moon.

"Thank you," He said quietly, so Jack couldn't hear. "Thank you for making him a guardian."

Bunny had a lot more to be thankful for than that but somehow, he knew, that Manny understood. The moon's light grew brighter for a moment and there was a tinkling in the air, like windchimes blown by the wind.

Bunny inclined his head and turned to go get himself something comfier than the floor to sleep on and more blankets for Tooth and North. Then he'd check on Jack to see if he really was okay, before going to bed himself.

Tomorrow, Sandy would come by to see everyone had somehow managed to pile onto Jack's bed to sleep. He would then grab one of North's invented cameras and take a picture before informing a yeti to bring them all breakfast. Tomorrow, they would all enjoy the breakfast together, laughing, and Jack would have a soft look in his eyes the whole time. Tomorrow Phil would check that Jack was really a hundred percent okay before pulling a prank involving super gluing the elves on Jack's only good hoodie.

But that's tomorrow though.

Today, everyone sleeps with smiles on their faces.

End of Chapter