Before Reading: Please note that I do not own any rights to The Hunger Games Trilogy and it's characters! All is written to honor and tribute Suzanne Collins amazing trilogy. And please take note that this is my first fan-fiction and to the fact that I'm Swedish so the english might not be perfect!

Once when I was sitting down at the old stump near the Hob a small girl walked by with some cheese. She had blue eyes and long dirty blond hair and was skinny like the old mice I'm used to catch. When she was about to go in a cheese fell out of the pile and she did not bother to pick it up, it just laid there at the dirty path to the entrance to the Hob and was waiting to get eaten. So I walked there and started to smell at the cheese, it was still warm and it smelled wonderful. I looked around to see if there was another living thing to compete with about the cheese, luckily there wasn't so I started to eat. The cheese melted at my tongue and after about 5 minutes I was full, but I could not stop eating! I think someone used this in his/hers advantage and lifted me up in a carriage. I started to look around and all I see is the blond girl picking up the half eaten cheese, she gets angry face and starts to shout at me,

"You stupid cat! I hope you know I could have traded me a weakly supply of bread for this cheese!"

I do nothing more than letting out a silent "meow…"

"I know that your hungry so I might bring you home if you want to?

I let out a happy "Meow!"

"Well sit still while I take you home! By the way, my name is Prim"

Prim what a lovely name I think while she starting to pull the carriage away. She has put down the rest of the cheese in the carriage in front of me and I quickly eat the rest of the cheese. It will surely feed those maggots in my belly.

The carriage roll through the mining part of the city, I spot at a place a tree in a small square in the middle of the Seam and I think I will do that my "needs" tree. The girl stops the carriage and I see that she is talking to a brown haired girl, which has a small interest for me. But without a warning she take me at the neck and holds me down in a bucket filled with water. I try to break me self free but when I do it I just go down further in the bucket. But after minute just about when I'm going unconscious I get pulled out from the bucket. Just when I thought the torture was over a third girl comes with a small bag and I'm laid on a table in a kitchen. And in a minute the girl slice my belly open and I pass out in pain.

When I wake up I notice that I got a heavy bandage around my belly and my hinder regions. But one thing is for sure; it hurts like hell! But after a few moments Prim comes in with some cheese and pats me on my head and tells me that everything is fine. Then she says that it was her sister Katniss that tried to drown me and every time I see her Prim tells me to hiss at her. And then she says,

"Get some sleep Buttercup!"